BLOG 26–Still in Boulder

The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or just wonder?) 
By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–

  • Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
  • Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
  • Be able to live life getting very little sleep.
  • Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
  • See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
  • I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.
  • Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?

Design the life YOU want to live, NOW, then live that life.

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***I will have secrets to unfold and good news!

I’m glad to take you on my journeys with me!

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Words to inspire you.

These words are from my book series.

Beyond Your Potential.

Change – we can’t avoid it.

We resist change – and yet it is the resistance itself that brings on our suffering.

We fear change – but it is the only way beautiful new creations emerge. 

We deal with change – we cannot keep away from it.

We welcome change – it is a driving force toward our achievements.

We try to protect ourselves from change by clinging on to what we cannot make unchangeable, and then we mourn losing what we never owned to begin with, even when what we’ve lost really didn’t make us content in the first place. We have a choice, you know. 

What if, instead, we embrace change – you and me equally – holding onto each other like best friends on a roller-coaster laughing and smiling? What if we work with change to make it work in our favor? No matter what “might” happen, we can find a way to flow with the changes and make them better. So, jump on board.

Let’s go for the ride . . .

We all go through many changes. For myself—from getting hit by a truck and living through a 37-day coma to going through a divorce after 23 years of marriage to getting hit by second truck 18 years after the first to spend a month in jail on a false charge—I have had my share of change.

If you have been seeing my path in life, you know I have spent the past few years of my life writing books reflecting on what a half-century of living has taught me, the good and the bad. My annotations have come with mounting speed as I am now 54 years of age and quickly approaching 60? (Seems so old.)

As I have lived my life, I have gone through many life-lessons that can add to your life. This book is written to provide you with ideas to, hopefully, improve and add to the life you are living.

As has been stated in all my books, we only have “one chance” to live life.

Through the writings of these books I want my life to continue after I am gone to, hopefully, bring a better life to you and to future life on Earth, or, is that too lofty of a goal? Do you have ways to help this world and the people who inhabit it? Use those skills now to make a better world for all of us.

And, turn to others and help them reach their excellence.

So far in these books, I have tried to focus on you and helping you advance; trying not to write too much of myself.

In this book, I will be going more in-depth on things that occurred in my life. Not looking for sympathy, but hoping that, through my words, it will add to your life. As I have experienced my life, I’ve found that, without change, we go nowhere in our life on our journey.

Through this series of books I hope to take you on a journey that will add a great deal to your existence. As you will understand, I have written about acquiring knowledge, yet, there is so much more than knowledge in life. Train your mind to think correctly.

You must train your mind to really think, so few people actually do.

Through this series of books I hope to take you on a journey that will add a great deal to your existence. As you will understand, I have written about acquiring knowledge, yet, there is so much more than knowledge in life. Train your mind to think correctly.

To add to your thinking ability, ask yourself:

Is what I am doing (or not doing) moving me forward to where I want to be?”

Apply this to all details including what you eat, whether or not you work out, how much TV you view, how you are dealing with relationships and what you spend most of your day doing.

Take the time to look at your life’s path. Whether you are in school, working, juggling, looking for a job, volunteering, helping others or traveling, take a look at your life, in detail, and decide if the various details align with your values.

If the answer is no, then make the necessary changes!

As I have already written, I know there are millions of people on Earth who have gone through much more gruesome events than I have. I know there is a chance that you, yourself, have faced some rather perplexing things in your life. Look for change to better your life.

We can all make good changes.

To start, try changing your daily routine. Remember that your realism is a result of the things you do on a regular basis, from how you sleep at night to what you eat for breakfast to where you work or school to what you do in the evening.

If your objective is to change your life’s circumstances, you will have to rearrange the things you do every day, no matter how small they are. Make the necessary changes for your better life.

Making even nominal changes to your daily routine can help you feel more excited, less bored and more involved in your life. For example:

  • Take an unusual route to work or school this week.

  • Eat something new and different for lunch.

  • Step out and meet someone new.

  • Ride your bike instead or driving somewhere.

  • Exercise before school or work rather than after.

  • Stop at a different coffee shop.

Bringing on change will enliven you and present a new outlook on your life to achieve more in your future. Work on this with small as well as big things in your life.

If we make all the little things in our life excellent, that will bring on a magnificent life for us. So, break your life down and do each thing you do aiming toward excellence. You can do it, I am here to help.

Variety will bring spice to your life.

Small changes may seem irrelevant, but they will make your life more appealing in the long run and will add variety. Making all the small things you do aiming toward brilliance will multiply together and bring your life to a higher point. Build your life bigger and better by starting with small controllable changes.

Being full of small changes, this book is about you and for you. Use the ideas of this book, along with your own, and your life could be like a slingshot sent to the moon.

Do not just read – TAKE ACTION – starting this moment!

When you do take action, and it doesn’t matter how old you are; it’s never too late (or too early) to change your life toward the better. Read this series of books to learn how to make changes to feel more fulfilled, happy, and at peace. Read with an open mind to gain ideas to advance your life.

Take the time to sort through the ideas in this book, pick out what is going to work for you to help you excel – THEN IMPLEMENT! – It must be done for your better life.

What are your passions, desires, interests, and goals in life? Although these questions may take years to answer, you can start by asking yourself what you want people to think of you and what kind of heritage you want to leave behind. The following question applies to all parts of your life.

How would you like you to be described and remembered by others?

Figure out whether or not your lifestyle is associated with your personal principles. Chances are your life and your values disagree at times. Take some time to discover how you can merge the two. This comfort will bring a lasting relationship.

What could you be doing differently to help you reach your life direction?

Getting on to the bigger things, maybe you want to consider changing your career, changing your school, changing where you live, and/or changing the way you manage your time and money. This goes along with any and all relationships you have.

You can improve your relationships. No matter your income or how huge your undertakings are, you will not be able to enjoy your success if you don’t have others to share this success with. Connect and bring on more friendships to add to your life.

Work on your relationships you already have. Spend quality time with loved ones, and be kind toward them – understanding and caring for them. If you have been ignoring or arguing with a loved one, then dedicate some time to bring back the relationship.

You must be willing to change and even admit that you were wrong.

Make fresh, meaningful dealings with others. If you are lonely, get out there and meet people! You will have to stop waiting around for others to approach you. Take matters into your own hands, take control, and get down to business.

Bring on social situations, join discussions, and always have a smile on your face. This is a fabulous way to attract other people, yet, you just don’t want to be too comfortable.

Yes, don’t be too comfortable. Often people get stuck in the comfort of familiarity in their routine. Regardless of their fear of change, people need variety to have a happy life. You should practice this on a daily basis as well as on a larger scale later.

To start, try to do something you’ve never done before – every single day. Bring variety into your life, you will be happier. Go to a movie you’ve never been to, talk that person you haven’t, eat something new and different, and so on.

Along with the above, start a new hobby, juggle something you haven’t before or travel to a new place, try a new sport. Push yourself above and beyond what you normally do; try new things. Run an extra mile, take a new trail while hiking, learn that new song on your instrument and explore new artistic styles.

Live your life with passion now and always!

Learn to live in the current moment. The best way you feel more contented about your life is to stop living in the past and bring to an end your worrying about the future. I could never go back to the juggling I once did. I’ve learned to change with the changes to help get through difficult situations.

Speaking of hard situations, if you suffer from depression and/or anxiety, it’s probably because you are looking at the past with anguish and seeing the future with troubled eyes and neglecting the present moment. If you find yourself constantly dwelling on the past, try the following exercise:

First, admit to the memory and how it makes you feel. If it was a recent occurrence and you feel the need to scream or cry, then let it out. Consider writing of the event in a journal or talk about it with a loved one or a friend.

Once you have suitably grieved the memory, you have to admit to yourself that the past is over, and nothing can undo it. As an alternative of being upset that it happened, be grateful that it is over, and your life will go on. Keep in mind that things always could have been worse and even worse than that. The next time you might goes back to that thought, acknowledge the memory, be appreciative that it is over, and let it go again.

This is a great way to get through change.

While it is not possible to forget the past totally, people often focus on negative or disturbing memories rather than on your positive ones (as I have continued to think about mine now and then.) Take time to consider all the good that has happened to you in the past. Even start a list of the good, which can help.

Have a positive outlook. No matter what you have, what happens, who you’re with, or where you are, your perception of your situations are more important than the circumstances themselves


Here are my daily posts >>

7/6—Still in Boulder, today is the second day of

7/9—Stayed with my Juggler friend Colin. He has a two bedroom apartment with the second room emptyuntil I showed up. Slept on an airbed, comfortable, but, at this point, I am more comfortable sleeping in the van, my home.

Still in Boulder, until my credit card arrives in the mail and Malcolm has some friends who work on cars. I need new tires and the front end is still not right, after spending about $1,300 a few months ago to have it fixed.

I was heading up to sleep in the mountain wilderness tonight, but, because of road construction, it is closed off. What to do, what to do?

Pearl Street Mall is always a nice place to hang out (yet, seldom do I just “Hang out.”) As I wrote before, I am finding that Boulder has the highest concentration of petty females than anywhere I have been on earth. (Or am I just a lonely old man?)


For a Tuesday, there are quite a few people here. Life is so hard, to write to you I have to go without my glasses to see right. To see the pretty girls I have to have them on. What to do, what to do. Yes, I know, switch off and on. I do love to be in love.

Though-out my life I have been with a number of different females. I have never cheated or left them. It makes me think something is wrong with me that I have been, “left”. Very caring and very loving I try and be. Perhaps I am just to close to it (me) to see it. Yet, Mary Ellen and I were married for 23 years before she left.

If you talk with any of my friends, you will hear that I have always been—go go go! Hard for me to relax. Yet, today I am tired and it’s nice just to sit and watch. (why look, there goes another pretty one.) I joke about girl watching (somewhat.)

There is a fountain which has 35 places it shoots up water from the ground, each at different intervals. This covers about ten feet by thirteen feet. The kids love it, some try and avoid the water, some try and be in the way as the water shoots up. Quite fun to watch, the kids have a great time.

7-10—Back at Cindy’s, awaiting the two items I wrote about above.

7/12—Here is the process that new tires happened >>

Cindy Marvell is a good friend.

Malcolm Jacobs is Cindy’s man friend.

Malcolm has a friend, Jeff Murray, who is the east coast manager of Discount Tire.

Jeff called Paul Romanowski, the manager at the Discount Tire in Boulder.

Paul called me and said, come on if for free tires.

So, of course, I jumped right on it.

They made me so happy today.

So, if you need tires – GO TO DISCOUNT TIRE IN YOUR TOWN!

They only provide good.

Thank you again, Jeff and Paul. 

So, I have my tires, Malcolm has another friend who can help with the alignment so that I do not wear out the new tires right away. So, hopefully, this weekend I will get contact with Jeremy, who does the alignment.

The last thing I await is my new credit card arriving at Peter’s PO Box. After these two things occur, I will be out to the wilderness.

Eddie Goldstein took my juggling workshop years ago. We met up at Pearl Street Mall today; great to see him. Tonight I was to meet Eddie at , to do dancing. I arrived at 6:30, the time we were going to meet there. I did some dancing, which was fun. I waited until 7:39 and headed off to write these words for you, thinking he was not going to make it to St. Julien.

Back to the wilderness soon.

You will see.


Did you meet my challenge for last week?

I know you’ve been putting it off. Clean your floors and carpets this week.

My Challenge for you to meet over the next week >> Volunteer somewhere to help in cleaning up part of the neighborhood. 


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    I would like to kindly ask that you remove DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE from this page and any other pages where you may be using the name, as it is my registered trademark name.

    I tried to send this message to you privately, but your contact form is not working.

    Lynne Knowlton

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