The “Juggling With Finesse” Workshop

Realize the Full Potential of Your Juggling!

Whether you are an advanced juggler or complete novice, you will leave this workshop applying new ideas and techniques to achieve immediate results with your juggling!

Along with learning many, many tricks with balls, clubs, rings, boxes, etc, you will learn how to put together a great show and how to make money with your performing! Don’t wait for success to come to you—meet it halfway! In the “Juggling with Finesse Workshop,” you will learn ideas and principles to help you advance in your juggling and/or performing (and your life) that you can apply and use right away!

Here's Kit, with juggling workshop participants
Kit teaching a student a new move
Juggling Workshops with Kit Summers

The cost of the two-day “Juggling With Finesse” Workshop is only $100 — with a money Back Guarantee! 

If you don’t love it, you don’t pay — you have nothing to lose !!  (but your juggling might if you pass this up!)

*Please let other jugglers know about the workshops—usually, the more jugglers, the better the workshop can be.

The workshop is 40% classroom work and 60% hands-on juggling. The class works as a team to ensure the maximum progress for each student. By helping your fellow students to progress in their own work, you grow as an artist, creator, and performer. 

We will start daily at 10:00am and continue until about 6:00pm. On the first night of the workshop, we will watch videos of top jugglers. I have about 20 hours of tape, and we we’ll keep going as long as we want (not all night — please!) 

Kit Summers Juggles at Bally’s Casino

You can bring the Juggling with Finesse Workshop to you!

 Kit travels throughout the world presenting his workshop to help jugglers improve. From many places across the US and throughout Europe to Osaka and Tokyo, and, in 2011, to Australia and New Zealand, jugglers advanced from working with Kit. Now you can benefit, too.

For jugglers and clubs in the U.S., talk with your club members at one of your meetings or speak with your juggling friends about having Kit come to your club to do a “Juggling with Finesse Workshop” for your group. For organizing the event, you are welcome to attend the workshop at no charge. As a bonus, mention this web site and 10% of the income from the workshop will be donated back to the club. So, we all win.

“Juggling with Finesse” Workshop Schedule

Day One
10:00 Registration
10:15 Introductions and Overview
10:45 Advance in Juggling — Ideas to Learn Better and Faster
11:00 Practice Routine — How to Practice Correctly
11:15 1 Ball Work — Use 1 Ball, Then Apply it to 3
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Success in Juggling — Make it Work for You!
2:15 Goal Setting — Juggling Toward Accomplishment
3:00 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7-Ball Juggling
4:30 Ball Passing and Ring Juggling
5:30 Write in Journals, Ask Questions, Discussion
Day Two
10:00 Putting an Act Together
10:30 Stage Movement
10:45 Practicing Your Act
11:00 Music and Juggling
11:15 1-Club Work — Use 1 Club, Then Apply it to Three
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Street Shows
2:30 Stage Shows
2:45 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7-Club juggling
4:00 Club Passing, Club Swinging and Boxes
5:30 Write in Journals, Ask Questions, Discussion

The “Juggling with Finesse” Workshop is held is various locations around the world at different times during the year. If you don’t see any workshops scheduled below, please contact Kit to arrange one in your location.


Scheduled upcoming Juggling With Finesse workshops:

None scheduled at this time. Please check back or contact Kit.

What Others Have Said About the Workshops:


“The best way to gain a rapid improvement and advancement in juggling and in life in such a short time. Simply the best investment in “Juggling Tools” I have made!”—Mike Read, Luton, Beds, ENGLAND



“The workshop was excellent! My major concern was that I would hold back other more proficient jugglers, since I had not been juggling very long. There was absolutely no problem.”—John Ackerman, Waltham, MA


“The workshop caters to all levels. Even though I’m a novice I got as much out if it as the most experienced juggler.”—Robin Berry, Chandler, AZ


“I learned a lot of things that would have been trial and error, and some that I might not have learned at all. I’m eager to put all those practical performance tips into use–I know my show will improve greatly”—Greg Tarlin, Bramalea, Ont. CANADA


“Kit’s valuable insight extends far beyond the realm of juggling, performing, etc., to personal progress and life fulfillment. An excellent workshop lead by an outstanding character.”—Richard Fox, Gwynedd, WALES