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Whenever I start writing you these words I don’t know where I want to go with it or what I will write.  It seems that I think it is such a big project, then things turn out fine in the end (I guess you will be the judge of that.)  Many words come together each time and the result is what I send you.  Really does not take that long, just thinking, which is not that hard, think about it awhile.  I should approach my next book project the same way, yes?

Staying in a top bunk at the hostel.  It reminds me of when I was in jail, I had a top bunk then, too, which was difficult because I was recovering from a broken knee.  Being in jail was the worst month of my life.  As you might know, I was put in on a false charge with no witnesses and no proof what-so-ever.  My lawyer is currently working on building the case, thanks Joe,  To remind you, did you read the articles?

TUESDAY–Today I decided to be a tourist and take a walking tour of Sydney.  Before I went I expected me, and maybe, a couple other people.  The 25 of us were a good crowd–for a Tuesday?  As we walked to various sites in Sydney “Matt” told of history and such.  The first who discovered Australia were the English, yet the French were right behind.  And, of course the aborigine people were already here.  England decided to use this new land to send prisoners to.  Matt said there was one girl, age 9, who stole some brushes and was sent here, pretty dramatic I think.  If course that was long ago, now there is hardly any crime.  Makes me hesitate wanting to go back to scary America where we have all that crime.

After the history lesson I spent the afternoon first going to the library to use there internet and see if they had any books on juggling.  Only one book on the subject, I’ve not seen that book before.  On the way there I saw more of those interesting birds, called Ibis, they are everywhere.  Had some cookies with me, they liked hand-feeding.  The afternoon was spent around the area of the hostel.
The Ibis Bird

Learning much about life on this trip.  I’ve never been interested in art and paintings, I found I enjoyed seeing artwork that was displayed in the park;  analyzing it as I have not done before. After going through some things in 2010 and 11, I need this time away.  I had to go on this journey to find myself again and leave some things in order to move forward and be open to and open by new insights.

While walking to my next destination I walked by a store that only sold only boomerangs–I could not believe it.  With curiosity I went in to see.  In talking with the owner I found out has been in business for over 50 years.  Boomerangs originated in Australia and have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, used by Aborigines.  Mainly selling to tourists, hard to believe he sells enough to stay in business.  Yet, I know that if you find your passion you will find a way to make it.  And, you are rich because you are doing something you love.  So many people go through their entire life and never do find their passion.  Many of these people just live day to day and just do what’s next.  Finding or developing your passion in life takes effort, takes time and takes work.  So many people are lazy, it is the most satisfying work you can ever do in your life.
While walking on I went to an interesting and seedier side of the city, Kings Cross.  As I walked through the crowds I saw tattoo parlors, smoke shops, a Risque Adult Boutique, and two different prostituties propositioned me, too (and no, I didn’t.)
WEDNESDAY–Decided to try staying at a different hostel.  The one I was at was OK, but in a search I found one that sounded even better, now that I am here I see that it is much better  Worked out the same payment with them, $10 a night.  I will be teaching juggling and presenting a program, too.  This new place has free breakfast every morn, free wifi, and good people here.
I have two suitcases on wheels with me, a regular size and a smaller size.  In the big I keep all my clothes and a few other items.  In the small I keep my computer and other important stuff, this one goes everywhere with me, I leave the bigger one at the hostel when I go out.  I trust people, yet I feel better, safer, if I have the smaller one with me. When I travel I am able to hook the smaller behind so when I walk with the it is like I am pulling a train.  As I walk I see many taxis, I walk where I need to go–kilometer after kilometer.
Taking a shower every other day, comfortable with that.  While walking I know that I will probably never see any of these people again in my life.  This is something that I tried to get across to my daughters, Jasmine and April.  If you keep this in your mind it does not matter how you act on the street, you never have to be embarrassed.  I’m not saying that I do weird things (or do I?), but know that if I do it really doesn’t matter.  I know what I just wrote, but something that does bug me, when I am walking people hardly ever make eye contact or say, “hi”.  I like to be friendly and make eye contact with most everyone I see.  If fact, when I am approaching someone who does not look up, I sometimes say right toward their face, “oh, another unfriendly” or “hi to you, too”.  I try and present in a friendly way.  Like I wrote, I will probably never see them again in my life, but I think that it is much nicer to get through life friendly and smiling then keeping to yourself and not opening up.  How about you, do you make eye contact and say “hi–you better.
On the streets here often they have at a corner written on the curb right where you step down, “LOOK RIGHT” or “LOOK LEFT”.  I think this is because many are Americans who are used to cars driving on the right side of the street.  Cars approaching from the other direction is hard to get used to.  Yet, in America I have never seen this done on our streets for walkers who might be from Australia or England or Japan.  Also, people don’t cross against the walk signal.  I’m used to in America people run across anytime.  People here obeying the laws and keeping their yards, parks and streets quite tidy, a good thing.  And, I’ve found that when I say, ‘thank you”, for something, I don’t get the usual, “your welcome”, that I’m used to.  I say, “thank you”, and most often I hear, “no worries” or “no worries, mate”.   An Australian thing, I believe.
With Davy I discovered that I was keeping my left elbow out to the side when I juggled.  This is something I consciously could not see, when he pointed it out I did see, it was a terrible site.  We got a rope and tied it around my waist and elbow to keep my arm in, that helped to retrain my brain.  Now when I juggle I can think about where my arms are and make corrections.  I do have to think about it, though, the whole time.  It’s funny how the mind retains memory and how things become automatic.   Same with walking, I sometimes have to “think” about using my ankles to push off when I walk.  Sometimes I can feel myself walking bad and tell myself to use my ankles, things correct.  Yet, I still often have to think about things.  Of course, before they were unconsciance efforts, better before.
Once again writing to you while sitting in a lovely park.   So, I juggled in this park more then I have in a long time, felt good.  Birds making noise in the trees.  Flowers flowering.  I’m looking at lovely females and I fell in love (again and again and again.)  Australian’s are a beautiful race (?) of people.   Another thing, I am not seeing many over-weight people here.  In America every other person is obese, it’s sad.  Yet, I don’t see everyone working out and exercising. I think it is just that Americanish eat too much with no control.
It’s funny and has happened a few times in the past.  I see someone who “just” looked at their watch then I ask them, “What time it is?”  Most every time I ask, they must refer back to their watch again.  It is like they forgot or just were unsure.  By the way, what time is it?
THE QUEEN IS IN TOWN !!  Actually, I didn’t know that Australia is still connected in any way with England, yet they are.  The queen is even on their money.  The hostel where I’m staying on Elizabeth Street.  They tried to break away in the past and it never went through.  Answer me this, what does the queen “do” anyway?

Last night I went with Chris to a juggling club meeting here, about 20 jugglers present.  I coached how I could and did some juggling myself.   Chris and Bevan are good jugglers.  One thing that came to mind to talk with them about was “showing tricks” as oposed to “performing”. In their act they are mainly just showing tricks.  This is something I have tried to talk to people in the past, yet the words did not form.   Good to be there.

Back at the park reading, typing, reading and juggling again today (ok, ya caught me, and looking at women.  There is a large water pool about 100 feet by 40 feet by 4 inches deep, “The reflection pool”.  They have a guy walking the whole pool vacumning it.  He has a vacumn that is only about 4 inches wide, why did they not get him a wider one?  Back and forth, back and forth, it will take all day, seems like a major waste time.

While at the park, still having trouble with my juggling.  I’m just curious on how long it takes to develop muscle memory.  At this point I have juggled incorrectly for so long I’ve developed some really bad memories in my muscles.  What will it take to retrain them?  Boy, and I thought you had all the answers.

Didn’t do a lot today, enjoyed life, much.
More later>>>>Kit


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