See the now in your life. 

Many of us have all gone through a traumatic event in our lives, such as my twice being hit by two different trucks and going through a 37 day coma. Even if you haven’t had a major change, these words can help you live a better life.
At a young age, I realized that I had a hard time focusing on–the weeks, the months, the years–the upcoming. I’m not denying that the future exists, I just don’t live there. I’ve come to the conclusion that we must live life for now, then it will add up to a fantastic future, then, of course, it will bring a fabulous past. 
No matter how your life currently is, you can always see and make a better life for yourself. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, see what you can do and do your very best at each. All of these “bests” will add together to make your life much better. 
After my life-changes I have lost so much, but there is so much left to bring a good life. It’s amazing all the different directions your future can take. Start now to direct your own future in a direction that will bring you joy, and do it in a passionate way. Remember, people are here to help, but each of us are ones who make our own life good (or bad.) 
I decided that I’d get up every morning with a smile because another day of life has arrived. Then, once I am going, to focus on living my life fully that day, each day, not worrying about the future or the past. 
You see, a good life is made up of a “series” of good days. I live my life in the day–everyday. We only have one chance to live this life. No matter what might have happened in your life, you can still find fulfillment. 
Each of us has that choice. 
Start today to make the right choices. 
Do good, I care about you.


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