Blog 35–Stalled in New Orleans

​For a month the weather has been quite dreary, rainy and cold. As the weather is, my mode and outlook have been the same. I want this to be a positive blog, helping you with ideas to move ahead, but if I am not, I do not want to lie. If you want to be taken off the list to receive future posts, just let me know.
​January 2, 2016–Today I drove into New Orleans. The architecture and foliage are quite nice. I went to The French Quarter
and drove around for about 40 minutes looking for somewhere to park, I gave up and continued on west. 
I’ve been trying to contact people through and various jugglers about staying over, have not reached anyone so I will be heading on.

Actually, my old juggling partner Randy Foster and I came to Mardi Gra, here is New Orleans, to perform in 1979. In our time together Randy was never interested in the female gender, something we never shared. 
In New Orleans there is a certain section that attracts males who like guys, Randy was there every night. I believe this is where his connection to men started. In 1991 Randy died from aids, a terrible thing.

I tried to reach jugglers and to find somewhere I might stay over; the last night was quite cold, I was not able to get anyone. 
I went to the French Quarter and drove around for about 40 minutes looking for somewhere to park, never did. So, I decided to pass by New Orleans and start heading southwest. About 30 miles out I stopped at another McDonalds to connect, finally reached a juggler.

Kyle Johnston and David Chervony are two local jugglers in New Orleans. We met up yesterday and I did coaching on their juggling.

Feeling quite cold, alone and lonely out here currently. It was nice in the summer/fall to visit national parks and such. Now I am not having fun, sort of regretting  I have chosen this lifestyle.

Jan 8–Still in New Orleans. Kyle has a second house which he rents out, he acquired this recently. I am staying in this cold empty house sleeping in a sleepy bag on my pad. Nothing in the house, at all, just me. Every morning I go over to a McDonalds, which is a half mile away, to get on their wifi. Kyle and I have gone on a couple bike rights around the French Quarter and New Orleans.

The weather is still dismal here, as is my outlook. Although, yesterday was sunny, I painted part of my van that needed a touchup.

The reason I have not written very much for my blog is because I am bottled up here, waiting until February 2, when I have to be back in Mobile, Alabama.

You read of the accident I was in a few weeks ago while in Mobile, Alabama. Here is what occurred: I was driving in the rain on a curvy road with walls on both sides of the roadway. I took a turn wrong and hit the person in the lane coming toward me. 
Something I did not tell you before: with nowhere to pull over because of the walls on both sides, I just kept driving, and kept driving. Not trying to get away, but my mind just went crazy momentarily and I did not know what to do. The cops eventually caught up with me and had me follow them back to where the occurrence occurred.

I made sure I apologized wholeheartedly to the women I hit. She saw how upset I was and gave me a hug. I also sent her a card to apologize the following day.

I ended up getting a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident. So embarrassing  and upsetting for me, I do not know what to do or think. Of course, I will be there before the judge on Feb 2, hoping for the best. In fact, I wrote a nice letter to him and sent it a few days ago explaining myself, trusting this will help.

As you have read from my past writings, in 2012 I had to spend a month in jail on a false charge; this was the worst month of my life. I am just concerned that seeing the judge might lead me back to jail. 
Dire thoughts running rampant in my mind–my driver license being taken away, my insurance being cancelled, going to jail and losing everything, and more. Not having a home and living in my van, I have nothing else.

Between here and Mobile is De Soto National Park. I think I will go there soon and spend time before Feb 2, but expecting cold.

Since Tina left me I have found little joy in life.

In the end nothing matters–because you are dead.

Sorry if these words I wrote bother you.

Bye for now>>>>>>>>>>Kit


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