Blog 36–Here I am

​A few have written asking if I was alright, not having received any posts from me lately. The caring is nice to see.

My court date is Feb 2, about 150 miles from where I am now, New Orleans. It will take place in Mobile, Alabama. I will let you know the outcome, of course. So, I just have to hang out until then.

I’ve been staying in New Orleans with Kyle, a local juggler here, he currently has an empty apartment. In a few days I will leave toward Mobile, stopping at a couple national parks on the way.

Currently I am looking into finding volunteer work overseas. I need to get away and start a new life. If you know any details about this, please let me know.

In the future my posts will be more positive and inspirational, sorry, in recent posts, the words were so sad.

I’m glad you’re there>>>>>>>>>>>Kit


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