Home again?

Born in Portland, it was so good to return to the roots of my life. As I was driving along the freeway street names on signs came up that I remembered. You have to keep in mind that I was seven or eight years old when I was last here.  As I was getting closer to my old street I got so excited. On entering the street everything seemed so much smaller, I had to remember that I had young eyes at the time.  Then, I came upon my address and old house, still lodged in memory–5166 NE Wistaria Drive. I parked, got out of the car, and took a deep breath, home again.  I glanced up at my old residence, then down the street I walked, this street from my distant memory.  Looking to each side I saw houses that resided somewhere in my memory, hard to bring these memories up. Then I saw the long set of city steps that lead down to the street below that I used to play on with friends, once again, remembering them as being so much bigger. Trees still over-hung this pathway down. A friend from the old days, John Cheek, I had to go to his house and see if anyone there knew of him. I knocked and an older man came to the door. I asked of John, said who I was, and this man invited me in, being the father of John. We talked of old times and of the kids playing. Then his wife Helen came into the room, she seemed to remember me well. What a joy to see these people from my past and hear these stories. We gave John and call and the two of us talked for a time. I asked of Teresa Daly (we called her TD) and what she is doing now. Living next door, TD and I were good friends as kids, in fact, I’ve always thought of her as my first girlfriend (at age 7 or 8?) John said he would contact her through Facebook and let her know I was around. After giving them a copy of my juggling book and hugs goodbye, it was back onto the street to walk toward the house where I spent my youth.

Was anyone home at 5166? I had to knock on the door and see. “Karen” answered the door and I let her know who I was, then she invited me in. Like I wrote before, everything seemed so much smaller then I remember, but at the time I was looking out through 7 or 8 year old eyes.  Into the living room, I remembered a table that used to be in the corner where I hid under one year waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas eve (I fell asleep and my mom took me to bed, missed the old man with presents.)  There was the fireplace that we often had blazing. Upstairs we went and I saw my bedroom, once again, remembering much bigger. I used to hate when I had to go to bed when it was still light out, being the summer and it was after 9pm. Was the apartment that my mom had built for gramma still in the basement? of course it was, just as I remembered. I saw right where she had the TV and used to love to watch wrestling and roller derby (in black and white at that time.) As I was leaving I saw the two Japanese maple trees that my mom had planted out front. What a joy and how comforting to come to this abode where I spent my youth.

Just a few miles down the road it was off to see Ben and the Serious Juggling store, see www.seriousjuggling.com.  With Christmas coming up and much being done, the store was sort of packed with stuff placed everywhere. Ben started his business small and has since grown his business into one of the best places to get juggling props and unicycles. We talked for a time and I see how busy he is, but, I can tell, he is doing what he loves, his passion. It is always good to see when someone finds their passion in life, seems that seldom happens. When you are doing your passion for a living life flows by so well and enjoyable. My passion was juggling, then it was writing books, then it was my family, then it was my salsa, next it will be writing that book I have told you of before. I must get on that and get it out there. So, find your passion in life, it will make your existence much better. Speaking of my past passion, it’s funny, come to think of it, juggling has been such a big part of my life, yet I was really a juggler for only about seven years. Learning at age 15 and putting in much practice in the first years, then my juggling ended when I went through my first accident at the age of 23, so, a dedicated juggler for only a short time. Who knows how far I could have gone with my juggling. Yet, I have kept with it and have found ways to help others to advance.

Living near Portland is my sister Sandy and her husband Tommy. Sandy and I have the same father, Virgil, yet had different moms and grew up apart (you may not know, I was named after my dad–Virgil Carson Summers Jr, I am–nicknamed Kit because of my middle name) For many years Tommy worked in the tire business and did quite well.  Their house near Boring, OR is a great place. Much land and trees, with a pond on a stream and fish and ducks out back. Russell, their son, lives with them and will inherit this wonderful abode. Russell was born after I had departed the area and we had not met before. The first night with them (of two) we went to see their other son Wally, who I knew as a kid; so good to see him.  Sandy and Tommy used to take all of us out to the mountains and I have great memories of picking blackberries and searching streams for crawdads, which we ate later. Sandy is a darling and beautiful lady. So glad I was able to spend to spend time with them.

Next was to Santa Fe, NM to help my sister move up to Bend, OR to start a new life. After leaving my van with Sandy and Tommy, I jumped on the plane from Portland to Albuquerque (do you know how to spell that?)  On the plane they offered wifi for only $5, so I had to. That way I had a couple hours to write to you and also to call people on the phone (sorry if you weren’t one I called.) I was amazed that at about 40,000 feet and going about 600 miles per hour I could talk with people through my computer. More transportation, from the airport in Albuquerque I hopped on a train up to Santa Fe. Being so far south, I expected warmth. In looking out the train window upon entering the Santa Fe area I saw white stuff on the ground. Because this city is so high, it does get snow. So, as you would know, the temp was down there.

THE PAIN– As you know from past postings, I have been experiencing various pains coursing through my body.  I’m not saying this is just a little hurt, this is intense pain that makes me not able to move limbs. Each time this happens I do nothing to bring it on.  I read that pain originates in the brain, I’m just wondering what is happening in my brain that is bringing this on. The pain just sort of starts small and grows. This time it started on my right leg. Got to the point where I could hardly move the leg. The pain in the knee felt like I had broke it, and it was the one I did not have surgery on. Inside the knee hurt, then the tendons and muscles behind the knee starting hurting, much. I could not bend my leg. As this pain in my right leg subsided, the left started, the one I had broken. The pain here centered on the knee, and expanded. Yet, this pain was different, when I moved my leg in certain ways the bones in the knee cracked, so I know it was not just in the mind. That was over the last two days and this morning, getting a little better now. After that surgery on my shoulder and knee I had been biking and doing some running, without pain, I’ve regressed much since.  My sister thinks the pain is caused from my long and wonderful journey, in my brain the connections are finding new pathways to use. We know so little about the brain, I hope in my next book my research will teach many more about this thing we think with. Perhaps you know something about this pain I am experiencing? let me know what you know.

A YEAR YOUNGER?–For the past year I thought I was 53 years old. We did the math and I am 52 after-all, so, an extra year to live, what will I do with that newly found time? Even at this advanced age, I still don’t feel that I have grown up, feeling in my 20’s still. I feel there is much for me to accomplish before my passing away.

DEATH–Something that will happen to me, and you. Read this recently and it stood out for me: “Until you have done something to help advance the world, you should be ashamed to die.” Seeing these strong words I was reminded that this subject was always important to me.  I want to do my part to advance human life as I can. I think I advanced the juggling world through my books and workshops. Now I want to advance the rest of the world with that next book, or am I thinking too big?

So, I’ve stayed with my sister for about one week, we will be departing for Bend, OR for her new home on Christmas day.  A longer then expected stay here, but getting work done on the computer.

Every time I write this blog I have no idea where it will go. It ends up that I find many words to put together toward the end result. If you have any editorial ideas for my writing please let me know, I always want to improve myself.
I do hope you make it a fantastic Christmas for you and your family.


  1. Ara December 20, 2011 Reply

    Merry Christmas to you too, Kit. =)

  2. BarryF December 20, 2011 Reply

    Great post, Kit. Wow – so much happens in each day with you out on the road.

    Loved reading about the journey to your old ‘hood and seeing inside your old house. I wonder if I’ll do that some day. I’d love to stand in the same place where I was when I saw my world falling apart – and feel how far I’ve come.

    Sorry to hear about the pain… very complex system, these bodies of ours. Yours has been through more than its share of trauma.

    Interesting how juggling was such a short part of your life – yet it has been a thread throughout. I didn’t realize we were only talking about 7-8 years. I was 15 when I learned, too. Good age for that kind of thing.

    The salsa we made disappeared way too fast. We should have made 10x more. Next time we’ll use the tomato tops – towards the end I would have welcome even those 🙂

    Safe travels.


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