The 2nd day, Chicago

The beginning of my writing of my big trip away. After going through a divorce after a 23 year marriage; getting hit by a truck–the second time in my life; having to spend a month in jail, I very much need to departure from my normal life.

So, here’s the plan: After the workshop in Chicago this weekend I will be off to Branson, Missouri to stay a few days with Dick Franco before I go to do a workshop in Kansas City the following weekend. Next is a workshop in Boulder Circus Center. Then to Las Vegas for a workshop, finally ending up in San Diego to stay with my mom a few weeks.

On September 21 I will be flying to Australia where I have workshops set up. On October 26 I will be off to New Zealand where I have workshops set up, too. My flight back to the US is scheduled for November 30, then I drive back to my current home, which is up for sale now. I will be writing more to you soon.


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