Blog 30–I need your help

Nov 2–I got an email from my friend Nikki in Australia, what a joy to receive this email. She said she was glad I was continuing the postings of my blog. So, my words are making a difference. Nikki owns I stayed with her when I was down under, and what a wonderful person she is. I am so glad we became friends.
I’ve not been writing on this because I am currently not traveling, being with Dave Finnigan near Orlando.
As you see, the subject of this email is, “I need your help.” Right now I am at a mechanic in Orlando. After my van started drinking coolant, I found out I need a new water pump–$500–the amount will be paid for with credit card, which is up to about $3500.
Once the credit cards are paid off they will never be used again.
In the past, when I was successful at juggling, or successful at school shows, or successful at book sales, or successful at salsa, $500 or $3500 was nothing to me.
Currently living on only about $1000 a month through Social Security Disability (that is how I have been able to travel and write to you), this is just enough to live on for me. But, things have gotten tight.
This will only be asked one time of you, never again. I am hoping you would help by crowdfunding me through my Paypal account. If you don’t have Paypal, it is easy to set up an account. With a Paypal account you can just send to my email address.
I feel weird asking for your help, but right now I don’t know how to climb out of this hole I am currently in. Any help you will give would be a treasure for me, thanks.
Nov 6–My friend, Greg Joyner travels much, in the far east. Greg sent me these words recently:
The truth is though….. once you get used to being alone, once you really are at peace with yourself. You will not miss anyone. Yes, you will still enjoy other’s company. But you won’t NEED anyone. This took me a long time to learn. But having done so has changed my life dramatically, for the better.
Greg’s words comforted me.
When I was traveling and in the US and Australia and New Zealand for five months, I was quite alone and enjoying myself tremendously. I have to remember that, traveling alone will be a delight.
Currently staying with my old friend, Dave Finnigan, who is a juggler I first met in 1977. He has lived in the same home for many years right near a golf course (no, he doesn’t) in Celebration, Florida.
Having taught thousands to juggle and written books on juggling, he has added much to the juggling community. Here is Dave:
Living in Celebration, FL for many years, Dave and his family fit in well with this small community. Yesterday we took his little one year old dog, Lucky, out for a walk through town. In the small lake we saw an alligator, so, yes, they are around.
Dave and his wife, Thelma, have raised a wonderful family. Only one son still home, and he has reason to be. Davey was born with Cerebral Palsy and has had a hard life. Not able to speak or move his body very well at all, he is confined to a bed. Yet, his mind works well and he is quite happy.
What is amazing for me is Dave and his son developed a way to communicate using “click” sounds. You see, Davey is about to use his mouth to make the click sound with his tongue, and, they developed a system that let’s people know how to determine what letter he is using to spell words.
Today I woke early, as usual, 3am. After getting out of the van, I was walking up to the house in the dark. I stepped wrong and fell so that my shine struck the edge of a brick wall, full force. The pain is in the extreme end and brought tears, and continues to be.
Going through this and the pain makes me think about my life. With no family and friends (except you, I hope) to turn to, I am not sure what I would do if something bad were to happen–physical damage, van damage, mental damage (whoops, too late for that last one.)
I am just seeing that life is such a solo venture. Often we have others to help us, but we are the one to make our life happen. Makes me see why people turn to a God to help in life.
The temperature will be a balmy 91 degrees today, with a clear sky, couldn’t ask for better.
Nov 7–As you see, I’ve not been adding to this post much. Right now I am at:
Finding many highly intelligent people, and everyone is so helpful and friendly. 
As you see from the website, this is a conference for non-believers. I have looked at the issue of faith and belief, and nonbelief makes more sense to me. 
Nov 10–Heading toward Key West today. Please remember my words about  needing your help, I hope you can. 


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