Blog 29 — Into Florida I jump

Another night done with. It’s funny, it does not matter, really, where you rest your eyes, they are closed and you are in a different world for sleep. But, I agree, much nicer to wake in a forest than a Walmart parking lot.
I did want to let you know that I do have my old camera still. The zoom does not work and it is on it’s way out, but, as you see, it still works.
Oct 23–Driving through Virginia still, at the southeastern corner is The Great Dismal Swamp, with this unique name I had to talk a look. After driving two miles in on Jericho Road (a dirt road with pits) to the end, there was not much to see. I did see that there was swamp around, but no people, very nice. Always improving the van, did some work on it.
Why, looky there, small bushes with white balls on them? Pulled over and I knew what this was, cotton fields were everywhere. Interesting how they harvest the cotton, big rigs roll the bushes into bundles, hard to explain. I did take some samples with me (and, no, I ain’t no cotton-picken thief, so there!  Well, I did pick some cotton, so, I guess I is.)

Here I go toward the Outer Banks, quite an interesting drive. Down to Kitty Hawk, NC, where the Right Brothers (I think I spelled that Wright?) first flew.
I found out that these two guys are from Ohio and they had to ship everything to the east coast to take advantage of the powerful wind, mainly. By horse and buggy, by boat, they really put a lot of effort in getting there.
Then, on December 17, 1903, they made their famous flight. And, such a short time since then, we have gone so much further in flight than anyone could have imagined.
Passing through towns such as Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head and Wanchese; very interesting names. In I popped at Alligator River National Refuge, didn’t see any. I talked with a local who, after living in the area for over 22 years, only saw two gaters. So, I did not look very hard, knowing I probably wouldn’t.
Inline image 1
For a few hours I did more work on the van, a thorough cleaning and such. I had not ridden my unicycle in some months. I jumped on and rode well, still have it.
In the campground here they have showers, so, clean up time. Feeling so much better after the shower. About every other day I am able to find a way to shower or clean sufficiently.
Into the Croatan National Forest, a wonderful place. I pulled off the road at Neuse River, Flanners Beach, like it much.  Right now I am sitting at a picnic table typing these words to you. Quite warm out, glad I am going south away from the cold of winter.
Then I drove a small dirt road toward the ocean, about a two mile drive. I could tell that no one had been down this road in some time. When I arrived at the ocean, with the gentle breeze, it was like a paradise. Then, I look toward the beach, why look at that, I found an awesome horseshoe crab shell totally intact, about 30.48 centimeters in length (12 inches.)
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Scheduled to be at my friend Melodye’s house tomorrow, Monday, about 2pm, in St. Mary’s, GA. So, some time to waste, no, I take that back, time to make things happen. There should be a couple more big parks between here and there I can go and conquer, I will let you know . . .
Oct 26--Today I saw a fly flying at 75 miles an hour!–incredible–and with his little wings. Of course, we were in my van with the windows closed and the fly was flying around inside the van. Still, I was hitting the speed of 75.
Melodye has been successful in real estate and land management for a number of years. With her husband Jeff they own a fabulous house and fixed it up so nice.
We have both grown in so many different ways since the time when we were both in Point Loma High School together. One memory I have is Melodye and I, along with some other friends in high school, would drive down to Rosarito Beach in Mexico to dance and drink until early morn.
Oct 29–Yesterday I arrived at the home of Dave Finnigan, who I have known since 1977. Dave is so involved in so many things, and has accomplished so many good things in his life. Dave is 73 now and has much more energy than, say, someone who is 56 (wait, I am 56.)
Here is Dave:
So, I’ll be here for a bit, then off to Key West. Now, who wants to join me?


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