Blog 28–toward the south I hoop

​Yes, still here, still slowly moving forward (very lonely right now.)

​Oct. 17–
The cooler weather is here, yikes. Very cold in the van last night. I have a sleepy bag that is good for down to 10 degrees, so, not too bad. The problem with sleeping is taking in the cold air into your lungs; cold air is hard to breathe. I put my head in the sleeping bag, but then lack of oxygen? If you have any ideas for me, please let me know.
I have an appointment to get my van fixed on Monday, needs a new water pump, I found out. Dave tells me he will have to take much of the engine apart. Wish I could help, but my knowledge of vehicles is nil.
So, an entire weekend to do what?
Good things came my way.
Chris and Dena have been friends of mine for some years. They run food shows in the northeast, which do very well for them. Back when I made my salsa ( they gave me a booth and I sold much.
Take a look at the show that present:
And, what a great show they put together, very classy. These two are such a highlight of the show, Chris and Dena present themselves so well, as well as the shows.
It just so happens that the show is this weekend. My appointment to get my van fixed is on Monday, what a coinkedink–I will be with them helping in the show all I can for the weekend.
There are an incredible number of very beautiful women at the food show. Yet, I know that I could never with any of them in that I lead such a different and weird lifestyle. Planning to live a lonely solo life from this point forward ( I write as I am smiling.)
Getting quite cold to sleep in the van, last night down to about 32, with the cold front that has come through. That is the reason I will be heading south to Florida soon. Last night was hard. But, as usual, I will be OK (whatever “OK” would mean.)
I let Dena know how I was cold the night before, she booked and paid for a room for me to stay in at the Radisson, where the food show was taking place. So nice of her to provide a room for me to stay in. I do have many friends, after all, I am so grateful for that.
It was strange, I awoke to pee and I was not sure where I was, have you ever had that experience?
Yet, as I was sleeping well a text came in at 2:41am, a text from a concerned friend on the west coast wondering how I was doing. Often when I awaken in the middle of the night I cannot get back to sleep, such was the case. So, I jumped on the computer to write more words to you.
I’ve been thinking about my life–what a strange life I have lead.
Getting better, getting worse, who’s to say.
I just keep pushing forward how I can.
After I posted my words on my thoughts of God there were four people (out of about 250) who wrote to me and said to take them off the list; thank you for staying with me, by the way. Maybe I opened up some ideas that they could not deal with, perhaps I opened their eyes some and they did not like what they saw? Those were my last words on God, unless you have some for me?
Yet, I could never deny the existence of a God; no way to prove there is not a higher being. I remain open with the hope there is. Always learning, I never give up, I hope you don’t give up on me.
If you need, please reread the words I posted. I did not say a belief in a God is a bad thing, or a good thing, and I did not put God down in any way. Just trying to help you figure out what exactly you believe and why. I question myself too much, perhaps that is why I look for a belief I do not have right now.
Oct 19–Got together with Tina last evening–much hugging, kissing and tears, but I will be alone. Actually, kind of scared and lonely I am without my traveling partner, Tina. Today we had texted back and forth, one last effort to have her be with me–no go. Yes, I will meet new people, but . . .
Today was the day,the van needed a new radiator, so everything is running excellent in the van now. I feel safe and good while traveling and sleeping.
Oct 20–Going south, through Baltimore, through DC, about to get on Skyline Drive to go through Shenandoah National Park. This morning I bought a camera at Walmart, so I could get better photos to you with these words. I bought a display model, so it was cheaper (still at $100, more on my charge card.) Now I just have to learn to use it right.
Inline image 3
Currently I am at another McDonalds to use their free wifi. An employee was doing a good job at cleaning the room, so I complimented her on the good job. She was surprised and thanked me much. Compliment people how and when you can, it will add to their life, and also yours.
Inline image 1
I am in the process of changing my outlook, looking for the good. This is something that each of us can do, it does make life better. I am sorry for being so down for the last month, things and changing and improving (for me and for you!)
Here I am at Shenandoah National Park on a picnic table typing right now. There is just one road, Skyline Drive, which you stay on for the 100 miles through the park at the peak of the mountains. There are many turnoffs and overlooks to the beautiful lands below. The are also some wonderful waterfalls throughout the park. Take a look:
Inline image 1
These mountains were developed through the tectonic plates as they sifted away from each and the mountains popped up.
Established in the Appalachian mountains in 1935, there are splendid sites everywhere. Two peaks rise up to 4,000 feet, we are way up here.
Shenandoah Park is to one of the largest concentrations of black bears in the US, by the way (hope I don’t meet up with one, but, then again . . .)
Did not think I would enjoy camping without my camping partner, Tina, but, things are fun, after all. And, right now I need to go and find more firewood, bye for now.
I opened a bottle of wine this afternoon, enjoyed the taste and where it put my mind. All my family were addicted to alcohol, I can resist that. No worries here, I have control (says the drunken juggler.)
For the last two days I have been driving Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Mountains, what a delight. I pulled into a campground at about the center of the hundred mile drive. Not the same without Tina, but I slept OK.
Today on an early morning walk I got startled by a deer 3 feet from me, she was as surprised as I. We smiled at each other and went our separate ways. On the same walk two squirrels scurried by playing with each other, how nice.
Then, while driving, I saw two bear cubs on the side of the road, nowhere to pull off, so no pictures, sorry. Then, down further, two deer were in the road, and off they went into the bush.
Took a shower in the campground, only $1 covered plenty of time for me. Campgrounds at National Parks are inexpensive throughout, I am comfortable with that.
Currently I am at yet another McDonalds using their free wifi to get these words to you, in Suffolk, Virginia.
A couple bad things occurred recently. That camera I bought for $100, I must have left it in the cart when I got to the van, gone it is. And, I had left my electric razor plugged in and forgot that. I am feeling like such a fool. These things can eventually be replaced, but, stupid is as stupid does.


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