Blog 42–The Verdict

Had to get this off to you, some people have been asking of me.
Right now I have this massive anger about life, not wearing my seatbelt, not caring.
But, I am getting back into National Park land in Mississippi, I like that.
Sorry there are no photos again, just want to get this out.

March 16–Had to let you know right away what happened when I went before the judge yesterday.

After I had explained everything the judge still found me guilty of leaving the scene of an accident, had to pay $266.
I am so glad it is over, at least. I cannot sleep, again, it is about 1am. Sleep comes very difficult for me anymore.
Now it is 11:01 and I did not sleep last night.
Each time I start a new blog I think of it as going on a new adventure and taking you with me. In fact, I look to make good things happen so that I can write about these experiences for you. Perhaps this writing can work for you? This writing can add to and bring more fulfillment in your life, I would love you read of your doings.

Because of the pain caused by my recent fall and attempt to catch myself using my arm, which was too straight and hurt my ball and socket in my shoulder, I awoke at 1:30am last night and could not get back to sleep. I drove carefully, only about 70 miles, down to the beaches at Galveston. I’ve seen some great sites and hope my camera is working now to share them with you.

In driving south from Houston toward Galveston I hit traffic, much traffic. It is a Saturday and, perhaps, people are getting out of town? As you know, I do not like cities, one big city all the way down.

I went to some beaches and walked–lovely. Now I am in a Walmart parking lot using their free wifi to write to you. This one is quiet, and, because I am quite tired from no sleep last night, I believe I will just stay here for the night, although it is only 3:30 in the afternoon, I think I will go on some walks and such. Also, I have books to read, a pleasant time will be had by me in the van.

Found joy today. I took a ferry ride in the van (no, not a fairy ride.) My van on a boat, can you imagine? From Galveston to Port Bolivar, a free ride. I went up to the upper deck–the sun was shining bright, the wind was passing by as the ship moved forward, we even saw two dolphins pop up for some air–magnificent. Also, I spent some time at the beach, well, the gulf, anyway.

Yesterday I had a nice talk with Tina, boy I miss that women.

Everyday is a new and different adventure. Today I drove toward the east, saw some nice gulf settings. Now I am parked under a big bridge on the water where I will spend the night. New adventures, I love them.

March 6, 2016–Last night, as I wrote, I found a high bridge to park under in which to sleep, very comfortable, right next to the water. Then, today, another ferry to ride, no charge. I am enjoying this adventure I am on.

Was passing by a small library in Cameron, LA and decided to stop and see if they want to buy my books. She said they have a very small budget and did not have funds available. I was probably the only visitor at this library today. With most people having a computer nowadays, libraries and no longer necessary, really. I was at this library for three hours, no one came in. There were two people working at the time, too.

On the internet I searched and found Rutherford Beach a few miles away. Also, my van gas was on empty, so off I went to get the elixir that keeps me going. After obtaining fuel, I set GPS to a location near where I would find that beach. I had to do some searching, but here I am on this deserted beach. As you know, people pay thousands of dollars to live on a beach–here I am!

Quite windy right now, hoping that will calm down. Having made a dinner of two scrumptious tacos and having a bottle of wine, I am quite content, There are grass fields everywhere, and the gulf, of course, looks fantastic. Clean sand with small waves rolling in, a paradise.

With the wind, it was making noise with straps on the bike rack. As you know, I accidentally ran over my other bike, keeping the bike rack for the next one. Anyway, I was comfortable reading and ready for bed, so, of course, I went outside the van to adjust the straps on the bike rack in only my underwear (under where?) Being on this deserted beach I had to. Felt good, too.

Currently reading The Journeys of Socrates by Dan Millman. I had read his books back in highschool, so good to bring back those fantastic memories of his stories. Such a good writer, you must get his books. Start with Journey of the Peaceful Warrior, then move on to The Journey of Socrates–You will love the read. I connected with Dan, the author of these books, and we did some correspondence, a wonderful man.

To get good used books for cheap go to, you will be surprised at the prices, probably just a couple bucks for each of these books.

So, I have time to spend before I have to back in Mobile for my court appointment, looking for parks and wilderness areas to go to, not much around.

Embarrassed to admit, a couple years ago I applied and started receiving EBT (food stamps.) At about $180 a month, that helped. But, I talked with someone from there today and she said that, because I am not living in Pennsylvania right now, the money for food will stop. Makes me sad, but . . . I do have a way to deal with it though, I will just stop eating, I am seldom hungry, after all.

I must also admit, what a fantastic adventure I am on. Living in the forests, living at beaches, living where I have to, making the most of life right now.

March 8–At 1:30am my bladder told me to get rid of some of the wine, so I did. Then my mind started thinking, I could not get back to sleep. As you might know, I do fine on little sleep, really. I’ve been reading and cleaning the van, it is now 3:30 early morn. I will wait for the sun to make its appearance, then I will be back on the road.

Good thing Google has the ability to write this while offline, as I am doing now.

How do you say, Atchafalaya? This river National Park is the largest swamp in the US. Many different kinds of birds and fish, they take good care of this park. Not having a boat with me, there was not much I could do. I did see some spectacular birds.

March 9–For some reason I have massive anger right now toward life. I want to yell, I want to cry, I want to hurt myself, I want to die. Looking toward the future and not seeing anything currently. A metal pin connection on the battery on my computer broke yesterday, so now I can only use the computer when it is plugged into electric. I’ve tried to contact Tina numerous ways today, I am hearing nothing back. I just hope she is alright and not in a hospital or something.

Kyle’s friend had a bike for me, how wonderful. This will serve me well.

Before I left Kyle’s I was about to walk up some wooden steps and slipped and fell and scraped my shin–badly. This brought the most pain I have had in quite a long time. And, the swelling, yikes, seemed to swell one inch out. I was going to drive myself to the hospital to make sure nothing was broken, but decided against it. The next day my shin was much better. But, it scared me.

Off to Mobile and my friend Lee Miller, who’s house I had stayed at before. Since the last time I was there and taught Lee to juggle with clubs, he bought some, they are small, junior type clubs, be something to learn with. Lee and his wife Claire have a wonderous love for each other, makes me jealous.

For some reason, for the last few days I have had tremendous anger, pain, and fear in me. Along with no sleep last night, this comes from the trouble of losing Tina and from this court date on Tuesday. I really don’t have fear of this judge and what might happen, actually hoping for execution, that would work well for me right now. Strange, I feel like my head’s about to explode. But, I will present my case that I am not guilty and am hoping the judge will understand and release me. You will find out.

Right now it is Sunday morning, March 13, I have March 15 at 4pm to simply sit and wait. There is a chance I might go to a National Park which is 110 miles away, but might just stay in the area.

Steve Harrison, I am glad you are there and often checking up on me. My mind seems to be slipping away in the pain I am going through, who knows what the future will hold for me.

Here I am at McDonalds typing these words for you. At this point I have no family or anyone close; I am glad you are there.

I must say, I am so sick of the accidents and loses I have had in my life. Not wanting to have you feel sorry for me, just to let you know more of my life. I think there are a few you may not have known about, I am embarrassed to tell you, but here are a few:
1982 — Hit by a truck while walking in a bad rainstorm, 37 day coma. Lost my juggling ability and much more.
1986 — Divorced from my first wife, Robin.
1988 — While living alone I was out riding my bike on trails. I took a bump wrong and fell. Broke my shoulder.
1990 — Was riding slowly on my bike and fell to the side, then hit my head. Have had tinnitus since (ringing in my ears.) Right now it is very loud, like when you listen to a seashell, but very loud in both ears.
2009 — Divorced from my second wife, Mary Ellen.
2010 — While riding my bike, hit by a truck, again, his fault, much of my body broken. Lost my ability to run because of a broken knee.
2011 — Had to spend a month in jail on a false charge.
2013 — While riding my bike with a bag hanging down from the handlebars, the bag got sucked into the front wheel spokes and the front wheel stopped, I continued forward over the handlebars to the street, landing on my head–fortunately had a helmet on. Two vertebra in my back and a shoulder were broken.
2016 — Tina left me (basically a divorce), much pain.
Within the last two weeks, fell to the side and tried to catch myself using my arm and because the arm was straight I injured my shoulder.
Within the last two weeks, slipped while walking up some wooden steps and scraped my shin, very bad. The leg is not getting better and now my foot is getting purple. The pain is not diminishing at all, a very strange injury.
Every accident and set back is a lesson (seems as though I am not learning my lesson?) and then I move forward. Yet, too much loss and damage, makes me want to just give up.

With my left leg injured now, and I can’t sleep on my right side because of my brain injury, I am having a hard time sleeping.

I am not liking my life much right now, in any way.

March 14–Still spending time until my court date. Decided not to go to the forest, just staying in the area. This time just waiting is the hardest part. But now, I wish I would have gone to the wilderness.

Last night I spent by a lake, very nice, also very quiet. But, then the frogs started their mating calls–rebit, rebit (and no, I wasn’t attracted to the frogs because of their calls.) It was actually a nice sound to hear. As dusk came they quieted down. Then today I drove to a nice location on the gulf and was parked right at the water. I had crackers, feed one seagull, then about 35 showed up, yikes.


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