The journey begins

Right now I am typing this in the early morning as I am looking out at a beautiful tranquil lake. There are many birds making their morning sounds and the smell in the air is a deep nature smell. There is a mist over parts of the lake as I feel invigorated for this new day. This picture of the lake I see is like from famous painting of lake settings.

Last night, on our way back from Delaware after getting my computer fixed, we went to Marsh Creek State Park to sleep over:


We stopped and picked up a hoagie to share. Sitting on a park bench and eating this simple meal with the view we had was a joy. As we were driving in we saw two deer in a field next to the road getting an evening meal themselves.

Driving to the lake area we passed many houses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps, millionaire estates? Yet, we got to park “our” home right next to the lake and had a brilliant night in a fantastic location with beauty all around. When you are living and traveling in a van you can park about anywhere to sleep, even at the beach in Malibu, perhaps.  So, your home is in fabulous places when and where you want.

Must be about five am and I just awoke from a pleasant sleep to this paradise we are experiencing. Tina is in the van getting some more slumber and I am sitting on a park bench about 30 feet away typing these words; a true–lap-top–with computer on my lap.

Last night when we arrived we were on the east side of the lake. Sunset as the sun was dropping into the lake was breathtaking. We took an evening drive around the lake and found a boat ramp area were we found a nice place to park for the night in the meadow and trees. This morning, being on the other side of the lake, we witnessed the sun arising over the lake, truly a lovely sight to see.

Yesterday was a special day. My daughter, April, graduated high school, with a big ceremony at Villanova University. They say there were upwards of 4,000 people there, many excited people seeing their kids finish high school.  Like my daughter Jasmine did and does, both excelled in school and learning. More than just learning facts of life, they learned how to use their mind to think correctly, something so many people do not do.

You can find April on Facebook (she is a beauty), search for April Summers in Media, PA.

Why, looky there, April got to carry the school flag and be on stage during the ceremony with just one other student (can you tell I am the proud daddy?) Of course, there were some boring speeches by school staff, but the two hour program went quickly.

A group of us went for lunch at a very nice restaurant after. For the ceremony, I was sitting between Tina and Mary Ellen (until about 7 years ago Mary Ellen and I had been married for 23 years before we ended things.) It did feel quite strange sitting between those two females that have been and are a big part of my life.

While we were in the mode of selling Tina’s very nice home, her daughter happened to need a place to live for her and her son, Eric. She was able to get a loan and moved into Tina’s home last week, as we are moving out. They are fitting in quite nicely.

This excursion out to Marsh Creek was a test drive to see how it is to go somewhere nice and sleep in the van; we are going to have a fabulous life on the road. Tina gave her notice to quit last week and her last day is June 18. So, all set to start this new life of living and traveling the US living in this spectacular van that I built into a home.

We are glad we are giving up our home. Just right now the trash collectors and coming by—at two bucks a visit, twice a week. The expenses of living in a home are much—rent or mortgage, taxes, utility bills, miscellaneous upkeep—just to name a few. In the van—the cost of gas to get places and keeping the engine up—and that is all. We have a chance to live a full life, as opposed to simply going to work on a daily basis to pay all the bills.

There will be a big bon voyage and Leah moving in party on June 28 and be off the next day toward Maine and parts unknown. You are welcome to join us; we would love to see you. Please contact me if you can make it.

Adios>>>>>>Kit, 610-400-3233,

PS I will have photos soon, still learning.


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