Blog 44–Back to NYC

No, I have not disappeared, here I am. Sorry I have been adding to this, must make it a habit once again.
March 21-30–On this last day of staying with Albert Lucas I saw him do a practice session of his juggling, I am quite impressed. He approaches the practice like a serious athlete would face a tough workout. He stretches and works on his body first, including beating his hands (gently with a juggling club) to get them read to handle the props.
I witnessed a true workout, not just the throwing of juggling props around. I remember approaching my practice the same way, a serious endeavor. I also used the same method toward my pole vaulting in high school, where I jumped over 18.6 feet, a school record.
In my last post I wrote words on my thoughts on God, again.
  1. I will limit my words on this subject from now on.
  2. I am just trying to get people to think more and more completely.
  3. I am not trying to discount belief in any way.
  4. Everyone needs to question most everything at many times, I believe.
March 31–Yesterday I left Albert’s and got on the road toward the east; nice to be behind the wheel once again. I saw there were some national parks on the way, so, of course, tried to find campgrounds. I discovered a road that lead down by a river; a very nice view. I found a place to park on some grass, but the place was a little soggy. Tacos for dinner again, taste so good.
I was ready to bed down by the nice river, but then my mind started thinking the worst, that my wheels might sink into the ground and I would be stuck, and I was out away from anything. I decided to pack things up and head out of there. Yes, I did get stuck, as I thought. I went forward, back, forward, back, rocked, rocked–eventually got through the muck–getting back on to better road. This had me scared once again.
So, no more unknown dirt roads, and I must be careful where I drive the van.
I found a McDonalds down the road that is open 24 hours (now, who would want a hamburger at 3am?) I got on their wifi, then out to the van for sleep. I awoke at 1:30am to get rid of some liquid I had drank earlier, than I thought I would not get back to sleep. I did and sleep until 5am, feel good about that.
April 1–No April fools jokes from me (or, am I one?) Today I drove through St. Louis toward Kentucky. On the way I saw on the map there were some national parks and wilderness areas on the way south, so, I had to scout them out. I did find a national forest, did not find any campgrounds.
But, I did drive down a dead end dirt road (being careful the road was well suited for my travel) It ended in the wilderness by a small stream, how nice. Here I am for the night–look at me! I did have a couple beers in my arsenal, they calmed me.
Funny, I don’t think I have ever been through Kentucky before, surprised at that. So, now I have physically been to all 50 states/ 
My new computer is functioning excellent. A couple hours of battery life, more than my old computer. And, as you see, this one types better and nicer words, too. Thank you again, Albert, for buying this for me.
April 2–Arrival in the afternoon at Mammoth Cave National Park. Yikes, I got here on a Saturday, seems everyone wants to arrive on this day–it was packed. I did not want to explore the cave today, just settle into a campground. The first one, near to the cave, had many many people. I kept on to find a more remote place to rest my head. There was one, but as I started to drive there, it was about 15 miles away, too far away for me, in that I wanted to see the cave tomorrow.
I saw that a few miles away there was Maple Springs Campground, so I took the turn for that. I was hoping it was deserted somewhat, but as I drove toward it and, as the road started going downhill, I saw a line of cars waiting. There was a ferry crossing across a small river, only about 50 meters across. It was so cute, this little ferry could only take 2 or 3 cars at a time, therefore the line. This ferry was on cables between the two shores. What a wonderful adventure.
This campground had fewer people, but too many for my comfort. I expected that there would not be much firewood available around the campsite location, so I stopped along the way and got much. Too much wind for a nice fire, but will wait, but it is already 4:30. The wind stopped and the fire started, comfort is found.
As the evening came the wind had calmed and I was able to build a jubilant fire, nice and warm to keep me comfortable into the night. Have you ever been out spending time in the out-of-doors like this? It will bring so much joy to your life, you must. You will see, it is so mesmerizing to stare at a fire, puts you in another world. I still wonder where the wood goes. The fire burns all the huge pile of wood down to just some embers. I know that wood contains much air, but it still surprises me at how it just goes away.
Watching the wood burn down reminds me of when I went to Tony Robbins firewalk talk. At the start he had some people start burning a large pile of wood, then he gave a motivational talk for about 70 minutes. He said some great words and by the end everyone there was inspired to take the walk, including me.
At the end of his talk he had everyone go outside to where the fire was, just being coals now. The coals were raked out even, then every one of the participants walked across the ten foot long path of coals. The demonstration showed everyone that yes, you can do most everything. I say in my talks–“If someone else can do it, so can you, you just have to find a way.” Therefore, I knew I could make the walk over the coals.
I bought an ear of corn to put onto a future fire. 
I wrote of this before, the best tasting corn there is. Simply place the ear directly on the fire. Turn it once then fetch it out. You will find that the corn is moist and tasty.
Many times when I eat corn I am reminded of the old Cheech and Chong bit where one of them says, “I like the corn in there for texture, Ralph.” If you are around my age I am sure you will remember.
April 3–Today is the anniversary of when I got hit by that truck in 1982. I think of this day almost like my birthday, important for some reason. I’ve just changed so much since that time, as I am sure you have, too. I’ve been eating a lot of salad, feeling like a rabbit I am. This one has some chicken from when I made tacos, so, a nice taste.
Mammoth Cave National Park, here I come!  Arriving on a weekend, not so good, many at the park. As you might know, I don’t like to deal with a lot of people, which were here in force. I went to where I was told to find the cave (there were a few to enter) and walked about 3/4 mile, nothing there. I was not liking all the people around and didn’t really want to be there, so I got my money back and departed. I knew I can watch Youtube videos later of Mammoth Cave, I am sure. Take a look:
April 5–So, I arrive back to where I lived for almost 30 years, near Philadelphia, and I look outside–there is snow falling! This is the coldest it has been in all my travels.
Today I had Dave, who has been working on my vehicles for many years, because he is so good, put new front brakes on. Then, I went to see Bill at Keytron Computer, and Mark looked over my new computer and made improvements, such as making it much faster. Right next door to Keytron is a bike shop, I had them look over and improve my new bike, turned out excellent. Also, they put on new handlebars that John gave me, thanks, John! So, much done today, I am happy.
Time goes too fast. Hard to imagine that just two days ago I will in Mammoth Cave. 
Spent a couple days with my daughter, April. She has done so well in her life. So far, she has been to San Diego, Scotland and Peru, at her young age. I am expecting a brilliant future–hear the proud daddy? Have you seen:
Stayed a couple nights in the van in the back of April and Mary Ellen’s home. Good to reconnect with Mary Ellen. We were married for 23 years, but near the end we were not doing so well together. I see how I loved this woman much as we helped each other through life.
April 15-17–What a wonderful weekend. Tina and I were together the whole time and our love grew and grew once again. My future with Tina is back, I am so happy. We are making plans a and very superb future together. You will hear more later.
April 11-23–Worked at Reece School in New York City with Bruce and his company, We worked with the kids to put together a circus show. The kids loved learning to walk on a tight wire, to hang on a trapez and swing, to juggle, and much more.
And, I hope you are happy. I would love to hear from you.
Write you again soon>>>>>>>>>>>Kit


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