Where I grew up, OB

Today I rode a bike to the place of my childhood, the place where I grew up, OB (Ocean Beach, San Diego, California.) Everything is different, everything has changed, as I have.  Talk about change, I feel that on this trip I have been changing.  I am seeing and feeling what is important to me.  The freedom I have been experiencing is a good thing.  I like being with other people, but even with other people we are often alone.  We must be comfortable with that.  I’ve wanted to keep people I have known over time in my life still, but am seeing that people move in and out of your life, more will come, more will go.  Fear of the unknown, I have none.  Fear of death, this fear is not a part of me.  I’ve lived my life and have tried add to people’s lives, which I think I have, satisfied with that.  When death comes, I am comfortable. Nice to live life without any fears.
Getting back to my ride. I cruised down streets where I used to play, passing a recreation center where I used to practice juggling.  Then I got to Newport Street, the main street where I grew up (I actually grew up at 4522 Newport Street, up in the residential section.)  You will find Newport Street here:
I remember riding my 7 foot unicycle up and down Newport Street, hard to imagine.  In high school metal shop class I had built a 14 foot unicycle, if you can believe it, I even rode that down Newport Street, ducking under power lines. (hard for me to even imagine that.)  I talked with some shop owners who remembered me and my unicycles.
Although this is where I grew up, I am beyond OB now.  Not sure where I will end up spending the next segment of my life.  It’s certainly fun to explore where I might want to end up.  A tiny home on wheels is going to be my next place to live, I just don’t know where I will place it.  I plan to build it myself when I return from down-under (does that mean we are up-over?)  Here is the tiny home, hope you are as intrigued as I am:
Write you again soon>>>>>>>Kit


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