Spending time in Melbourne, Australia

Sorry I haven’t written you, I’ve been busy at the juggling convention.,
Before the convention I spent a day here, helping and coaching:
They have built an excellent school for circus and have many students.

Someone who works there, Earl Shatford, has told me repeatedly that my book, Juggling with Finesse, inspired and taught him much, and continues to (very nice to hear, of course.)  Earl is an excellent juggler, he is here:
I am at the Melbourne Juggling Convention. http://mjc.juggling.net.au.  I’ve been doing some workshops and went around helping various people with juggling. The convention runs until Monday and then my workshop takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’m glad I brought books to sell, already sold 8. Because I have a limited number with me I raised the price from $19.95 to $30, people are still saying that’s a great price.  I’ve attached a photo of a ball bouncer juggler who is one of the best I have seen. Also you will see a shot of the gym..
The people I am staying with are all jugglers.  They keep two chickens on back, fresh eggs from the chickens daily.  The chickens do not make noise, we should be able to have where I live, but cannot legally, that’s not good.
One strange thing is people drive on the left side of the road here.  I have done my research and what was written was that the English are on the left side of the road because of the old days when people were jousting and fighting.  They wanted to use there good hand, the right hand, for sword fighting.  Then, when the Americans broke away from the English they wanted nothing to do with England so they started driving on the right side, bad reasoning I think.
Right you again soon.
You know who>>>>>>Kit

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  1. sumer singh July 30, 2019 Reply

    We are interested to attending juggling workshop.

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