Blog 27–Departing soon

This will be a short blog, to catch you up on things.
Oct 11–Today I drove to the Media, PA area and looked for a park, why, look there, Rose Tree Park. I large park, very much grass (and you know what I think of grass, such waste.) I have both bikes and the unicycle off the back of the van and was organizing things.
Up rode Keith on his neat home-built bike. We talked for awhile and he let me know of a swap meet about one mile away. We took a ride to go and see. Boy, am I out of shape, time to get on the bike often, and start running, too.
Oct 13–I had juggling books and things stored at Tina’s daughter’s house. Leah asked me to remove them, which I did. Now, where to put them???
Maryellen, the wonderful lady I was married to for 23 years, agreed to store these things at her house, a nice thing she did. Everything worked out well.
Oct 15–Hanging out for a few days because of work that needs to be done to my computer and also my van.
The computer would not start at all, so I took it to Bill at Keytron, they are working on it now; a Windows problem. Right now I am using a computer at the Aston library.
The other morning I noticed coolant leaking down to the ground from the engine. Took the van to Dave’s, where I usually have gone, he found that it needs a new water pump, for, an amount that could be $500. So, my credit card goes back up higher.
Oct 16–Every other day I am going to Planet Fitness for a workout and a shower. Feels so good to be clean, and I am keeping the van in top clean shape, too. Such a little home I have, easy to keep very nice.
Have not watched TV in quite awhile, they have TV available at PF. But, you have to keep pedaling the stationary bike to keep watching. So, getting my muscles in better shape. Working on the upper body, too.
In recent blog posts I have been somewhat negative and sad. Things will start changing, I do have much to be thankful for, which Tina reminded me of in an email just this morning. I must set my mind back on the positive and helping others, in doing so that will help me the most.
Planning to start heading south the beginning of next week. On the way to Florida I plan to visit some National Parks, as Tina and I had been planning to do. You will be viewing photos of the spectacular sites that I see.
Are you between Philadelphia and Florida?
May I stop by for a visit?
Let me know.


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