BLOG 232–Writing Right

With my words, I hope to throw some oblique light upon your life.

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*** Hit by two trucks, one involving a 37-day coma, I remain happy.
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After my TBI (traumatic brain injury), I wanted to let people know I still knew much about the art of juggling, although I would not juggle as I did. Also, I knew that writing a book would help me to get my brain back in order and help me to think right again.
That is when I wrote my first book, “Juggling with Finesse.”
Prominent in the juggling world, my book sold over 25,000 copies worldwide.
You might know I suffered a brain injury before writing Juggling with Finesse. The following is information I recently learned about our brain. I am still amazed at this thing between our ears.
You were born with about 100 billion brain cells. And, until the 1990s, most scientists believed 100 billion was all we’d ever have. And, boy, that’s a lot.
As the theory went, growing new neurons would interrupt communication among our existing brain cells and confuse the whole system.
Then, in 1998, a study found evidence that humans could generate new cells in the brain’s hippocampus, an area associated with learning and memory. More recent studies have supported the idea, suggesting we might make up to 1,500 neurons daily.
The research continues; neurogenesis is good news: Growing fresh neurons may make our brains more resilient against TBI, Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, and other brain disorders.
Speaking of writing, people have asked me how I think of topics to write about in my blog. Why, often, they just come to me. Last night I awoke at about 2am; I thought of this current topic then. I have written many words for this weekly blog; I hope you like the read every week.
At this point, over the years, along with writing 15 books, I have posted hundreds of different blogs. You can do it, too. Aim toward helping people in their life with your words.
I read once that to do superb writing, it takes massive editing.
I do read through my material many times before posting each week.
The more you read, the better writing you will do. Yet, I know that starting a book or a blog can seem overwhelming and intimidating. I am not ashamed to admit that when I first learned how to write and build a blog, I made many mistakes, which was sometimes tricky.
Here are some ideas to get you started >> 

  • Pick a blog name. Choose a defining title for your blog.
  • Customize your blog. Choose a free blog design template and tweak it. Make it your’s. 
  • Write & publish your first post. Share your thoughts with the world. That’s the fun part!
  • Get your blog online. Register your blog and find hosting (there are many free services.)
  • Promote your blog. Get more people to read your blog with the proper marketing.
  • Make money with your blogging. Choose from several options to monetize your blog. 
  • Make writing your blog a part of your life–your passion. 

One of the misunderstandings about starting a blog is that you need to be a great writer to be successful. Nothing could be further from the truth. Learn as you go and, perhaps, have a friend help you develop your blog. People read blog sites for a personal perspective, so most bloggers write in a very informal and conversational style; you can, too.
As you might have seen, I have the same format and layout for each blog; I choose different subjects/topics to write about. I pick a different topic each week.
You pick your subject and topic; many successful bloggers write about various topics on the same blog. As you have seen, I write about several issues. Just know you don’t need to be an expert on any subjects you write about to have a successful blog. For example, visitors to a cooking blog don’t want to read a textbook from a food scientist; they want to hear the experiences of someone who has cooked some authentic meals, mistakes, and all.
Blogging is about sharing your knowledge with the world. Writing about things you are passionate about makes the process of starting a successful blog so much easier. As long as you are writing about something you are genuinely interested in, your passion will shine through and keep your visitors interested.
You can set up a website to post your blog on. You will find my blog on my website,
My website is hosted by and only charges a little over twenty dollars a year to host your site. At this price, anyone (you) can have a website and blog hosted. A blog host is a company that stores all of the files for your blog and delivers them to the user when they type in your blog name.
And I use (free) to develop my blog; you also need the software to build your blog. WordPress is easy to use; find plenty of videos on create a blog using the WordPress blogging software because it is the most popular, customizable, and easiest to use. Then publish your blog on your website through WordPress. Contact me if you have any questions.
In WordPress, blog layouts are known as “Themes.”
What is a blog theme?
Themes control the entire design of your WordPress blog.
Click the “Appearance” tab on the left menu to change your theme.
Share your story, as I do. When I write, I put words that will benefit you, the person reading. This is something you might aim for, too. A blog allows you to have a voice and be heard; you can share your story with the world. One of the most common ways blogs are used is as a diary where the blogger writes about their daily experiences so that friends, family, and others can all be a part of their lives.
You now know how to start your blog and publish content!
And,  you can make money from home writing a blog. Blogging can be quite lucrative if done correctly. The top bloggers earn quite a bit, but even a part-time blogger can expect to make a nice profit if things are done correctly.
Once you have a popular blog, advertisers will hound you for advertising space. The best way to take advantage of this situation is to use Google Adsense. Google finds the advertisers for you, and all you have to do is place the Google Adsense code on your blog to start running ads. Google Adsense takes all the hard work out of the process and cuts you a check.
Yet, I send you these words each week and have yet to explore how to make income from my writings. This may be something I will look into in the near future. Would you happen to have any ideas that will help me?
One thing you can write about is hobbies & passions. Hobbies (juggling) or other interests you are passionate about are a great place to start. Cooking, juggling, travel, bicycling, fashion, sports, unicycling, camping, and cars are all classic examples. But even blogs about more obscure hobbies can be successful since your audience is anyone in the world with the internet.
Once you have a topic, choose your domain and blog name.
Here is a summary of how to start blogging >>
Choose your blog name and get blog hosting.
You can start your blog writing by adding
Join to host your blog site.
You can pick a simple theme to make your blog your own.
Write compelling content to create a blog that your readers will love.
Choose a blogging platform. Use a platform that offers customizable templates.
You can pick a hosting platform.
You can find the right place for your blog.
You can select a blog name and domain.
Could you set up and design your blog?
Brainstorm blog topics.
Could you write your first blog post?
Create an editorial calendar.
You can also blog through Start a whole new page specifically for blogging. My wife is looking into blogging, which makes me a little afraid. She doesn’t hold back. If it’s in her mind, it is coming out of her mouth! (or her fingers.)
You can also blog through Start a whole new page specifically for blogging. My wife is looking into blogging, which makes me a little afraid. She doesn’t hold back. If it’s in her mind, it is coming out of her mouth! (or her fingers.)


Inspirational quotes and motivational sayings have a unique ability to change the way we feel about life and can change our thinking.
They are so interesting, challenging, and essential on our path to joy, happiness, and finding ways to inspire ourselves and others.
Inspirational quotes and ideas give us a quick and timely burst of wisdom to get our focus back, offering the inspiration needed for the day or occasion.
I hope to inspire you with my words.
Words have power.
Are you accomplishing what you want before your eventual death?
At any age, you can (and should) make changes to make your life better.
How you think and feel about yourself, including your beliefs and expectations about what is possible, determines everything in your life, and it all derives from your quality of thinking.


Just as positive words can make someone smile, and a well-timed amusing quote can make someone laugh, your thoughts react to the world in real time. You have this control!
You have complete control over only one thing in the universe — Your Thinking —, and that’s where motivational quotes come in!

To keep your motivation, you have to use each day as an opportunity to improve and get closer to your goals. It might sound like a lot of work—and with your busy schedule—next to impossible. But you can do it!

Self-talk is so essential—THINK RIGHT!

Motivational words, yes, they are just words.
But they are positive words; they will keep you on track.


Don’t forget that you are only as young as the last time you changed your mind!
Keep your thoughts and self-talk fun and productive, and always reach for more advancement.


“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” – Anne Lamott
“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.” – Ayn Rand
“Some writers confuse authenticity, which they ought always to aim at, with originality, which they should never bother about.” – W.H. Auden
“There are reasons people seek escape in books, and one of those reasons is that the boundary of what can happen is beyond what we do – or would want to see in real life.” – James Patterson
“All good writing is swimming underwater and holding your breath.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald
“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” – William H. Gass
“Everywhere I go I’m asked if I think the university stifles writers. My opinion is that they don’t stifle enough of them. There’s many a best-seller that could have been prevented by a good teacher.” – Flannery O’Connor
“Always be a poet, even in prose.” – Charles Baudelaire
“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” – Frank Herbert
“I almost always urge people to write in the first person. … Writing is an act of ego and you might as well admit it.” – William Zinsser
“First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!” – Ray Bradbury
“There is only one plot — things are not what they seem.” – Jim Thompson
“Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.” – Stephen King


Each week goes by so quickly, don’t you think?
And time is going faster all the time, it seems.
Do you keep track of what you do each day?
Do this for a few weeks, and you will see your time differently.
7/29–Into the kitchen today. I picked potatoes in my garden (or dug up) recently. I ended with many taters. I like to fry some hashbrown potatoes in the mornings, so the spuds I found in the ground were diced up to make hashbrowns using the food processor.
To fry hashbrowns, dice them up, put them in a big container, and add water. Clean them well; the starch must come off. Then I put all the diced-up, cleaned potatoes into a colander to drain the water. Next, I put them on a towel and dry them thoroughly. I usually make a week’s worth of hashbrowns at one time. Slice up some onions and garlic, and add to the potatoes.
To cook the hashbrowns, heat a frying pan with olive oil, and put a hand full of potatoes in. Fry these on one side until golden brown, then turn them over and fry the other side. Being suitable for you and natural, this makes a good meal.
And, too many tomatoes on the vine! Beth and I picked many. What to do with them? Of course, salsa time! (not the dance; I physically made my tasty salsa.) Did you know that I started and ran a company for about twenty years in which I made delicious fresh salsa? See

With this company, I sold thousands and thousands of salsa at farmer’s markets, festivals, and fairs. Also, I sold through about twenty-five stores. I did all this after my accident and 37-day coma. This shows you that, even after a significant life change, you still find success! Then, after the second time I was hit by a truck, I had to close down the business.
Now your turn; make some summerssalsa; you will love it >>
Use a can of corn
One can of black beans (or a can of mixed beans)
One can of sliced peaches, or three fresh peaches
One bunch of coriander (also known as cilantro)
One a 20-centimeter (8 inches) square of Roma tomatoes (same as plum tomatoes)
One large onion
One lemon
One lime
Four cloves of garlic, minced
Chili powder–one spoon
Garlic salt–one spoon
Honey–two spoons
One or more jalapeno peppers (depending on the heat level you desire)
Use a food processor to chop the tomatoes into small bits, about 1 or 2 centimeters (quarter-inch squares).  Peel the outside of the onion, cut it into quarters, and put these in the food processor; chop so they are about the same size as the tomatoes. 
Drain the can of peaches, put them into the food processor and, chop the same size as the tomatoes, add to the bowl. Drain the corn and black beans cans, then add them to the bowl.
Hand chop the coriander into small bits (about the same size as tomatoes) and add this.  Squeeze the juice of the lemon and the lime into the bowl, and add some pulp if desired.  Add the chili powder, garlic salt, and honey.
In the food processor, chop one or more Jalapeno peppers into tiny bits and then add them.  Mix all of these ingredients well and enjoy your fresh salsa.

For spicy hot salsa, leave out the honey and peaches, add more jalapeno, and also add habanero peppers for the heat you are looking for.
Later this day, Beth and I picked up nine new birds! Well, Beth learned of someone who was trying to rehome some parakeets. Beth had been talking about getting a green parakeet for a while but decided it wasn’t necessary, but then, you know how she is. This woman gave us nine birdies and two cages for twenty-five bucks—the birds like their new temporary home.

Beth is simply providing a temporary home until the birds are sold. (Beth says: “I am??”) Tonight she sold four for ten bucks each, so she already made her money back. How about you? Is it time for a birdie? (Beth says: I want to keep them all. Just what is the problem with having parakeets, rabbits, and succulents? Do you see a problem? Well then, let me know. )
7/30–As usual, I awoke at about 3am, up for the day I am.
Always have projects to work on, and I was busy today with birdcage cleaning and working on my unicycle. I like this life; I am not pressured and happy throughout the day. Finishing up the bedroom, it is looking great. Would you want to see what we see when we awaken?

Wouldn’t you want to awaken to this every morning?

Then, this afternoon, Beth’s turn in the kitchen!
She made up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
A recipe I developed.
They are delicious.
Here is the recipe for  you >>
Chocolate chip cookies
Four sticks of melted butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
Mix well
Two tablespoons Kahlua
Two tablespoons vanilla
Four eggs
Five cups flour
Two teaspoons of baking soda
One teaspoon salt
Four cups of chocolate Chips
Mix this all nicely.
On a baking sheet, put down enough dough for each cookie
Cook–325 for 15 minutes
Let me know how your cookies turn out.
7/31–Up at 3am again. My brain sets an alarm clock for that time, it seems.
With the gas prices so high right now, I do not want to drive anywhere. Yet, today I had to go to Greenwood, where there is a Walmart and Lowes. I got what I needed for my projects and returned. Be home for a few days now, I presume.
I feel bad about the people who drive for a couple of hours each way to get to where they work. And, if it is a job they do not like, that means, with the drive, they might have to put in 70 hours a week doing something they do not want to do. With the cost of fuel and time–find a new job you like! It seems like such a waste of life if you do not like your work.
If someone loves their vocation and desires to give more and take the driving, that is good.
Speaking of someone who loves their work, Beth’s van is currently with Jimmy’s shop is less than a year old and full of cars, trucks, and work. If you are anywhere in the area and need auto work, see Jimmy.
A Tersa Sphinx moth was on our screen door for most of today’s day.
I don’t think he wanted to come in; he just kind of hang-out there in his beauty, an unforgettable moth.

8/1/23–Once again, up early. Yet, lack of sleep does not affect me. (Beth says: “Well, his sleep affects me. He wiggles, and his legs jump all night.  As Kramer of Seinfeld would say, “He’s got the jimmy legs.”  And then there is the snoring. You don’t want to know about that. But I can mimic his sounds perfectly. He sometimes naps during the day to make up for some of the sleep he doesn’t get at night.)
Beth continues >> “Do I nap? Heck no!”
I use this time while he is napping to do things around here, without someone hollering, “I need help,” or “Can you come here?” I am living in a circus tent with Kit the Clown.  The humor in our tent is lovely, though. He gives me so much joy with his little habits. And when I write my own blog, look out, Kit Summers!!!
I replanted lettuce, broccoli, and spinach. These are things we eat much of. So, the garden continues. We also give much away, growing too much just for us to consume.
Pulling weeds around our gardens today. To me, having a lawn is a waste of time and resources. Rather than grass, you could be growing food to feed yourself and others, and you put in the same cost of time and expense. Join us — plant fruits and vegetables to replace your lawn.
8/2–Working on the gardens again this morning. As I’ve written before, a garden takes little time, about the same as maintaining a lawn. With a vegetable garden, you get to eat what you produce. Well worth the time and effort for what you get.
8/3–Off to buy rabbit food in Lincolnton. Boy, the rabbits do consume a lot. 

Today, Beth treated me to a fantastic Mexican lunch at
In Lincolnton, GA, it is worth the drive. I grew up in San Diego and know Mexican food.
I gave them a copy of my book, 
“Accident” I hope they like it.
What we ate today was excellent.

If you are anywhere in the area,
you have to check out El Sombrero,
and you will be glad you did!


8/4--I was off to help Gary with his land this morning. Every year he has a beautiful time for a group camping there. A few of the participants and top chefs–we eat well. This is right on Steven’s Creek; back to nature, it is. This is where Beth and I were wed; our wedding on 2/22/22 was delightful. Below is a photo of me getting dressed for the engagement, and my friend, Daniel, is sitting next to me, and Jeff is standing. Jeff’s wife, Valerie, officiated at our wedding.

Become an early riser.
Wake up an hour earlier each day.
You will make more time to live life rather than sleep through life.
I often awakened at about 3am.
With limited sleep, you can do so much more in your life. 

(Beth: Listen, if you don’t let me sleep until 9 and then relax while I have my coffee, someone will die. It’s hereditary. Ask my sisters.) 


We have three big windows looking out the side of the house at all the trees. For a while, I have meant to put up bird feeders and birdhouses to attract more birds. I will do that this week, and you will see the results. 



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