Blog 18–Recovery (somewhat)

From responses from my last email I have discovered that I do have many friends, thank you for that, I am glad you are there.
For a week now I have been agonizing in my life since Tina left, my mind seems to have started to change since the afternoon yesterday, though. Getting my head back on straight (somewhat.)
Since the break with Tina, I’ve had bizarre thoughts floating through my mind like dandelion fluff in a summer breeze–death, god, life, family, changes–all kinds of thoughts coursing through my head, and, I’ve never felt so down before. 
After one week of eating nothing, I did start to eat yesterday. The night before, I had gotten many cramps in my legs like they were calling for nutrition; I had to comply. Actually, I never did really become that “hungry” the whole time. One week is the longest time in my life I have gone without eating. But, still not able to sleep, though, two or three hours every night at the most, then my mind clicks on and I start thinking. I should just stop thinking. 
For three days I have been parked at the house of my new friends, Jackie and Tom, still sleeping in the van. I am helping to put a new deck on the back of their house.
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After my last email to you my old friend Daniel called me. He set up so that I fly out of Philadelphia airport later today to fly to San Diego to be with him for a week to help me heal and start my new life. So good of my old friend to do this for me.
Daniel and I graduated from high school together in 1977 and we had lost contact. A couple years ago he looked me up through the internet and connected. He has gone on to become very successful in real estate. He had built a wonderful life for himself and helps many people. In a way, we are opposites, seems that Daniel is leading a charmed life, as I am living a broken life. 
Here is Daniel:
Write to you soon again.


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