The Circulation event, what a wonderful time

Off to Thinking back, I didn’t know how I would get here, where I would sleep or what I would eat, but came anyway. Things worked out great toward that end. There was a shuttle that brought people up that I jumped on. Because I am doing many workshops lodging and meals are provided for me. I never have worries about the future, we always find a way.


This is a juggling and manipulation convention that takes place in the mountains outside on Dunedin, a wonderful setting, yet rainy on the day I arrived. Specifically it is at
Running Friday through Tuesday, there are some hundreds of people here enjoying. There is no internet connection up here, kind of strange not to have, but like the old days.  They are providing a bed and meals for me, sleeping in one of four rooms in the same building where we eat, on bunks with two others, very comfortable. It’s a nice building, all wood. The meals will be all vegan, a good thing.  Ate a curry vegetable mix on rice last night, quite good. This morning it was an organic seed and oat cereal along with an excellent bread and tea, along with much more.
Much of this seems kind of like a hippy gathering, seeing long hair, piercings and tattoos often. Most things occur in a big tent, such as shows and many of the workshops. Speaking of workshops I will be presenting many. At one point there was a hula hoop class going on, many participants.   I saw one women doing hula hoop who had a baby strapped to her chest, she was breast feeding at times while hooping. Hula hooping is very big over here, I saw much hooping in Australia and New Zealand.
On awakening after the first night I heard birds in the trees and saw mist over the valley through the vegetation, a beautiful thing. As usual, I was up with the sun, I slowly and quietly slipped out of the room so I would not wake the two other bunk mates. Was somewhat cold last night, the first night, I will have to find more blankets for tonight. In fact, I’ve been somewhat cold my entire time over here, heaters are seldom used it seems. But, then again, it is now getting into spring so things will start heating up soon.


Just had lunch, a very tasty vegetarian meal of rice and assorted vegetables in a delicious sauce, along with beans and a few other things, quite good. After I ate I noticed someone eating alone at a table who was having trouble getting food to his mouth. I thought he had cerebral palsy and went to ask how I could help. Dunkin told me that I could help to feed him. He said that 16 years ago he was involved in an accident that left him in a coma for two and a half months. I told of my similar circumstance, as I showed him my book. He does not have very good control of his muscles and limbs, his left arm does not work so well. His speech was much affected also. After seeing Dunkin I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I can. I noticed that in taking a bite of food he opens his much quite big, I often do the same, not sure why, don’t want to miss the mouth or something. Mary Ellen was much bugged by this when I ate, and by other natural things I do.
11-13-11 at 6:33am. I missed 11-11-11 while up here, just seems like a neat date to write, so I just did. The early morning chill is in the air. Very clean air up here, I can tell. Yesterday I sold two books, some surprise sales, made $80. As I think I wrote, I brought 22 books with me on the plane, they sold rather quickly in Australia. I had 20 shipped over (thanks, Abe) and they have been selling. I’m down to two books, so it worked out well.
11-15-11  I’ve been busy teaching and working with jugglers, something I enjoy and people seem to get much out of my help—advancement, advancement. This has been quite a splendid event. Hidden away in the mountains in NZ with a bunch a jugglers and manipulators, very nice. I’ve taken many photos, which I will be sending separately.


Last night, the last night for circulation, there was a traditional Maori dinner. It was out in the woods with the trees, food was prepared underground on hot rocks where there was a fire earlier. First a hold is dug, rocks put in and a fire brought up very big. Hot coals are developed under the fire, food is put on wrapped in tin foil, and the whole thing is covered in dirt again. The meal and gathering was called Hangi. As usual while here, I ate too much, again. The food that is made is all vegan (no animal products in them at all) and all has tasted excellent. I believe that is a next path for me, a vegan life-style. I’ve just seen such harsh videos of the treatment of the animals we consume. And, even milk products from cows, I saw a documentary about how, in milk, they can’t help but include some cow blood and puss, a terrible thing. Also, I heard that the human body was not evolved to eat meat, we should be on a plant based diet to live best.


For the celebration last night there was a huge fire, about three meters across, which kept many people warm. After most people ate the belly dancing started, the best I have ever witnessed. Five percussionists on bongo type drums made a wonderful beat. The three dancers had exact moves that fit with the drumming and looked fabulous. A magnificent end to this wonderful event, already hoping to return next year (and, what about moving and living here, could it be in the cards?)
Upon awakening this morning this last day of Circulation there was a cloudless and bright day ahead. After the sun was fully up and in looking out through the trees this area is truly magnificent. I have made many new friends here, it was like a big family get-together. I am looking toward returning next year.
THE PAIN—Three days ago the pain in my shoulder started, and so recently after having that other pain. Since it began it is hard to even lift my right arm, let alone juggle. The shoulder that was broken feels at times like it had been broken again. And, even back when I was in jail I was doing push-ups and there was no pain in my shoulder. Also my knee is painful when I walk up stairs. I am told that this pain might be from the cloudy weather, what a terrible thing. Will this tremendous pain come-on on any cloudy day? Not looking forward to that in my life. With this warmer and sunny day, my pain is much better.
After Circulation I had been working toward setting up a workshop in Christchurch, but it never came together. Was not sure what I was going to do after this convention ends, which is today, the 15th, until I have a return flight on Nov 30.  I found an American, Clinton, who is over here traveling and had bought a van. He is on sabbatical from is work of counseling. Years ago he was a juggler for a living, we have much to talk about.  So, I will be joining him to see further south and west from here, places where not a lot of tourists go, something I had wanted to do. We do not even know our route or destinations yet, I like it that way.  Details will be included in the next message to you, I think you will like. You might say that god had set these good things to happen this way, or you might not. Seems to me that so many people thank god for setting these good things in life, like how good my trip is turning out, I cannot. These same people forget about where god is when bad things happen. Say, there is an accident and a bus rolled over. Everyone aboard died except for two children. The mother of the survivor gets on her knees and thanks god for letting her son live. She does not even think about all the others who died, who is their mother going to thank. More about god below.
Often back home, when I sneeze I hear so many say, “god bless you.” Over here I am not hearing that, good to hear. Seems that most people say it because most everyone else says it, I cannot fall into that mold. The phrase was actually derived from old times when people thought that when you sneeze you are releasing demons from your body. I’ve looked carefully; I’ve never seen any demons exiting. It is the “common thing”, and, being one to not be like everyone else, I do not. Same with, dare I saw it, burping.  The common thing to say after you do such a thing is, “excuse me”. If someone is listening I say, “whoops”.  I won’t even comment on farting, that’s going a little too far. These are all simply basic human emotions and not to be taken too seriously, really.
I’ve wanted to write to you on my thoughts about god, yet, such a big subject, I have withheld. So, here are some words, please let me know what you think. In the past I attended church much, each time I try to connect to what they were saying, I could not. My mind just seemed to go into a fuzzy haze while there. It’s like my mind tries to figure out what is being said and trying to analyze it in a logical way; it never made any sense to me and my mind drifts away. I guess I am writing this with atheism on my mind, you see, I have seen and heard nothing that would take me down a different path.
Church is a great place for socializing and meeting people, and, overall a good thing, yet, many of these people who attend are not being critical about what is being said. Seems that most people there have not really read the bible, and, according to that book, god has put to death thousands of people, whole cities destroyed, families torn apart. The old testament is full of immoral things, with all the killings and the condoning of slavery and rape, not a book to live by. What about Noah and the big flood, thousands were killed by this so-called, god. He made everything then destroyed it –he said, “whoops, I made a mistake.”   Who would want to pray to a god like this?
Let’s even go back to Adam and Eve in the first place.  They were made with no knowledge of right and wrong, according to the bible. Then god punishes mankind for all of eternity because Adam took a bite from an apple—without Adam knowing right from wrong. Then, how did they raise a family, the kids must have “done it” with siblings. In the bible it is stated not to mix with your family in that way. So, where did all of mankind come from? And, back to Noah and the big flood, Noah’s kids must have gotten together with family members to make families, well, what about that? I’ve read much of the bible, yet so many questions I have about god and the bible, can’t find answers in the bible, can you answer them for me?
The new testament also has many corrupt things, along with good advice. People seem to pick and choose the things they like about it and don’t see the bad, and if you read carefully you will see the bad, and much there is.
I remember back in Jr. High School I was really into reading sci-fi fantasy books. I loved reading The Seven Chronicles of Narnia.  I got so into these books , could not put them down. I believed in my heart in Narnia, in Aslan, in Mordor and all the rest. Yes, I was a believer. It seems this same belief toward the bible is generated in the same way—but at such a large scale—hard to believe. And, without any factual evidence or proof of the existence of any god, so many are following this path and just “believe.”
I’ve tried hard to simply “believe”, even trying to fake it until I could, yet, never could. Pastors would try and steer me toward this idea of god, could not find that path. Also, I found that people at church seem to look down on people who do not simply, “believe”, seems kind of mean to me. To me the idea of god is hope, yes, a scary thing to think about, that we will die and not have anything more. The idea of god solves that.
I am told that without god people would be bad and just go around raping and killing others, not so. Look at countries without the strong god influence, much safer than the US, a proven fact. And, just look at animals on the planet, they do not have a god, yet they do not go around killing each other and live a good life together. I hear about how without god you won’t have morals.  Once again, some of the countries with the least crime and the best “morals”, such as Sweden, have very little “faith” in any kind of god above or below, wherever it might be. Come to think of it, we have searched the entire earth below, no devil there. We have searched the entire sky above, no god there. Where could these characters be hiding? More bad then good, belief in a god has brought on most wars in the world, just think of the attack at the world-trade center, god centered.
I am told god gives free choice, to believe and go to heaven or not and go to hell–this is no choice. I feel sorry for these people who live their entire life with this fear of going to hell, must be hard. Many people waste their entire life, the only life we really know, desiring the possibility of a life in heaven. Many seem to live this life with half-effort, thinking they have a “better” life after they die.  No, I could never say, “there is no god”, but I want to get the most out of this life we are living now, the only life we truly know is real (but, then again, maybe it’s not real and we are just living a dream, or a nightmare, your choice.)
They say that he (or she, I think a women god would make a better god) is merciful and a just god, does not seem that way to me.  Who made this rule about how you “must” believe in the first place? Is this not an “all-knowing” god?  So, if god made the rule and god is all knowing, and they say he knows the beginning from the end, he knows it will take more than mere faith for me—so it is god who is sending me to hell if that’s where I’m headin. A choice, this is not a choice. It is like he is holding a gun to my head and tells me, “believe or die”.  In fact, many more intellectuals and good thinkers do not believe. I would rather be in hell with them then up in heaven singing my phrases to this god for all eternity (I don’t have a good singing voice anyway, just ask my daughters.)
What I am saying is not to take god for granted. Question everything. In fact, question what I am writing now. You have intelligence, use it, do what is right, don’t just follow the normal, or common path. If you have ideas for me on the contrary, please send word to straighten me out.
Bye for now>>>>Kit


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