Blog 17–The dream is shattered

Hope you have been enjoying reading my blog postings about our travels, they will end now.
Tina and I went to a nice park the other day to go bike riding, like we have done so many times before. Tina said, “Before that, let’s sit and talk for a bit.” My mind spun at this suggestion for some reason.
Tina, basically, told me it was over between us, that our differences were too great. You may know, Tina has a strong belief in God, I do not.
Nothing would change her mind.
I am still suffering, and expect I will for sometime in the future–my love is so strong for this women.
But, what a wonderful lady Tina is, I could never say anything bad about her, there is nothing bad to say.
I take this breakup on me.
I had asked her a few times, “Was there something I could do differently and change to make things better?” I will do whatever it takes to get her back. My hope is there, sounds like her’s is not.
This happened four days ago. since then, I:
Slept about 5 hours in total.
Have not eaten one bite.
Crying often.
See no hope in the future.
Have no friends.
Do not know what the future holds, if anything.
Not sure why I am telling you this, I am not looking for sympathy.
So, for now, no more blog writing from me.

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  1. Trish September 23, 2015 Reply

    Know that you will survive this. Don’t forget that you survived a truck! Best wishes.

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