Blog 14—April needs your help

Hope you have been enjoying and being inspired by my posts about our trip around the US. As I am writing I am bringing back these good memories as we move forward in our travels, I love it. Also, hope you are enjoying the photos I have been attaching. Included in this email are a few more photos of the wonderful trip we are having.

I am hoping that, through my writing, I will help inspire and help you to lead a better life. I’m thinking that you are on the trip with us, a nice thought. Did I ever write you about my daughters?

I am proud to say that my daughter Jasmine has done excellent in her schooling. Currently attending Kent state in Kent, Ohio, studying fabric and design, she has learned much and excelled. Last year she attended Kent State in their New York City school, while she also worked at designing, helping and learning. Hard to believe she did so well in that difficult city. She has a great future ahead of her–yes–the proud father coming through.

Also inspiring is my second born with Mary Ellen, April has done well in her life. Studying hard, she advanced to the top her class all through school. Graduating last year from Penncrest High in Media, PA, she stood out as one of the best students at her School.

Every summer April works at
helping kids grow and learn.
She initially went there as a student, now she teaches.
April loves it there.

Here is April on FaceBook:

Since graduating last June, April has decided to take a year off before starting college–going to Peru through
–to help kids there. I’m sure she will touch many lives in a great way.

But, the trip down there will cost, money I don’t currently have.

I am hoping to help April raise $8,000 for her trip to Peru, she will spend 3 months in Scotland for training, then three months in Peru; what a life-changing experience for my daughter! She is sure to advance much as she helps others advance. This will be so good of you to help in any way, we really need your help.

I believe this will be a tax write-off for you (or, is it, right-off? the English language is strange), I will study and find out.

In helping April you will be helping struggling kids in Peru, in that she will inspire much and help many. Any help you can send would be joyfully received.

If you have a Paypal account (easy to set up) you are welcome to help financially by sending to my email:

Or, your check can be sent to:
Kit Summers
PO Box 424
Hereford, PA 18056

Either way, if you can help or not, I will be sending future updates on April and how she is helping.

April also has a blog site, you can read all about here:

Now, after that brief interlude, back to my travels . . .

August 10th –In Michigan we went to Lake Gogebic, where I pulled off the road at a place where we were going to sleep. Then, I wanted to see what was just around the next bend, what we found an excellent place. This was like a small nook of Michigan that was beautiful. We parked on a large lawn where other cars were parked–this is where we slept the night. Right across the way was a bar/restaurant where Tina spent time that was right across from the van:
while I worked on things in the van.

This place was in the middle of no where, it seemed.
Then, they started showing up as the evening came, people filled up this bar and had a good-ol-time.
This is a place that we want to go back to.

August 11th — Out of wonderful Michigan and into Wisconsin. Still seeing much beauty in the landscape, very nice.

The first night in Michigan we stayed at Lake Day:
And, a nice stay it was.

The best part was we were the only ones staying at this campground on this night.

A few more things:
We saw a big Eagle’s nest​.​
Took long walk on beach, we ended up taking a drive to find the beach and we took a naked swim to clean​ ourselves​ up.
Only people staying at this camp​. Solidarity, how nice​.
​We took a short bike ride.
Tina saw much of the meteor shower, then slept in the next day until 8am.
Birds were there, but did not make​ much​ noise, even in the morning, very strange.
​ Once we set up camp we were off to the beach to bathe. We walked a trail for quite a while following an initial sign–never did find it. Inline image 5
Most of the time Tina was whistling loudly (I never could whistle myself). I thought she was whistling out of joy, found out she thought it scared off any wild animals that might be around. So, out of fear, not joy, her whistling was produced. It worked though, no lions, tigers or bears approached us.

We ended up going back to the van and driving to a campsite that had an access path to the lake. Yes, there was sort of a beach.

Perhaps because of budget cutbacks there are parts of the national parks and the campgrounds that are closed off. In fact, we saw parts that had been developed at one time having overgrowth of local plants growing over. National parks we saw looked spectacular.

​Most campgrounds we go to do not even have anyone watching and taking care of things. People simply put their fee in an envelope and place the envelope in a slot into a locked box. We could have easily just stayed for free and all the campgrounds we have been going to, but we are paying our share.

In fact, because I have been diagnosed as permanently disabled, we stay for half price. So, the price is only from $5 to $7 at each campsite each night. I never would think of myself as disabled, but, that has been what was determined. Along with with the camping, I got a pass to go into every national park at no charge.

Also, through my doctor I was able to get a placard to be able to park in the disabled parking space. I do not take advantage of this very often (but, I often see people who are physically able parking with their placard when they can walk fine.) I use it now and then, when there are enough handicap spaces open and when the lot is full.

August 12-16, stayed at Spearhead Point Campground.

​Saw an eagle flying about 30 feet from us above the lake, it was glorious. This magnificent bird made three passes up and down the river. ​

​Dark and quiet, very nice.​
Gathered much firewood for fire, a fire is quite comforting.
At most campgrounds there is a pump to pump fresh well water, loved it.
We had a lakefront to ourselves, with our own dock.
The birds were singing.

​August 16 (afternoon) –​F​r​om being in the wilderness to being in the city–yikes. Through we found Jerry in Chicago who agreed to host us and let us stay with him for Tuesday night, I will later let you know about that. So, we had three days to drive the 353 miles.

Driving south on I-39 while Tina was driving we saw a sign that read, “Watch out for low flying planes”. And, what are you supposed to do about that? Where do they find these people who produce signs that say words that are so ridiculous?

August 17 — Sleeping last night, Sunday night, at a Walmart parking lot in Portage, WI was a nightmare. At 1:30am a group of five cars showed up and parked near us. Then the horns honked, the people started making drunken noise–yikes. So, we make a short drive to a McDonalds parking lot, they were closed. But, there were two cars that were in the drive through line (for some reason) and they were making noise, too. We could not get away from these idiots! At this point if was 3:30am. We drove across the street to a motel and parked in their parking lot–finally–some quite. But, I awoke at 5:30am and walked over to the McDonalds to put these words together for you.

We both, obviously like the wilderness much more than any city.

Please remember about April, we could use your help.



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