Blog 13–Enjoying Michigan, much

​Every new blog I write I think to myself, what kinds of things could I possibly write about? Then, as you have seen, thoughts form and words come together to get off to you, many words each time. I am hearing good comments about what I am writing, always good to hear, thank you for that.

It’s funny, when I am living my life now I am thinking about what I could do to include in these words to you. It seems to make my life more full, because I will look for things to do to be able to write here, to you. That is something you might want to look to for your own life–it may make things happen that you did not expect.

August 5–Moved on to Tahquamenon Campground in Michigan. Many people here, hard to stay outdoors, camping if you will, with this many people around. I like more to be rustic, little or no people around and enjoying nature. Talk about tourists–even on a Wednesday there were gobs of people–the weekend must be horrendous.

We did go to see Tahquamenon Falls, a little drive and little bit of a hike. Nice to look at, but the hordes of people, yikes. For these falls, I would rather look it up on YouTube and see videos, such as:

and see the falls that way, then deal with all the people. Not that I don’t like people (you are at the top of my list of the people I like), it is that I would rather avoid crowds and see more natural nature.

Right near us in the campground were three very large RV vehicles, each probably worth over $100,000. Now, I am not jealous of them in any way, in fact, I like our van much better. You see, with motor homes, you are very limited on where you can go and where you can park. With our van it is just like a car. And, we get much better gas mileage.zkit with the tea mug.jpg.crdownload

What is funny to me is these people drove all the way up to this large outdoor location, and, the one next to us, we hardly saw them, they were inside the whole time. Perhaps they were inside watching their TV that is hooked into the satellite antenna on top of the rolling home. Why did they not just stay home and be in their rig?

There are 191 campsites at the location. The state charges $23 a campsite, and you also have to buy a day pass for $9, for a total of $32 (the most we have paid to stay somewhere). The day pass let’s you into see the falls, both the upper and lower. The campsite was full on this Wednesday, so at $32, the state is making at least $6,112 a day from this campground, $42,784 weekly, for not much, at all, to see.

August 7–On the road again. We are not seeing fields of corn growing anymore, too far north, I guess. There was so much growing in all of the areas we drove in previously, it was amazing. In fact, hardly saw anything else growing but corn.

Speaking of corn, we have been buying fresh ears and enjoying the taste, much. I had read once to just place the whole ear of corn, husk still attached, directly on the coals of the fire. We did this, it made the very best corn we have every tasted.

Place the ear (the corn, not YOUR ear) on the fire/coals, after some minutes turn it over. Wait a few more minutes and use sticks to pull the ear from the coals and place it on the ground to cool. Then, when cool, pull off the husk and corn hairs and consume, you will love the taste. Now, we did this with corn that was picked just two days prior, perhaps that added to the good taste.

At a fabulous campground tonight, much nature and rustic. But–I am seeing cigarette butts–how awful. These idiots who smoke are ruining the earth. Oh, do you smoke? sorry I called you an idiot (no I’m not.) STOP TODAY!

At most every campground we go to the first thing we do is go into the forest to get dead wood for the fire. We gather arms full then take it back to the campsite and break the dry tree limbs into two foot sections.

When Tina does this she seems to kind of do a little dance. I say she is “break dancing” when she does; kind of fun between us. I had forgotten how mesmerizing watching a campfire is. You just stare and your mind drifts to no where, interesting. Have you have this experience?

Strange question, have you ever peed in the woods? It seems so free, so natural. Females might not feel the same about this. Personally, I would rather pee in the out of doors than in any toilet. Of course, I am careful not to let anyone see me.

This is a normal human thing, I do not feel weird in writing these words, as you shouldn’t in reading them, it is a daily ritual for each of us. To continue, did you ever squat and poop in the woods and use leaves to wipe? This also feels so natural, you must try it sometime.

Now away from that to something more special. I drove through the state of Michigan a number of times in my life, yet I never knew how much beauty this state has, especially the north of the state.

You here so many dreadful stories about the city of Detroit in Michigan. In driving through all these fantastic areas of Michigan it is hard to imagine that Detroit is a part of.

We are currently driving through “Cheboygan”, a fun name to say. Do you remember Curly of the Three Stooges doing comedy using the name, “Cheboygan”?

We are the only ones in this campground by the lake. So many trees, so much nature, we love it. As you know, we bring everything we need, including food and water. We could last at least a week if we need. Being self-contained is marvelous.

What a difference waking up in a Walmart or McDonalds parking lot or waking in the wilderness. When we are in the wilderness, we do not have to put up the window covers, which block out light and make it so no one can see in. We like it when we do not have to put up the window covers. And, the silence, what a joy.

August 8–We are still in the north of Michigan. Now at Island Lake Campground, very few people here and rustic, our kind of place. Today, after we had set up, including getting a large pile of wood for the fire, the rain started, nonstop. I put the plants out to soak in rain and we spent time in the van (no, you are not to know what we spent time doing.)

Rustic, but there are toilets to use. And, we found fresh well water. You pump it up from the ground, kind of fun, like the old days. Just down the hill and through the woods (no, not to grandmothers house) is a nice lake, perhaps I will go for a swim tomorrow.

August 9–This morning, while out to breakfast, I had to use the restroom. There is a mirror placed right in front of your face as you are using the urinal. I could not believe it, on my head I saw hairs that were non colored, you might say, gray hair! How could this happen, I still feel like I am 23.

We drove in some miles on a rough dirt road to the Mary Macdonald Preserve, the most northern point in Michigan, and what a wonderful place this is. After parking, with no other people around for miles, we headed down the rocky path to the lake.
Take a look:

There was an actual beach here, although quite rocky. We had not showered for a couple days, so I thought I would just go in for a quick wash off in the lake. Because we were so remote, I removed ALL of my garments and was about to go in. Tina said that someone might come and that I should, at least, have my underwear on (or as she said, “panties.”)

I did not care either way if someone saw me naked, it is a natural thing, just another body (although, some bodies are much nicer than others.) Now, of course, I don’t want you to see my naked body, I know you (but, then again . . .)

When my daughters, Jasmine and April, were young and I embarrassed them when we were out in public, I would tell them, “We will probably never see these people again in our life, so it does not matter what they think”–which is true. When you are out in the public, do not feel embarrassed for anything you might do.

Quite cold, but in I went, slowly enveloping my body in the water as I sank in deeper. Finally, the head went under. Funny how the water felt so very cold initially, then, as your body (mind) gets used to the temperature you feel OK. The quick bath in the lake felt quite refreshing and nice.

Some people did end up walking by us down the beach, but, I would have been completely fine with no clothes on.
August 10–I awoke before the sun started up, as usual, Tina is getting some more shut-eye. As I wrote before, I seem to do better with less sleep.

What we are both finding strange about Michigan is we are not hearing any animal sounds. In San Diego, where I grew up, and near Philadelphia, where I lived for a number of years, I would always hear bird noises in the morning, then other sounds as the sun rose up. Here, only the wind through the trees comes to the ear, with an occasional bird utterance. We find it quite strange.

Quite cold this morning, we had discussed yesterday going in for a swim this morn, too cold for Tina, though.

The drive today was quite amazing, going south on Route 28 along Lake Superior. The drive today matches up with some of the most beautiful drives I have taken in my life–from driving along the coast in central California to Sunset Cliffs in San Diego to driving around the perimeter of Maui in Hawaii.

We drove to and parked across from a cozy bar, in a cozy place to park for the night on the grass. I worked on the van while Tina went in, ate some food, and started on the beer. The crowds started showing up, have no idea where they came from, we didn’t even see many homes.

This new life is absolutely fantastic. Living life how WE want. Still working on writing, such as now, and inspiring people. A few have told me that these words could become my next book–what do you think?


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