BLOG 15–Life is fantastic!

​As we pass from the wonderful wilderness back into city-life, our hearts sank. ​As you know, we like the out-of-doors much more than city-life.
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In the last post I wrote about my daughter April and how she is needing money to help her get to Peru to work with young people there.
Sorry you were not able to help, as no one did.
Perhaps I presented in the wrong format, maybe I worded things wrong?
I heard about crowdfunding and thought you might help.
These words will continue, of course.
August 18–Last night we stayed with Jerry in Chicago. We connected with Jerry through What a wonderful man he is. Two Phds under his belt, much traveling worldwide, hosting travelers through Couchsurfing often; much accomplishment in his life. He had a wonderful bed for us to sleep in, yet, both of us said to each other we were more comfortable sleeping in our own home on wheels.
The next day it was down to see my old friend Paul Bachman, south of Chicago. Paul and I have known each other since 1977. He has been much into juggling his whole life, both as a performer and as a collector of juggling memorabilia.
Being 80 years old, complications are starting to affect Paul. He came down with prostate cancer which went into his lymph glands and spread elsewhere–bones and more. Paul is such a joy in life, every time I am with him. Paul retired from a fantastic job in chemical engineering, yet it was so much more than that. Paul was great at what he did, and built a company with that knowledge.
Yet, all the time I have known Paul all he talked about, all he lived for, was juggling. And, a great juggler he was, is, along with a big collector of memorabilia. You can find videos of Paul on YouTube, take a look —
The doctors don’t give Paul much time to live–and I hate that. He will live a splendid life as long as he will. How can doctors limit patients lives like that?–they have no idea. Just like when I went through my 37 day coma, doctors said I would never juggle or ride a unicycle again. I proved them wrong within the first year.
August 20–The next day it was off to see my old friend Ken Benge, also in the Chicago area. Ken also built a company, called, The Idea Machine. He did quite well with the company. Also a juggler and originally from San Diego, we have much in common. Ken and Ann have been married for many years, Ann will be retiring soon and they already have their land in Kentucky to build their house by the lake. They are so happy and good together, quite inspiring,
August 22--Last night we slept at a lake, with the water right out the door. So good to be back in the (partial) wilderness. There were still some houses around. Then, the night of the 22nd we were back in another Walmart–yuck. But, like I wrote before, once you are sleepize you have no idea where you are; we slept well. Good of Walmart to allow people to sleep over night at their store parking lot.
August 23--We decided to stop by and see my daughter Jasmine in Kent, Ohio where she is in her last year of college. We just happened to pick the day of her move in, and, she found a fantastic house that will serve her well. We came on the day she was just moving in, and her sister, April, was there. Later, their mom arrived with her van stuffed full of more of Jasmine’s stuff; good to see Mary Ellen.
It was strange to me, in a way, having the family back together like the old days came to mind, although, I know it could never be as it was.
How strange life is.
We were together for about 25 years; 23 of that married. We were good together for many years, then not so good. We both tried, but could not make it work like the old days.
It was quite strange, but not uncomfortable, to have Mary Ellen and Tina at the same place. From the old life to the new one, something I have had to do in my life numerous times.
August 26–Off to Cleveland next. In Cleveland, of course, we had to go see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And, what a great job they did on building it. So very many great rock musicians over the years. There were names I did not see who, I think, should have been included. And, some, I think, should have not been there.
For the evening it was off to see Tina’s ​son, Ethan, in Erie, PA. Living with Becca, they have a great life together. Becca is in her last year of working toward obtaining a degree from Penn State in the field of business engineering. They are forecasting a fabulous life together, and, seeing how they are, they will make that happen.
Loving life, hope you are, too>>>>>>>>>>>Kit


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