​BLOG 5–Deeper south in Florida (I love the warm weather.)

January 26, 2019–Last night was wonderful staying at Alexander Springs Campground in Ocala National Forest. A nice sleep, but I woke at my usual time between 2 and 3 am. I worry, at times, about my limited 3 to 5-hour sleep, but I function fine throughout the day.

This place is such a lovely place.

Watch this >>

I hear about bears and other animals at parks I visit, but I seldom see them–darn. Hoping to see a wild elephant, but, hopes don’t do much toward an elephant.

Jan 28-30– Stayed at the home of my old friend Anthony Gatto-Commarota, his wife Danielle and their two young kids, Gabrielle and Abrianna. And, what a wonderful family they truly are (along with their two goats, two cows, two dogs and a herd of chickens (or is it a brood of chickens?)

I first met Anthony back when I was performing at Ballys in Atlantic City in 1982, have you seen me before my first accident?>>

He was only 9 years old and already an excellent juggler. His step-father, Nick, brought him to see me, a good juggler, to see if he might like that path. Soon after, Anthony hit the entertainment scene, and became, many say, the best juggler the world has ever seen.  

Here is Anthony at age 9 with his step-father Nick >>

And, what he worked up to, assisted by his wife Danielle >>


He traveled the world, performing in many countries. But, after a time on the circuit, he saw that things have changed, not able to get the gigs like the old days. And, because he and Danielle wanted to settle down and start a family, a change came. Anthony started a very successful company — take a look — http://bigtopcr.com/  You see, we can all change.

Like me, from juggling, Anthony learned to drive toward excellent, what he does now with his company. From juggling, we both taught ourselves to have this drive for the best, now he is using that same motivation for his business. I did the same with summerssalsa.com–until I got hit by that second truck.

Many jugglers are upset and angry that Anthony has gone a different path than juggling. But, he is living a fantastic life currently. His business, his family, his lifestyle–superb–I have never seen him happier. The performing juggling market has gone away, so I understand his direction change.


How to Be Alone and Treasure Every Second of It

Being alone is often confused with being lonely, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Being alone — it’s just a fact. You’re on your own, with no one else around. Being lonely, on the other hand, is a feeling. If you’re unhappy or discontent because you are alone, you need to change your perspective.

Learning to enjoy spending time alone is a skill that one you can learn and strengthen over time. Sure, you may still feel lonely every once in a while, as I have, in the quiet hours after a lovely time with family, after a breakup, in the first weeks after a move; but with a little practice, alone-ness can become synonymous with contentedness — an emotional state we should all be seeking.

Spending time alone, with you, in your own company, gives you time to recharge, identify your feelings, find your voice and improve the quality of relationships that you have with people when you’re with them. Let’s take a look at how we might develop this in ourselves.


Many of us live in a world saturated with communication and media. It’s rare that we have a second to ourselves completely free from the pulls of social media or other people. I love being in a forest much more than any media could bring.

The first quiet moments with yourself, calm moments with yourself, will probably feel strange — a bit too quiet, a bit too intrusive — but lean into it! You need to get a little more comfortable being in your own skin.


Who do you talk to most in your life? Yes, you, watch your language. One of the most rewarding aspects of learning to enjoy one’s own company is rediscovering your thoughts and feelings. Are you feeling cooped up or uneasy? Address this internally. Do you need a little more space? Do you need to declutter?

Are you feeling anger bubble up inside you seemingly out of nowhere? Where is this stemming from? What triggered these feelings? What can you do, now, to address it? Complex feelings arise in the quiet. Let them be and take notice.


Approach things with a smile on your face. Alone time doesn’t have to be dull or meditative. Give yourself the space to spend time on solitary activities you enjoy, whether it be reading a mystery novel, plucking out melodies on the guitar or researching a new skill. Sing in the shower. Dance in your PJs! This is your time. Use it how you will!

1-29-19–Spent a few days with Anthony and his family, it was wonderful. Still awakening between 1 and 2am, then I am up for the day. I get tired, some, some of the time, but seem to function fine with little sleep. Also, I have never been able to take naps. They say you should get 8 hours, not me.

I got to spend two nights at the home of Rita Davison. What a love lady and superb chef. She showed me around town and we had a fantastic time together. Also, I taught her to juggle! She loves her new skill.

As I wrote before, if you anywhere

I NEED YOUR HELP. Last week I went to Costco to have my tires rotated. They told me that the tires were not wearing right. So, I went to Pep Boys to find out why–YIKES. They said >>

Upper and lower ball joints have play.

Both idler arm x2

Upper control arms x2

Four new tires.

So, very upsetting.

Also, two days ago I accidentally dropped my computer! I was being careful but slipped out of my hand. It was plugged into the charger and the part that holds the connection sank into the laptop.

But, when something like this happens I do not get upset or depressed, right away I am trying to think of solutions. That’s the key when something bad happens, right away start thinking of solutions.

I went to Best Buy and they told me it would take a few weeks for them to send out my computer to get it repaired and then send it back to the store. But, I use my computer daily to write to you and other essential stuff.

So, I bought a new one. What they call, an open box computer, which someone bought before and returned it.

As you know from my past writings, money is very tight for me. I am hoping to get your help with recent unexpected expenses. If you’ve enjoyed my writings, I am hoping you will help? I am looking at costs of about $2,000.

Please help how you can.

If you have a PayPal account, you can send me funds at kitsummers@gmail.com

My mailing address is PO Box 79, Hereford, PA 18056

Or, I found this with Facebook >> To send money, open a chat with your friend, tap the blue + icon and select the green Payments icon. You’ll then be prompted to set up your payment account – this will only happen the first time you use Messenger payments – and enter the amount you want to transfer.

I’ll be heading south toward more of Florida (where it’s warm.) Until next week, adios.

Thanks so much for y


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