BLOG 4–Further south in Florida

By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that, yes > >
==You can change your life at any time to make it more magnificent.
==You can live with little money and still have an excellent life.
==Still be able to live life getting very little sleep.
==You can live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event.
==I want to share with you experiences that, I hope, will add to and make your life better.
==Perhaps this is my new “gig” and I will be traveling the world doing the same?
So great to be back on the road again. From freezing temperatures to down here in Florida experiencing a high of around 27c (80f for those who do not know the metric language. I wish we would have converted about when President Carter tried, but Americans don’t like change. The metric system is such a better way to measure.)
​​1-18-19–Right now as I am typing this I am sitting at a picnic table with a roaring fire in front of me, with a smile on my face. This is where and how I like to be.

They have containers at each site to keep your food in because of bears–I LOVE THAT–HOW EXCITING. Hoping to see a bear so I can play pat-a-cake (Tina knows.)

Jan 19–It ends up the area is not part of the Government park system, so it is open–and fabulous–no Government Shutdown here. I seldom stay two nights at a place, but just so nice here I had to.

There is a section for bigger and more expensive rigs, I stay in the “primitive” section with tents and such. I cannot believe some of those motorhomes. I saw one that was 800 feet long!

80 degrees today, so nice. Where I drove down from where I was in Pennsylvania there was snow. Warmer weather is soooo much more comfortable.

I just witnessed something that seemed very strange to me. An older couple drove up, sat in their car for at least a half an hour, with the engine running, and just looking around. Then they drove off. With this fabulous place, how could they not, at least, get up and take a walk.

Boy, I am going to have to start caring a paper and pen, I often think of things to write to you about–whoops–where’d that thought go?

Today I went into the springs for a swim. At first quite cold, funny how the human body quickly adapts and adjusts to the temperature difference. After, while still wearing my running shorts, they had an outdoor shower, so I got completely clean; soap, shampoo, the works. The temperature of the small lake is constant all year.

It is Saturday today, so many people here. Last time I was here I was the ONLY ONE for many miles (that I knew of) so, since I am skinny and felt like going for a dip, yes, me, skinny dipping! (you should have seen it, or, perhaps not?)
About once every few weeks I thoroughly clean the van. I remove everything from the van, sweep out and clean everything, then I organize everything as I put it back. Being such a small home I have, I need to keep organized, always. There were two things I had been looking for that were missing–found, happy I am. Putting things where they go–always and right away. I suggest this for everyone to follow to have a better life.

Also, today, I did some juggling, rode the unicycle, rode the bike, and, most important, wrote to you!

No wifi, no phone, for three days, I kind of like it. Can you do without?

When at a campsite every afternoon I leave the area and go in search of wood for the fire. You must use old dead wood for the fire, and, anywhere near the campground is already scavenged, I go offsite. I gather enough for the evening and also the next morning.

Today, down at the water, I saw a manatee, it was spectacular! Do you know what a female manatee is called? A Mame-atee, of course (I see you laughing.)

I just had to turn off my computer because the battery was dying. I carry a second with me, so here I am again.

Had my salad about 4pm, which I do every day at that time, salad every day. For dinner is was a can of chili with fresh cut red onion–eating well, I am.

Jan 19–When I awoke, still dark, I was making my fresh potato and onion breakfast. Suddenly I heard a knock at my door. A boater (the boat ramp is near) said his battery died and did I have a portable charger. Yes, I just so happened to have one that I use to charge other things I have when I am away from electric. Had to take the bike and unicycle off the back of the van to get to it. He took it down and when he drove back he gave the charger and thanked me much.

Jan 20–Sad to be out of Ocala National Park–so sad. From about 80 degrees yesterday to 50’s or 60’s today, such a change.

Jan 21-22–Met up with Bryan Weller, a Facebook friend of mine who is also a juggler. We met up at a U-Haul rental yard. He was there about selling and buying stuff that people have there who have not paid their rent in some months. You may have seen the TV shows about this.

I thought he was there to buy–HE WAS THE AUCTIONEER! He has many rental yards he goes to around Florida and gets paid and also a percentage of what sold. Looks to be a lucrative deal.

He learned to juggle in the 80’s and told me my book, Juggling with Finesse, changed his life. The words I wrote drove him to become a juggler, then a clown, then working with circuses, then becoming a ringmaster for a circus, among other things.

That evening I parked my van at his mom’s house. Very quiet and nice of them to offer. Washed my clothes and, the next day, did a lot of improvements to my home–the van. I stayed there for three days and did a lot of upgrades to the van. I thank Bryan for his help with some fiberglass repairs to my running boards.

January 24–Stopped at another Walmart to use their free wifi. I’ve gone to Walmarts all around the US, I find it so sad that most people do not look you in the eye, or smile, or say hi. I try and be friendly and say “HI” to everyone I can. How about you, do you make eye contact with strangers and say, “hi”?

January 24-25–Went to visit my Facebook friend Sandy Dziak, her husband, James, and her lovely family. Sandy trains horses in the Dressage method. The horses go on to compete all over the world. Her many income sources are training others to do the special method of working with horses.

She has worked with hundreds of horses over the years. Sandy has raised horses for many years and I saw her daughter taking a horse through the paces. She would just utter words and the horse would change his walking pace and step, it was amazing.

It’s so great to actually meet the people who are simply a name on Facebook, isn’t that right, Dorothy?


How to I find electric >>
While driving, I have it set up so that I am charging my computer, my drill, my razor, my phone, and it is charging the GPS all at the same time using my cigarette lighter plug in. I have a converter that changes 150W DC 12V to 110V. Also, most McDonalds have electrical outlets I can use.

Best place to find gas >>
Costco prices are the best around, so, as often as possible, Costco for gas. I try and time it so I get gas around lunchtime or dinner. You probably know how Costco offers samples of many food items. Well, that is my lunch or dinner. I go to each sampling a couple times, so, plenty for me. You tell me, is this a bad thing I am doing? Yes, I have bought things I have sampled.

How do I keep food cold >>
I have a cooler and every few days I get new ice for it. Also, rather than buy ice, I have a large plastic container and ask a person I am staying with if they have room in their freezer. When yes, I fill the container with water and freeze it overnight. So, free ice.

How do I shower and keep clean >>
Why, just 5 days ago I was feeling itchy, time to clean up. I find a Walmart. Most have, what they call, a family bathroom in the back of the store. This is a single room that you can lock. So, I go in and lock the door, remove all my clothes (yes, get naky at Walmart) then I soap down with a washcloth, put my head in the sink to what my hair (yes, my head fits), then I use a second washcloth to rinse off with clean water. Next, I towel down and get dressed. When I do this I get as clean as any shower.

Also, I often stay with people, so I shower there, of course.

And, I have a portable shower that I can hook up to the top of the van. Take a look >>

How to take care of poop and peep >>
You may not be comfortable about this subject, therefore, if you are delicate, I suggest you close your eyes while I read.

Most often I can find a place to take care of matters, like a fast-food place that has a bathroom. But, there are times when you cannot find a place, so I have to take matters into my own hands, so to speak.

In the van, I carry a quart size empty milk carton. When I have to pee, I take care of it by using the container, then I pour it out later, which will cause no harm to anything. I suggest this for every guy reading this, carry a container, so you don’t have to rush somewhere to “find” a place to release. (Sorry ladies, that you can’t do the same.)

So, on one side I have my bed in the van, on the other side is a table about the same height, about 20” high. I lay a newspaper down on the table, lean back and take care of business, afterward wiping with a paper towel. Then I fold everything up and throw it away. A quick easy process. (sorry you had to read that.)

Have you ever taken a shit in the words? >>
It is something that everyone has to experience at least once in their life. I have a paper towel with me. Find a tree, as you lean back against the tree, use your hands to pull your cheeks apart, take care of business, the use the paper towel to wipe (I have also used leaves or even a branch at times.) Then, bury the used paper towel in some leaves, it will decompose. You feel such freedom doing this.
Boy, in rereading that, how could I write such words?

If you have any other questions about how I live–asked away–anytime.

So, Sandy is near to Ocala Park–so back I go! Once again, no wifi or phone connection for the next few days, you will not hear from me. But, I do hope you say good things about me behind my back.

You will hear about my time back in the park at my next blog post. Have a great time until then–and remember–it is up to you on how you portray things in your mind as you m​​ake things great and in your control.

I am including more photos from past travels, let me know what you think. ​


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