Blog 5–Just the beginning

When I sit down to write a new set of words for you, I think for a moment—what I will write that will interest anyone? Once I do start, my mind clicks on and words flow. Here are more words for you to comprehend and ponder.

June 19, 2015, Tina and I spent the night last night at another Walmart, many others were spending the night there too, I could tell, in their sleeping vehicles. As usual, I woke before Tina (3:30am this time) and I knew that Walmart provided free wifi, so in I went.

I must say, people are starting to bug me–much. When inside Walmart to use their free wifi, once again I passed many people–all in their own little world, not looking up, not smiling, and not saying “hi”.

Then we took a long walk in a short park,

Even in this nice park setting, only one person acknowledged us in a friendly way. We did see two squirrels and two rabbit babies. Also, there was a fawn running around looking for his mother. He got within ten feet of us, crying a fawn cry, it was sad. There are roads all around the park and I hope he does not get hit before mom finds him.

Am I invisible?

Next we went to Wegmans to use their free wifi and sit in the air conditioning (starting to get hot out there.) I would think that a healthy place like Wegmans would have friendly people who might say hi, only two did out of many.

I do not understand.

To me, friendliness and joy are much more important than “things”, or my personal goings on. Seems that so very many people in this world are very self-contained and are not open to others, which will make life so much harder for many.

I hope you are not one of these unfriendly people.

On a different matter, I’ve been watching videos on YouTube about Jade Helm 15 and the massive buildup of military throughout the country. Look up videos on YouTube from Dahboo 7, he has some very well researched words and communicates them quite well.

Upcoming sounds like it could be a massive kill-off and/or imprisonment of many thousands (millions?) of people—be careful out there. That is one of the reasons I wanted us to own and van and travel. Not running away, but being able to travel to where it is currently safe.

There is change coming up in this world, we must ALL be careful.

Do not go along with the tyranny, with the government. We are told that there are terrorists all around the world who are against the US, but, it is the US who is the biggest terrorist in the world.

Yet, I am not completely educated on the upcoming changes in the world. You much study and learn for yourself, as I continue to. Be careful, my friend, I love you and want the best for you.

A short blog is this one, more later. Make your life good, bye for now.

I care about you>>>>>>>>>>>>Kit


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