BLOG 59–Another big change

So, since the van broke down ($630 I did not have), my computer decided to, too. The connection from the power cord to the computer did not work anymore,. I had bought it at Best Buy and still under warranty, I went to the store. They had to send it out to get repaired and told me it might be 30 days until it is fixed–yikes.

I had a long blog prepared for you, at least five pages. I could try and go by memory and get words off to you, but my memory would not hold all. So, look for Blog 58 at a future time. It will have much about Yosemite, with photos, too. I’ve included a few photos now–an incredible place.

Also spectacular, we have moved into Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. You will read words of these two places in the next blog. So far, they are quite breathtaking (oh no, I can’t breath!) We slept last night in a free campsite in Kings Canyon, there are many paid campsites (most $19), but this has a fire-ring and picnic table–why pay when this is so nice. A big fire in the morning, then I cooked potatoes directly on the fire–loved it. You will learn more in the next blog.

Bye for now>>>>>>Kit


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