With my words, I hope to throw some oblique light upon your soul.
By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–
• Change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!
• Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
• Be able to live life getting very little sleep.
• Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
• See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
• I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.
• Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?
• And, I’m not just, “Kitting Around”.
Design the life YOU want to live, NOW, then live that life.
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***The freedom I am experiencing in my travels is a marvelous thing.
***Going where I want, when I want and seeing wonderful places and people.
***I will have places to show you and tales to tell.
***I will have secrets to unfold and good news!
I’m glad to take you on my journeys with me!
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I don’t think I am a tramp in a vehicle, what do you think?
I am just another one trying to make sense of the world.

It seems my life is an odyssey in the fullest sense of the word. An epic journey going down a path no one has tread before.

Master of your own destiny, is this a good thing or bad? As you know we are each in charge of making the life that “we” want, designing our own future as we go.

My journeys make me feel unheeded, happy, near the heart of life.

As you read, in my last post I was quite down, it showed in my words. Doing much better now. Thank you for your concern and for contacting me, Mark, Chris, Allan, Sandy, April Du, Dick, and a few others who put in a good word.

Especially thank you, Dick Franco, who reminded me about my age.
As an older juggler, you lose so much, as I have and as Dick has (but I still feel age 23).
He is on YouTube and the internet.
Find him, an amazing juggler.

Mark, thank you for showing respect for my non-belief.

I went out to practice my juggling, got bored after about ten minutes.
I brought my unicycle out to practice, did not feel comfortable riding it.
Then I cried.

Strange, I do not know where I fit in the world without juggling. The skill has been such a big part of my life, with the books I wrote and the skill I possessed.

But, you have to remember, I was a “real” juggler for only about six or seven years. I learned at the age of 15, then my big accident was in 1982.

I never could live a modern existence. The route I choose was of a unique variety that was quite hard and continues to be. But, most of the time, it satisfies my mind. It is a stubborn idealism that leads me. For the thrill, the challenge and the adventure.

Speaking of challenge, I would love to go through Alaska and then walk into Russia. I would HAVE to learn the language and then find a way to get by. I mean, I would just disappear from my current life. Could make a great book?

Where do I fit into the world? I have no home and few friends. I have been wondering that, much. But, really, each of us lives a solo life that we let a few people in not and then. I feel like I am an outsider now.

Sometimes I wonder how it might be if I had died in any of the accidents? How would people’s lives be different? The world without my wonderful daughters, Jasmine and April? hard to imagine. How about the friends I have/had, how might they be different?

And, with my limited sleep, nights are difficult. I lay down between 8 and 10, but then I awaken, often, between 2 and 3am, then up for the day I am. I have to wait until about 6 to start doing things when the sun comes out.

Just laying there, my mind often goes down a dark path as I think bad thoughts. These thoughts, at times, seem to be controlling me.

Have you seen me juggle while in the show at Ballys?
Do a YouTube search for my name and you see a few videos.
Be sure and let me know what you think.

But, in thinking about it, juggling doesn’t really matter. Really, NOTHING matters. I’ve discovered if you can find joy in life and is a great thing. Aim for joy, nothing else matters.

With juggling and other things, I’ve always wanted forward movement and not a calm course of existence. Advancement, danger, excitement, and love have always been important to me.

I guess what I am doing is called retirement? As I wrote in my last post, spending time until I die? I don’t think I like it, this age thing. I want to accomplish so much more before I am gone. I hope you are enjoying reading my blog posts, which is important to me.

Security, conformity, conservatism—who needs it? You will have peace of mind, but, in the broad-view, you are harming the adventurous spirit that resides within you.

Open up, set it free, doing so will release you to an expanded life—which everyone wants. The passion for adventure is where you find real life.

I’ve written of death a few times. It makes me sad that we all have to die away, but it is coming. The hardest words you can hear – “Your mom died.” These words are too big to fit into your ears.

A couple years ago my mom died, a total shock to me, I was not ready for that. I just thought mom would always be there. I think of so many lessons I gained from her, and the love. Many great memories set for life. I would love to hear about your mom.

Mom’s humor, warmth, and motherly wisdom did much for my life. I never told her that, which grieves me to this day.

In the last years of her life, mom played the card game solitaire endless times. I could tell she was “spending time” before her death. I don’t want to do that.

My dad died when I was only six. How might I have turned out if he had lived? He was in his forties and crashed while riding in a helicopter working for the state of Oregon.

The day it happened, I guess my mom called the school to have them send me home. When I arrived, I thought my mom was laughing hysterically, but it was tears. A strange feeling at the age of six. I was too young to know what these would set my future life.

So many people live their lives in unhappy circumstances and yet, do not change. They are conditioned to follow a path that keeps them away from change and/or improvement. That makes me sad.

The slabs—An old navy airbase that had been abandoned and destroyed. Each slab is quite large, where they are not ruined. So, a one-mile by one-mile grid of empty foundations with desert plants growing amongst them.

This video will show you the craziness of the slabs >>

Anyone can come out here and live – at no charge. And, I would think, there are some people who are in trouble with the law hiding out here?

This group I am with I found through the internet and joined them.
Take a look >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/LonersOnWheels/
Great to be with you John, Jim, Jane, Rick and others of LOWs.

Just so I don’t use the battery while out in the slabs, I have been handwriting notes that I will type out later.

Strange here, in the evening we hear a US Gunnery Range base shooting off bombs. Why do that waste time and energy like that?

There is even a school bus that comes through to take the children to school. So, yes, it is a real town.

People help each other much here, I like that. Many nights everyone gets together at 4pm and has dinner together, then, later, at 6pm, we all play the card game 31. Always the same game, the enjoyable talk is what is good about it.

Here is the group I am with >>

But, they need your help.
This was just posted by John Schreiter of LOWs >>
Slab Lows needs your help. For 40 years LOWS has had a chapter camp in Slab City CA and hundreds of LOWS have enjoyed the weather and camaraderie, but a combination of smaller membership, poor management and increasing expenses have put us in a tough spot. On top of that all our trailers were vandalized and stolen from this past summer. Thieves even stole our two refrigerators and volunteers put in hundreds of hours repairing damage. We think that having a camp here is good for LOWS and we want to continue – but – our treasury has bottomed out and we are reaching out to all LOWS and especially to our Slab Low Alumni for a donation. Right now, we need to raise $2,000 for new batteries and a used refrigerator. If you want to see Slab Lows continue as a vital camp for single rv’ers, please send a donation to Slab Lows c/o Jim Tangen, P.O. Box 190, Niland CA 92257. Thank you!

I hope you can help out.

Yes, I am saving money by being here, but I am getting bored during the day.

On my way within the week before, I stopped by many food banks and picked up many things. I brought all these in to share with the group, with others in the area.
Words to inspire you!
Smile through hard times.
Smile through the best of times.
Nothing else really matters.
Except for finding joy in life.

12/7-9—Moving in California, but still south in the warmth.

12/10—Like most days around here, today is a bright blue sky with the sun bearing down. While so many places in the US at this time of you, the cold is in charge. Interesting being in this domain called The Slabs.

Today I used Jim’s ax to chop wood to use in my stove. This stove is amazing, providing heat for the van, too. I use the stove inside the van to boil water in the morning for tea. It also heats the van. There is a gallon jug of water within two feet, so I feel safe.

12/11—Jim made spaghetti for the group, I must say, this was the BEST tasting spaghetti sauce I have ever tasted. He had some extra and gave it to me to enjoy later.

It’s been a few days, shower time. I set my shower back on top of the van in the sun for a couple hours. After waiting an hour or two, I experienced a very hot shower. One side of the shower back is clear, the other black, so sun and heat gets focused. It can get quite hot. Out in the desert, naked to the world, clean now, I feel fantastic.

12/12—Feeling angry today, at myself and my life. I’ve written before that I have never been happier. But, right now, I don’t know if I have ever been sadder. Normally, I open the side doors and chase flies out of the van. I like to let life live.

What was strange was that today I killed flies outright, I was surprised at myself. I swatted them with anger. I was just not caring if they died, in fact, I tried hard to kill them. While I was doing it I felt no remorse, at all. I was angry at myself and took it out on the little flies.

By the way, at night flies seem to just go away. Where do flies go at night?

One thing that made me angry was the loss of Tina, yes, it still holds on. It has been a year out, too. She even blocked me on Facebook, I have no way to get a hold of her. We were together for about eight years, and I thought it would be for a lifetime. She is already engaged to marry another guy, who also blocked me on Facebook.

But, I have gone through relationship loss before. Mary Ellen and I were married for 23 years and been a couple for about 28 years. She was the love of my life. Then we broke up and I was devastated. Along with Mary Ellen, of course, I lost my family unit, which was so very important to me.

I’m not going to bore you with a list of my loses in life, but, just know that it has been sooooo many. Yet, I know that you have had loses in life, too.

Enough about death and loss, you will read much happier words next week. Until then, smile all you can.
My Challenge for You this Week >>
This week, attempt one thing to radically make a change in your lifestyle and begin to boldly do things which you have hesitated on or previously never thought of doing.
Next Blog >>
Hope to have happy words for you.

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