From Australia to New Zealand, here I go

THURSDAY, October 27, 2011–On the plane while typing this, on my way to New Zealand. As you know, I have greatly enjoyed my trip so far.  Sorry for the delay in sending this posting to you, everyday there is something new to write you about and I want to send more and more.
In trying to depart I did go through some trouble. When I had gotten my visa for Australia I had obtained one for six weeks, which, I thought, would be for the over-all time. So I thought I could split the time, including my trip to New Zealand. I found out I cannot. So, the guy had to sell me a return flight sooner and then my current one and to straighten it out later. So, it looks like I might have to just stay and live in NZ for the rest of my life? (I wouldn’t mind that all.) First I will have to contact an immigration office about getting an extension, which will cost. Then I will have to change my flight back to the original. I’m hoping it can be done not costing too much money, I will let you know. It ended up that I will spend more time in NZ and just fly back to Melbourne on the day I fly out, so I won’t enter the country.  So, cost me around $200 for this change.
Then, more trouble. I had been juggling the clubs often and my juggling was getting smoother. I wanted to bring them to practice in the airport. When I went through security they took the 3 juggling clubs I had with me. I did not think they would even question it, after all, they are plastic and could not hurt anyone. I demanded to talk with the supervisor, who told me the same-­-I even juggled them for her–no go. She gave me her email address and said she would forward them. A warning—include your juggling clubs in your stowed luggage and not in your carry-on, they are a dangerous weapon.
And, more trouble. After arriving in New Zealand my bags went through the scanner. They noticed juggling balls. My 3 silicone balls were OK, they saw five other bean-bag balls that they confiscated and said that they might contain seeds or ?? that they don’t want in NZ. So, these gone, too.
Anymore when bad things happen I do not care. As you know, a number of bad things have happened to me in my past. So, some financial cost concerning the extension on the visa, I will get through it. Money comes, money goes. I’ve found that money is nothing to worry about, you will find a way. A few hundred here, a few hundred there, oh well. Even a few thousand here, a few thousand there, it really does not matter.
On the plane, I have time to write you, hope you do enjoy the read and like my prose. Before I left, at the Big Hostel in Sydney, I made a peanut butter sandwich. I just consumed the sandwich, quite good tasting. I wrote before, if we simply and thoroughly enjoy every bite of what we are eating and enjoy the taste, rather then  just shoving it down our throat, we can enjoy meals and food more. As you know, all our life we eat so much, we should find a way to enjoy it more. It’s these little details in life that add up and make a better life. Make all the small details on your better and you make your life better.
I had written something before about my wanting to totally disappear in the world, something I was much thinking about at one time. My thoughts were to pack a small bag and go to a different part of the US, or a different part of the world, where no one would know me. I would not have any ID or way to let people know who I was. With no money and no identity, I would begin a new life. We will always find a way to make it, or we won’t. That is something my mom used to tell me. When talking about something she would simply insert something about, “You will—or you won’t.” Such a simple thing that can make life easier, either you will or you won’t. I would just find it so interesting to go through starting a brand new life, to never contact anyone I knew ever again and begin again and find a way to make it. It would make a good book, I believe. So, maybe I’ll see you again—or maybe I won’t? Could it be Kit’s disappearing act?
I must apologize, I have not kept up with my writings to you. Arrived in Wellington and Joy picked me up at the airport. I met Joy through, stayed with her three pleasant nights. She took me on a sight-seeing tour of part of Wellington, a lovely city. We made salsa, turned out as good tasting as usual. Joy took up surfing some months ago, likes it much. Always great when someone learns something new. How about you, are you learning new things all the time?
A last week I had called to talk with my daughters, Jasmine and April. Their mom answered and we had a brief talk. Such a distance she has put between us, not the women I remember being married to for 23 years, at all. When you are connected to someone through marriage and then it falls apart, it is a whole new life for all involved. It is so hard for me because I can mainly only remember the good times together, don’t remember the hard and sad times. That was one of the main reasons for my trip over here, to forget the past and move on, hard to do that, though. I just hope April and Jasmine don’t follow this same track of avoiding and disconnecting with people in their life.
The workshop in Wellington took place on the weekend of 29-30 Nov. Alice helped me to set it up. Only 5 participants, but each gave good reviews of what they learned. Alice is director of, runs a great business, lives in a wonderful house, and has fantastic kids. I must say, I am greatly impressed with Alice and what she accomplishes in her life.  Alice let me stay at her house for four nights, a superb visit, thank you, Alice.  You will always be in my mind along with my stay with you, you are a special lady with a wonderful heart. While there the wind would not let up, often blowing as hard as 104 km/h. Wellington is a beautiful city on the water, very clean and well kept.
THE PAIN–I’m over that pain that traveled through me that I wrote you about before.  But, now my shoulder that was broken when that truck ran me down is hurting–quite bad. I can hardly move it to juggle and not using my right arm very much at all. When I was in jail ( I was doing 75 push-ups a day, and that was after the accident. So, this pain in the shoulder is new, feels like I broke it again. But, that’s enough about me and my pains.
November 4th–Right now I am writing to you from onboard a big ship that takes people from the New Zealand north island to the south island, about a 3.5 hour trip. I traded my entertainment for free passage, they liked the idea. This ship holds 1600 people and 360 cars, huge it is. I’ve just taught another group of kids to juggle, a school group, it went great. I taught the directer of services how to juggle, too, she could, to her surprise. Here is the ship and the cruise:
As I wrote before, every new destination is a new adventure, I love it. So, on to the in Picton. A small town with a wonderful character.  Beautiful Nikki’s hostel is immaculate, so clean and so well organized, very comfortable. So, went from one successful women to another, each at the top of their field in what they do. Nikki is originally from a town in the middle of England and has relocated to Picton. She once stayed at this hostel, liked it much, then came back to be manager. After a time she purchased the place. This historic villa has wonderful plants and gardens surrounding it and the interior is quite beautiful. After the big earthquake in Christchurch her insurance went up tremendously, she is worried. If you have a chance, come and stay with Nikki, it will be a memory that will last all your life. I am so impressed with you Nikki.
Last night we had a dinner party with Nikki and the five people staying here, what a joy.  Yesterday I had made salsa and Parker, who is from Texas, couldn’t wait to try it. He ran to the store to pick up corn chips (they don’t have “tortilla chips” here.) We made an excellent dinner with various times that we had. Consuming 4 glasses of wine I was a happy boy. How nice to have dinner with friends.
11-6-11–Just got back from a three hour hike in the mountains, and what a wonderful time. I brought a lunch and off I went. This trail climbed back and forth up a mountain, trees, bushes and the like on both sides of the trail, like a rain forest. You can only get up here by foot, kind of nice. The sun was bright, the temp was cool, the view was fabulous, the setting was fantastic. Up and up I climbed, passed by a couple of people who were on their way down, the trail was barely wide enough to allow people to pass. On the way up there was a bench for old people to take a break, I did (wait–now that means I’m old–yikes!) Finally reaching the summit, there was another bench that I used. A guy from Germany arrived soon and was as amazed as me at the view of Picton and New Zealand from up here, and, it was really up there. I took some pictures of him with his camera, he did the same for me, which you will get in my next email. Having lunch on that mountaintop was joyous. Then, time to hike down the other side, down I go.
The trail was narrow with the right side steep up, the left side was steep down. With my balance and eye sight being far from good, and my left knee broken with pins in it, I took a step near the left edge and down I slipped, must have fallen five meters–laughing the whole way down. At this point I have been injured so much I don’t care anymore if I get hurt, but I didn’t. I just sat there for a time wondering what to do. As I turned and looked up the hill looked very steep. I attempted the climb back up, down I went again, even further down. This time I just sat there and thought for a time. I said to myself, “I could just stay here and eat plants, bugs and animals that might wander by, could be my new life.” Then I thought again, “But I like cookies too much and have to find a way out of here.” So, I went parallel with the trail for some meters and saw another way up, grabbing onto trees and branches as I was climbing. Getting back to the trail, I was much more careful on the rest of the way down. Finally arriving back in town, I made my way back to Juggler’s Rest.  There was one thing that much disappointed me on the walk today. The whole way I was looking for elephants, I didn’t see one, perhaps next time I am here I will.
There is a certain passion I get about writing, which I had the whole time out hiking today. I just couldn’t wait to get back to write to you. I have to find a way to hold on to this passion as I am writing my next book. It is so much fun to share with you things from my life that might help you in your life.
In the US many households take time to say, “grace”, before a meal. It is almost like–ready, set, go. Seems that most people say the words with no meaning or anything. I am finding that that habit is not practiced anywhere here that I have seen. In America so many people are god centered and Jesus centered. I have been studying and learning about the idea about god, and such a big topic it is. I will be writing to you my ideas about god in my next emailing to you. And, I promise you, there won’t be such an extended time before you receive.


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