Blog 45–To catch you up.

Tina and I decided to spend a few days at Delaware Water Gap National Park, a great time was had by all. 
April 16-18–

We saw a sign that read “Picnic area” and “Boat Ramp”, we were not going to picnic and did not have the boat this time, but, down the road we went. After crossing over a not so good road (my always being careful because of what occurred before with an unknown dirt road) we came out on the river, no one around, and a fabulous place to park, to eat, to play and to sleep in the van. 


As I am typing this I am in the van at the table I built looking out the double doors at a lavish field of grass, where I am sure deer graze in the morning, beyond which is a flourishing forest. On the other side of the van we have the Delaware river flowing by. We spent the night here, no one around, it was fabulous. So quiet, so calm, so isolated. 

There is a toilet to use and a nice meadow. We are so pleased with the place we are staying for two nights. We just finished our breakfast, me hash-brown potatoes with fried onions, Tina ate a nice salad. Walking, talking, juggling, reading–What a delightful life we are living. 
The second day a couple guys showed up to catch fish in the river. They were out on their boat so we never did see them much. besides, I am allergic to fish anyway. We did find out that what they do is catch and then release the fish back into the river. Seems to me like a waste of time, and it hurts the fishies. There are much more meaningful things you can do for entertainment in your life, don’t you think?
May 10–I must apologize, I have not been adding words to this recently. I am in Delaware with at Christ the Teacher School working with kids and teaching circus skills. 

May 2-13–We are here at the school for two weeks, the first week is introduction to what the kids can do in the circus and putting together the circus, the following week the students perform their circus.

I worked with the ringmaster, who runs the show. He was quite good, and I taught him to juggle, too. 
The four shows were very well received by the audience, good to see. Bruce has put together a program for students that does much more than teach them circus skills, learned were skills that they will use throughout their life. 
Because I have not been traveling much, I have not been writing much. I just wanted to get words to you that I am still alive and life goes forward. You will receive a more detailed posting soon.

Bye for now>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kit


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