Blog 43–Enough already !!

​​After reading over ​the blog I last sent, and hearing from Chris Myers on how I could be less depressing in my writings, I have changed my focus–you will notice a change in what you are reading. Thank you, Chris, for helping me get back in the right state of mind.

We all have difficulties, we all go through changes, why would you want to read about mine when you have your own. I’ve actually written about this in past books, it is where we focus that makes our life go a certain direction. 

​If you ​focus on negative and sad things, and you will often​ bring that to your life. ​I have been focusing on the bad, because I am going through much that is not good now, but am I actually bringing more on? ​I must take back control of my thoughts and mind, difficult, but I must.
​I wrote in the last blog about how I was walking up some wet steps in New Orleans and fell, my shin hitting an edge and getting hurt badly. After about five days, ecause of the pain in my left leg and my foot turning purple, I found a small hospital out in the middle of nowhere to get it looked at. It seemed that me and just me and​ one other patient were at Watkins Hospital in Quitman, MS​; yes, a strange city name. Was treated by Rushikesh Mehta, MD, and hearing his accent and name, seems to be from India. ​Seemed that he was the only doctor for emergency, and also the whole hospital (or, hotpistol, as Maryellen used to say.)
I had to be there waiting for various things for three hours, yikes.

Just to make sure it was not broken they took several xrays, and it wasn’t, which I knew. As I wrote in my last email, such a strange injury, I’ve not had anything like this. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics and sent me on my way. 

Losses I had omitted in the last email.
How could I forgot these other major events in my life:
  • My father died when I was only six years old. He worked for the Oregon Fish Commission. They had rented a helicopter and pilot and the were looking for log jams on a river. The pilot did not see some high electric wires, they hit them and fell to the ground.
  • ​My older brother was taking a bus from San Diego to Baker, Oregon. Because of drugs he was doing so well mentally. No one knows why, but he got off the bus and was hitch-hiking. He stepped in front of an oncoming vehicle and was killed. 
  • About five years after my older brother was killed, my younger brother (who was living in Eastern Oregon) and my older brother’s son were off-roading in a truck​. Drinking beer, no seat belt, they rolled the truck, both killed.
  • About two years ago my mom died from an infection.​ I never saw life without my mom around, so it affected me deeply and for a time I was devastated
  • My sister and I never did connect well. After the death of my mother she does not want to connect at all with me now, so another loss. 
Back to the wilderness, again for me, which, as you know, I love. My Access Card, which gets me into all the National Parks, must have slipped out of my wallet. I called and then went to a forest ranger station and she gave me another card, no charge. You see, everything will be provided, there are no worries. Recently, as you know, I needed a new bike, one was provided. 
​But, we choose what we think are “provided”, when we are in need of so much. ​There are losses, but there is also good, I must always remember.
​In this same national park was a superb campground, I must tell you about it:​
​I​ seldom stay for two nights at a campsite, because this one is so superb and I have things to do, I ​must​ stay.
Marathon Lake Campground is quite beautiful. Each campsite has a water source, a picnic table and an electric hookup. Then, there are showers and a bathroom building, too. All you need to live i​s food, which I have.
​ See my juggling clubs in the photo below?​

I must describe how it is right now:
  • There is a cool breeze blowing through the trees.
  • Tall trees are all around, beautiful to look at.
  • ​Birds in the ​trees are making their bird noises.
  • ​Above the trees a​ partly cloudy sky is overhead, sun popping through now and then.
  • ​​There are strips of grass down by the lake, you can see my juggling clubs in grass in the photo.
  • Some trees are felled nearby, they just leave them as they return into the Earth.
  • I am sitting at a picnic table typing these words to you (with a smile on my face.) 
  • A honking goose just flew overhead.

You might wonder what I could do for two days all day. Here are a few things I accomplished:
  • Went for a long bike ride. 
  • Gathered more firewood.
  • Cut my hair (have an electric buzz cutter, I simply put my head down and make sure it all is the same length, turns out nice.)
  • Juggled by the lake. 
  • Read a National Geographic Magazine.
  • Wrote these words for you. 
  • Danced a jig. 
  • Cleaned my windows in the van. 
  • ​Made exquisite meals for  myself. ​

My future plans are to visit Gregory at Gballz company while on my way up to see Albert Lucas in Branson, Missouri for a time. Then on to New York City to work with

​ Bruce Pfeffer and ​After I wrote a past blog about not knowing of my future, Bruce suggested I could start with them, so I ​will be​ ​starting with them on April 10 in New York City. Of course, you will learn later how it is with me there. ​A future, makes me happy.
​March 18-19–Was with Gregory at his Gballz factory and home,, what a ​wonderful place it is. His father-in-law had this undeveloped land and Gregory developed it, in a superb way. His house/factory are build as one, no drywall, all wood, the way I like it. And, he has more land to build more, even a pool if he desires. In his business it is a one man show in making the balls, his wife cuts out patterns and does much more. I must say, I am quite impressed.
Gregory helped me with some computer skills I lack, such as learning to put on these photos you see here. Also, with his sewing skills he repaired my sleeping bag, thank you for that, Gregory. 
And, on March 19 after leaving Gregory’s house, I went in search of wilderness in the Ozarks, and, I just went through an off-road adventure that was quite scary. I set GPS to take me to a campground in the Ozarks, it ended up sending me down a dirt road. This road went downhill and was alright at first, then the road narrowed and started getting rocky (bouldery, too.) I could not turn around anywhere and could not back up the hill, so I had to continue forward–the road got worse. 
Sending me through one foot deep puddles and small streams on this rain cut gully road, I had to continue forward. GPS showed where I was, and was hard to figure out how to get out, so on I went. On some points there was more than one way to go, I had to guess, yikes. At one point on one side was a bank (no, I didn’t make a deposit) and the other was a drop off (didn’t make a deposit there, either, fortunately.)
You could call me the Ozark Mountain Daredevil. 
At times I had to hit the gas peddle to make it up the next hill. I was quite scared throughout this adventure, if I got stuck or dropped off the side I would be ruined. Eventually I got to a better dirt road, then a paved road. I could have easily gotten stuck somewhere and I would have no way out. This drive was a nightmare.
Any mistakes and I would be a goner. 
The van performed off-road superbly, outperforming many four wheel drive vehicles, I would think. It had the 8 cylinder power I needed and got me through some messy road and hills. After I went through this the check engine light was on for a time, but turned off by itself, I may have it checked out. That is the last time I take ANY dirt roads I don’t know about.
Traveling on, as Spring is coming, as I was passing my huge pastures with cows eating of the grass. Each cow eating all day, everyday, what a life. It’s funny, the cows eat the grass and then we eat the cows, why can’t we just eat the grass and surpass the meat stage? 
How is a huge pasture different from a big lawn. One is for eating, the other is for mowing. Which one is a waste of time? I’ve always disliked lawns, what a waste to constantly be taking care of it. I would rather have the natural look with gardens, rocks and wood. 
Yesterday was Sunday, I was passing Ozark Mountain Community Church and saw cars and some people going in, I decided to join them. The service just happened to be starting in about 15 minutes, so my timing was excellent (a gift from god?) 
I’ve been to hundreds of church services and they all seem similar. I attend hoping for some way to believe, to see why all these people are so committed, how is that? 
Every church service seems the same. 
There is singing, as people read the words on the screen, for some time. Then the pastor or guy in charge starts his sermon (sad that is  always a guy.) 
The audience is told how they are all sinners and bad and that they need to find god (demeaning and damaging to a human mind, I would think.) Then, of course, the audience is told that the cure is to find god and give money to the church. Seems that all these people attending church need to be reminded each week to believe or they may drop out. Talked into it again week after week. 
I still cannot accept and believe in any kind of god, it is so against human intellect. 
I quietly left after and drove down the road. 
Now on to Branson, Missouri to see Albert Lucas. After arrival in Branson, and my computer would not work! I will write more of that later. 
Albert is one year younger than myself, and has been juggling since the age of three. Trained by his father who is living in Las Vegas with his wife, dad is 98 years of age, mom is 86.  I remember his mom and dad quite well, we first meet at an Ice Capades show in which Albert was performing in 1977. His skills are quite advanced. 
Here is the show he is in:
He is in such good shape, running and juggling daily, as well as performing daily, too. His house is quite nice and only about a one minute walk to the theater, right up a small hill from the show, the perfect location to live. They do have a cat, fortunately my allergies are in check, normally I am highly allergic to cats. 
As you read, my computer died, it performed so well for me before the mother board said no more. Albert bought me a new one, this one I am typing on now, a Lenovo. I am so grateful for his help. 
While here I am giving Albert suggestions for improving his act, which he is liking, and says that they are helping, much. Good to see him put into action suggestions I make. Also, I will be helping him to develop a website; surprised he does not have one as of yet. I will write the words, then pass those words on to a website developer. If you know anyone who does good websites, please let me know.
I saw four shows by Albert, each one he took on my ideas and his show did get better. In fact, ratings of his show over the last few days show that people loved it. An unbelievable juggler, I saw no drops, quite impressive. He said that, with my help, his show has improved.

In the 1970’s, when I was working on and learning so many new tricks–under the leg, behind the back, over the top–there was one trick that was difficult to name. On this trick, while juggling three clubs, the club is thrown between the legs, from the front, so that the club travels over your hip or shoulder to be caught with the other hand and back in the pattern. A long wording, so I decided to give it a name.

In 1976 I went to see a performance of Ice Capades, mainly to see the phenomenal juggler Albert Lucas, who performed in the show. He does the trick I wrote about in the previous paragraph. Not only was he making the juggling throws with that trick, he was skating in a spread eagle and moving while performing the trick. Right then and there, I decided to call the trick, “Albert throws.” Now, all over the world, people are calling this trick “Albert throws.”

Happily married to Ruth for over seven years, they are great together. 

March 28–Today Mike Chirrick took me out for lunch, how nice. Both Mike and Albert were juggling idols of mine as I was going through my teens and getting better at juggling. Jon Held and I even drove from San Diego to Las Vegas to meet and see Mike juggling in the 1970’s. We were both quite impressed. Here is Mike, take a look:
And,  view a video here:
Mike is 64 years of age now, living in Branson, and still performing. He tells me his body is slowing down and performing is more difficult with age. A sad part of life for all of us. 
In looking at a map of the US recently, I see that I have been to every state, including Alaska and Hawaii. Just, not quite sure about Kentucky, so I be going through that state on my way back east.
So, ending my wonderful stay with Albert Lucas and heading back toward where I started this drive.
Time to get back to the wilderness.
I’ll write you soon again>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kit


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