Blog 37–The journey continues

​January 12, 2016–

After much time I am starting my writing to you once again. I’ve been holed up in New Orleans spending time until I have to be in Mobile, AL to face the judge about that accident​,​ which will take place on Jan 2, I will let you know how it turns out. 

​I’ve not been writing, because I am not caring about myself or anything (of course, I do care about you.) ​So, in my mind, with nothing being important, I have nothing to say or write. 
As I wrote in my last post, I will eventually get back on a more positive track–you will see. 
Nothing was really happening in New Orleans, although Mardi Gra will start soon, so not much to write about. I did help Kyle with his juggling. 
And, we went out to some bars playing blue-grass music. I did meet Tammy and we talked for a bit. That showed me that, yes, I could find someone new. 

My new friend Kyle allowed me to stay in his unoccupied apartment for a week. 

​Missing the wilderness, it was off to Big Biloxi Campground in De Soto National Park. ​

Hard to be at a campground when you hear constant gunfire going off and think of the poor animals who just want to live their life.

​And, ​I stopped by Airey Lake Campground:

which was quite full. There was a nice little lake with duckies, but I thought I would move down the road. So I 

popped over to ​another campground, I was the only one there. ​
​Jan 24–Today as I was driving I was passing a church with many cars outside, I decided to join them​. The pastor was a good actor, shedding tears and then making jokes, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand. 
Whenever I go to a church I want to argue and talk with the person speaking. These people listening were mesmerized. Here they are:
Hard to believe how much money churches bring in, I guess people give because it helps them in life, that’s a good thing. 
As I’ve written, I have been really down on myself. Having no family or close people to me I worry, at times, about what would happen if I physically was injured or the van broke down or . . . It does make life hard and sad to think in this way, I must refrain from doing so. 
Yesterday I met Rosa, from Peru, at a McDonald’s. A new friend is made. I told her about my daughter April’s adventures in Peru, she liked that. 

And, this day I felt down. I happened to open the book I wrote, Your Brain, and read pages 60-70. Boy, I should follow my own advice, huh? I’ve attached this book with this email, have you read yet?

Jan 26–Last night I parked to sleep the night in a Lowe’s parking lot. It was quiet and calm, but I did like it better the night before camped in the wilderness.
​Will write you again soon>>>>>>>Kit


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