Blog 9 – Still Having a Great Time! 

Blog 9 – Still Having a Great Time! 
By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–

YES > >

==You can change your life at any time to make it more magnificent!

==You can live with little money and still have an excellent life.

==You will still be able to live life getting very little sleep.

==You can live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!

== I want to share with you experiences that, I hope, will add to and make your life better.

==Perhaps this is my new “gig” and I will be traveling the world doing the same?


My birthday was yesterday, turned the big 6-0. In my youth, 60 always seemed soooo old, like you were almost dead, but I have so much more to do and ways to add to the world in a good way. I celebrated by myself in the van having a glass of wine and some good cheese, my party by myself.

I heard from hundreds of friends wishing me a Happy Birthday, so nice to receive. 

It has been a little cold, but comfortable. I had just wanted to go up to these two national parks that I had not been to. I will be heading down south again soon for the warmer weather.


2/23/19—Through I found a superb place to stay. Pretty much an open field with some trees interspersed, it is first come-first serve spots. I arrived on a Saturday, but still found a spot with a picnic table and fire-ring. Very quiet, quite comfortable, I like this spot.

West Tower Hunt Camp—A good find.

See how nice >>

When I first arrived a guy said there is a pond about three miles away where there are gators—yes—Crocagators (or, better known as alligators.) I wanted to pet one, so I drove the three miles to the pond, no gators were to be seen. But, I did stop on the way back and picked up a bunch of firewood. I expect to return to pet a gator. , this will add up to a better world for you.

Did much more improvements to the van, cleaning, and advancements. The van is my world, for yourself, when you can make every part of your life excellent, your life will run much smoother. Refine every detail of your life and you will welcome a much more comfortable life.

I was planning on spending three or four days at this wonderful free campsite.

So, I was greatly enjoying there, yet, after a few hours, an old fat guy and his wife pulled into the spot next to me. At first, it was alright, but then he started his noisy compressor for power. After a time I saw him out by the compressor and I asked him how long he was planning to have it on. He told me there were no noise restrictions here, so he said he would be having it on 24 hours a day.


You can see his noisy compressor in the back. After a couple of hours of the noise, I went over there to talk with him – I saw that he was using the power to run his fucking TV in his trailer with all the windows covered – talk about getting back to nature.

I could not stand it, so I packed everything up, but left so much wood I had gathered for the fires. Right before I left I accidentally unplugged his power from the compressor, whoops.

Once again I looked on and saw Jacksonville, Florida – Yikes – I could not go to another city. So, I looked beyond, east toward the coast. I found “American Beach, Burney Park” – and off I went. Passing through Jacksonville was a pain, with the traffic and people, after being in that fabulous national Park.

Yet, it was only a total of about 55 miles of driving. I arrived as the sun was just going down, so I could still see well. Many mansions, I found, what I thought was the right road that brought me down to PARK ON THE BEACH! So, I had a better view than all these million dollar mansions.

I am parked right on the beach (which was hard sand) and I can hear the waves gently breaking on the shore, I should sleep well tonight with this sound in my mind. As I am typing this right now it has already gotten dark outside. So, until the morning, I will miss you.


2/24—Yes, a comfortable sleep, yet, as usual, I awoke about 3:30am. I layed there as I awoke in delight. While waiting for the sun to pop up I fried up some potatoes and onions, a delicious breakfast. In the van, I have good lighting so I can see well.

On eating—I used to scarf down my food, now I cherish every bite of food. I learned to eat slow and meaningfully. You can just eat, mouthfuls going down your gullet, or you can savor every bite you take.

Today I discovered that I went to the wrong beach yesterday after all (yes, it was wonderful sleeping while parked on the sand.) On the internet, I found the right place, a big parking lot with bathrooms and showers, just my cup of tea. Not many here, I set up to stay for the night.

I went for a swim in the cold Atlantic Ocean, and then they had showers so I am expertly clean. Quite a nice day for me and was looking forward to spending a few days here.

About 11am I saw a sheriff driving through, I went up to him to check and see about staying overnight. He said they used to allow it, but too many homeless (I’m not homeless, I bring my home with me) and drug problems going on, so they no longer allow it. He said from midnight to 5am no one can be here.

Much of what I drove through the last couple days was like driving through a tropic forest—very nice. This is a very beautiful area, many islands connected by bridges. Amelia Island was quite interesting.

Here you go, take a look >>

Where to next is the question. Up north is the cold, but, that is my choice. You see, somehow I missed going to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which states North Carolina and Tennesee. You see, I want to go to all the national parks in America, including the ones in Alaska and Hawaii (hmmm, might be difficult driving the van to Hawaii.)

In 1978 I lived in Hawaii for 4 months. I went with my juggling friend, Barrett Felker and we put in hundreds of hours of juggling practice. I may have gone to Haleakala National Park at that time, but I would love to visit again.

Feb 24-25–My first stop, again found through, Towns Bluff Park and Heritage Center, I was the only one here in this huge park THE WHOLE TIME! It’s been fantastic. There is a large grass field where I parked to do some juggling, biking, van improvements, and van painting. So quiet, so nice, couldn’t have asked for better (unless you were here, of course.)

Right now as I am typing these words I am touch typing while looking out at the cool river. Beer in hand, well, not while I am typing, nice sunny day, so pleasant.

It’s a Monday, so I understand why no one is here.

I just watered my plants, twice a week water, and nourishment. I take the plants outside when I water them. Did you know I grow lettuce, cilantro, and spinach in my sun windows? After I got the van I thought of it, of course, plants need sun, they get much in the sunroof windows. In the past, my plants have made good meals for me. Yes, I have a mobile vegetable garden.

This place, where I am all alone, even has a bathroom with hot showers. I would love to stay for many days, but I must be moving on tomorrow.

Took a nice shower in the morning, after a good sleep. Approaching this day with a smile on my face looking for more exciting things down the road.

Feb 25-26—Somehow I ended up at a different National Park than I was aiming for, surprising myself, a small one in South Carolina, Congaree National Park. There are many hikes here, I took one and it was swampy, but saw good things, hopefully, the photos came out good. I’m glad I ended up here, very different it is .

Congaree National Park is a 26,276-acre American national park in central South Carolina. The park received its official designation in 2003 as the culmination of a grassroots campaign that began in 1969. The park preserves the largest tract of old growth bottomland hardwood forest left in the United States.

Learn about Congaree, here >>

Feb 26-28—The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennesee is breathtaking (hey, where’s my breath go, did you take it?) Because the freeway and another big road was closed because of rain and mudslides, it was difficult to get to the entrance, but after many miles of driving around I got there yesterday.


I got into the park on the 28th, but wanted to get these words to you before I go exploring the park, which I will do in the next few days.

Did you know that GSM national park is the most visited national park in the nation? I will b e writing in detail of GSM in my next blog to you.


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