Blog 24–The love is there, but Tina is not

Wanted to update you on the status of Tina and I.
Oct 5–Yesterday and this morning I did not know what to expect. Tina and I met up at a diner at about 10am. ​We were both comfortable and relaxed. Love was apparent and obvious, she just told me again that, because I do not have belief as she does, she cannot continue because she wants to talk with me of faith and such. I understand, but then, I do not understand at all. I ask her if there was anything else that is breaking her away from me, there was not.
Much hugging and kissing, and we are planning to be together again in the next few days.
Oct 8–We got together again, some hours in a nice park. Walking, hugging, talking, laughing–a joyous time. Yet, Tina still tells me she cannot be with me because I lack faith in God. Our love is so strong toward each other, yet, this god is stronger than our love?
Tina has bought a small station wagon and wants to continue here own travels in this vehicle.
So, now knowing that Tina will not be with me anymore, I must continue. Down the road I go. Heading south initially, have no idea where I will be heading to. So lonely, so hard, but, as always, I will find a way.
I’m glad you’re there>>>>>>>>>>Kit


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