Blog 23–Attitude Counts, much

October 5--This morning the guys at Kehtron computer
helped me install Windows 10, a nice new system. I mainly use google for writing, so the operating system does not matter that much.
Are you using 10? 
I have known Bill and his computer guys for some years, they have helped much with my computer circumstances.
In the afternoon I met with my friend Steve Harrison, whom I have known since the 80’s, I believe. Steve has helped so many people with his company:
A personal tour of the van–he liked. He thinks I am very creative and have designed and built things well. In future blogs I will be letting you know where I am traveling to next. If I am going anywhere near you I would love to give you a tour of the van, too. 
Steve took me to dinner, very nice, and we had a great talk. When we first got together we sat in my home (the van, of course) and I cried with changes that have happened. With talk between us I am starting to see a future that will help many people, as well as myself; a good thing. So, by the end of the evening, I had my smile back.
We also stopped by Barnes and Noble, he thought they might have some books that would interest me. He ended up buying for me, “Mere Christianity” (which I had read some years ago) and a book by Henry David Thoreau. 
Steve told me I write somewhat like Thoreau; a nice compliment. He also said my writing is quite good (so good to hear, some of you have told me, too, very nice, thanks.)
Earlier I had posted words about TSA and how I dealt with them. I was in a playful mood and felt like goofing off. I was not trying to be rude to these people who are doing their job. 
Someone had written that I was being negative, which I did not mean to bring forward at all. I am hoping that, through my words, you see that I like to make people truly “think”, something few people do. I know it is their job and they have to do the job, just trying to have them “think” for a moment.
Yes, TSA was necessary to settle and relax people after 9/11, but, I believe, they have taken it too far and it is intimidating the masses, and the control imposed is not right. 
In my blog I am writing words of how “I” feel, I not want to present negativity. 
And, I want to make this a dialog. I am hearing from a few of you about the words I am scripting. 
Have I heard from you, yet? 
​In my travels, I am realizing more and more the impact of attitude on and about life. Attitude, for myself, is far more important than facts. Being more important than education, money, circumstances, failures, successes and even more that the life that we have lived so far.
I want to bring you fresh good words 
to change your attitude to the better. 
I have to admit, my attitude recently has dropped far down. Sorry to have brought you down with me in the words I have been presenting lately. Yes, I am now climbing back aboard the ship. We will be sailing again soon (oh, I forgot, I get very seasick easily, I thing I will stay on dry land.)
Bring on that smile to everyone you see! 
Remember, it will be good for them–and even better for you. 
With the right attitude about and in life, you can live the life that you want. The amazing thing is that we have a choice every day on which direction our attitude will turn.
Remember that we cannot change the past, how other people will act, what might be inevitable or natural changes. What we can do is control and/or change our attitude toward what is happening or has happened.
I have learned this myself in a number of ways. 
Tomorrow Tina and I will get together at about 10am. I am much looking forward to seeing her and wondering what joining together will bring. I promise I will be there with a good attitude, of course.
Guess who>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kit


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