By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that, yes > > ==You can change your life at any time to make it more magnificent. ==You can live with little money and still have an excellent life. ==Still be able to live life getting very little sleep. ==You can live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event. ==I want to share with you experiences that, I hope, will add to and make your life better. ==Perhaps this is my new “gig” and I will be traveling the world doing the same? 
Yes, I will be writing some long posts to inspire you. Some people have complained in the past that my posts were too long, well, too bad. But, you are more important then them, I do hope you enjoy the read. 
I guess writing to you is my “new” job. I do hope I write some words that will help you to pursue that next higher level in your life. 
In my last blog, I had a photo of Mono Lake, a fascinating place.Watch this >>

Can you stay with yourself, many cannot. I am alright alone, enjoy it more, at times (better to be with you, though.) 


By the way, I miss the terrific time traveling with Tina. 
1-11-19, So, on the road for sure at this point. I don’t sleep very much, 3 to 5  hours a night. This morning was one of those limited sleep events. Awoke at 1am–up for the day I am. 
So, tried while driving, being very careful, then Government Shut-down and that Skyline Drive might be closed. 
Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park is simply fabulous. Since the park might be closed, watch this and be amazed >>

Well, heading that way anyway, so I will check. 
Heading down to Front Royal in Virginia. Then I remembered about the shut-down. So, the park might be closed. I will find out tomorrow, of course.
Right now it is about 3 in the afternoon. Because of lack of sleep, I pulled into a Walmart, which happens to have a McDonalds in it. So, all the free wifi I could want, and I can plug in. This looks to be the busiest Walmart I have been in. Every register is ringing, taking in all the money. 
Most Walmarts allow vehicles to park overnight; I have spent the night at many. I think I will stay the night here, since I am already, anyway. There is a place I can plug in my computer, so I have all I need. 
Yet, the temperature is quite cold in the building. I recently I stopped at a different McDonalds, they kept it even colder. Must be something like a certain temperature makes more sales?
Here is the plan for the night, as is most nights >> First, I crank on the portable propane heater, heats the van up quickly, very nice. Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater
Once the van heats up, I will prepare my bed (you will get a video tour of my van later.) A sleepy bag that can go low in temperature, but, even with a blanket too, I got cold. Right before I left what I ordered came in–a space blanket. This thin sleeping cover is lined on the inside with silver, which reflects your body heat. 
The first night I tried it I slipped into it, then I got into my sleeping bag, then I put a blanket on top, it was about freezing outside. I awoke the next morning surprisingly toasty warm, I was very surprised. I slept well, too. 
A few days ago I purchased some beer. So, I will open a Corona Light with a smile on my face. No, I’m not a beeraholic, I do enjoy a nice brew now and then. 
Right now, I am sitting in the van typing to you on the table I have. As you know, I will give you a video tour later. I also work on this offline and with a battery in the wilderness—which I love. 
Like I wrote, Walmart allows people to be in their vehicles overnight, so I will drive around and find a location where there will be minimal noise for the night. 
I get the van warm with the heater. Next, I put covers on all the windows. I made the window covers myself and these keep ALL light out. 
All kinds of people around me at Walmart now, but, feeling very lonely. I’m glad you are there. 


Jan 11-12–Down to 22f last night, yet, with my sleepy bag and space blanket, I was warm, though. 
Drove much today, not seeing very much. 
I drove to the entrance of Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive. Sadly–the park was closed. Such a wonderful drive it truly is. Take a look >>

January 12-13–Stayed the night with Ihab Sadoon in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Ihab is a dental surgeon, a very nice guy. With him are his wife, their daughter and his mom. A very nice family. 
I met Ihab through Ihab and his wife were heading up to NYC and contacted me last month about his wife and him staying over, which was great. Now I am able to stay with them.
I have used to stay with people all over the world, for free, as I let others stay with me. When you stay in a motel they are not your friend. You wonder who slept in that bed the night before and it’s usually unfriendly and cold. 
Couchsurfing is free and fantastic. When you are going to go somewhere sign up with them and stay with someone. Everyone has a profile you can read and most give a review of this person, so you are not staying with a complete stranger. 
People I have stayed with in the past have given me a tour of their area to learn, fed me, and were wonderful to be around. Yesterday, I brought in my juggling and magic stuff. After, they were entertained–they had a newly learnt skill of being able to juggle. 
Here is a personal experience with Couchsurfing >>

Awoke to big snow that came overnight, looks like at least five inches. I was going to drive down The Blue Ridge Parkway, a drive I have not taken, yet. With the snow, I would only see white, so, staying to main roads now. I just want to get down to the warmer weather–as my life completely changes. 


Jan 15–Have mainly been driving for the last few days, so, no stories right now. 
I feel such freedom traveling alone (but, I wish you were with me.) 
Drove to Myrtle Beach today because I saw there might be national park land near. Yiks–the traffic was horrendous. I knew that was tourist country, but did not expect this. But, I was tired and wanted to find a place to sleep for the night. In my GPS I typed in “park” and found a local one. It was dark and quiet for the night, a good sleep. 
Jan 16–As I am heading south, the air temperature has been rising–nice. Just a couple days ago I was in the snow, now, nicer. Went to visit my Facebook friend, Kellie Sullivan. I told her I would teach her to juggle in two minutes–she was shocked when she did. 
I got my unicycle off of the back of my van and went for a ride today. I have not ridden my uni for a while, my muscles were too stiff and I was not comfortable. I will start riding the unicycle more and more. You’ll see. 
Jan 17–Last night I stayed at an empty church parking lot, no people around and no cars, quiet and dark, just the way I like it. About 9pm some church people showed up along with two cop cars. I talked with them and let them know that I just wanted to sleep.
The church people ok’d it, but the cops were just cops–checked my id, asked me if I had been drinking. They seemed like idiots. After all, this is a church, does not their god protect the church?
So, I passed when he ran my id, I guess I’m not a wanted criminal after all.
One cop asked the usual, “So, you been drinking tonight?” I was going to simply say, “Why do you ask”, but I said–“Yes, I have been drinking, I drank some milk awhile ago.” Then I said, “If a person does not drink liquid that person will die. I’m sure you’ve been drinking–yes?” He had no response.
Then, after I awoke at 3am (I do not sleep much), I found a McDonalds that was open 24 hours a day. So, I went in to use their free wifi and I could also plug in my computer to charge the battery. 
Later, I order a little something for breakfast, since I am using there wifi, after all. So, the person brought me my food in a bag. Before he even got to the counter I asked him, “Please take it out of the bag and reuse the bag”. Then he took my sandwich out of the bag and handed it to me. He then crumpled the bag and threw it away. WHY CAN PEOPLE NOT THINK??? 

Jan 10–Woke to warmer temps, I like it. I am on my way to Ocala National Park, one of my favorites. Tina reminded me that they will probably be closed because of the gov shutdown. I was so looking forward to spending time doing some projects on the van, doing some juggling, running, bicycling and having a great time by myself. I will still drive to the area to see. You will find out more in my next blog this next Friday. =============================================I am fine traveling and living on my own, I quite enjoy it. Really, each of us lives and directs there own life. 
Each week I will let you know of my upcoming travels. If you are along the way, I would love to stop by and say hi, I will also teach you to juggle! Also, if I could spend the night at your home sleeping in my van that would be wonderful, as will a shower in the morn. Let me know later . . . 
I’ve included more photos from past travels. Hope you like. 
Looking forward to hearing back from you, it gets lonely out here. 
Bye for now>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kit 


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