BLOG 164—Past Travels

With my words, I hope to throw some oblique light upon your life.
I want to inspire you to see life in a different and/or better way.

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With this blog, I am including a few photos of my past travels. I loved being on the road and always seeing new and different experiences. You have to remember, it is experiences that make a good life, not “things”. It may take changes to see a better life.

Change is a good thing, but so many fight against it. There is good change and there is bad change. When you are going through bad change, you may not be able to control the outcome, but, you can and must control how you react to it. 

Not much happened this week. I hope you enjoy the photos from past travels. So many changes in my life, all through it. My latest, teaming up with Beth to live our life together, was one of the better changes I have gone through.


Inspirational quotes and motivational sayings have an amazing ability to change the way we feel about life and can change our thinking.

This is why I find them so interesting, challenging, and important on our path to joy and happiness and finding ways to inspire ourselves as well as others.

Inspirational quotes and ideas provide us with a quick and timely burst of wisdom to get our focus back, offering the inspiration needed for the day or occasion.

I hope to inspire you with my words.

Words have power.

At any age, you can (and should) make changes to make your life better.

You see, the way you think and feel about yourself, including your beliefs and expectations about what is possible for you, determines everything that happens in your life. It all derives from your quality of thinking.

When you improve the quality of your thinking,
you change the quality of your life—sometimes instantly!

Just as positive words can make someone smile, and/or, a well-timed amusing quote can make someone laugh, your own thoughts react to the world in real-time. You have this control!

In fact, you have complete control over only one thing in the universe — Your Thinking — and that’s where motivational quotes come in!

To keep your motivation, you have to use each day as an opportunity for improvement, to be better, to get a little bit closer to your goals. It might sound like a lot of work—and with your busy schedule—next to impossible. But you can do it!

Self-talk is so important—THINK RIGHT!

Motivational words, yes, they’re just words.

But they’re positive words; they will keep you on track.
Remember, you are only as young as the last time you changed your mind.

Keep your thoughts and self-talk fun and productive and always reaching for advancement.


1—The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. – Leo Tolstoy
Leo Tolstoy, the greatest humanist, put these words in General Kutuzov’s mouth. And, actually, it is a combination of two quotes.

2—Time is money. – Benjamin Franklin.
Probably, the most famous quote about time by Benjamin Franklin, a person known for his productivity and various talents. In his 84 years, he became not only a prominent politician and diplomat, but also an actor, musician, inventor, and satirist.

3—Time waits for no one. – Folklore.
The earliest record of this phrase is dated 1225 – before English was shaped in the modern form. The origin is uncertain, so it’s considered to be proverbial wisdom. It means that no man has enough power to stop time or to change its course.

4—Better 3 hours too soon than a minute too late. – William Shakespeare.
Better spend time waiting for the opportunity to take an action than miss the chance. In Shakespeare’s “The Merry Wives of Windsor”, the phrase is said by a character who suspects his wife’s infidelity, but in fact, it can be applied to any situation when you need to take a chance to change things.

5—Lost time is never found again. – Benjamin Franklin.
You can’t keep today’s hour for tomorrow – we all know that, but still tend to procrastinate. Benjamin Franklin warns that time is a scarce resource, and if it’s wasted, it cannot be recovered later. This is why mindful planning and work on productivity are so important.

6—Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. – Theophrastus.
Ancient Greek philosophy is known for its combination of merely theoretical thoughts and practical approaches. Theophrastus understood time as an accident of motion that cannot be stopped or reversed, and he said that waste of time is the most extravagant and costly of all expenses.

7—Time is the wisest counselor of all. – Pericles.
Pericles, the influential ancient Greek statesman and general, was a rationalist and knew the value of time. His famous phrase was said as a warning for Tolmides, the young Athenian general who intended to invade Boeotia. Eventually, Tolmides failed to listen to Pericles’ words, his army suffered a heavy defeat and he died in the battle. This quote is a warning against premature decisions and poor judgment caused by the lack of time.

8—The key is in not spending time, but in investing it. – Stephen R. Covey.
A quote by Stephen R. Covey, the author of the famous time management matrix. You can spend time on useful and useless things, but if you call it “investing”, you’ll definitely invest it in something that has value and importance for you. So choose your goals wisely so that time you spend on them becomes an investment, not an expense.

9—It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
If we truly love something, we spend (or invest?) time in it. As time is a valuable resource, when invested, it makes the person, goal, or activity even more important for us. But there’s a negative side too. Sometimes we hold on to the past and to irrelevant goals just because we already spent too much time on them.

10. Punctuality is the thief of time. – Oscar Wilde.
The phrase that looks like a joke for most of us, is the truth of a complete hedonist. Oscar Wilde is being at his best: the meaning of his quote is that when you invest effort in someone else’s comfort (like hurrying because someone is waiting), you sacrifice your own time that you could spend on much more pleasant things.



3/27—Our friend, Nancy, has a big forest of bamboo, looks quite nice. There is an area on our land that I am hoping to make the view less obvious, so I will be starting a bamboo forest of my own to block seeing in.

Bamboo grows very abundantly, so I got some younger shoots and will plant them soon. You will see photos in the future. This is an amazing material, so strong. So much could be done with Bamboo. 

3/28As you might know, I designed my van so that I can take everything out and then be able to use the big empty van to transport things. We needed more wood for the fire, so I removed stuff to make room, then went today to pick up a big group of wood. 

I will be driving to the juggling festival in Atlanta, so today I put all back into the van. For about six years I lived in my van and traveled, which I like very much. I do have wonderful memories, but great to be with Beth now.

For a change, Beth asked me to shave my face today. I do still have a mustache, but a clean face. Feels different for me, looks antithetic, too.

3/29—The wood has to go somewhere, so I built a rack to hold it. When I have a project I strive for perfection. Not sure where I derived this effort, but I always have it. I had no idea how to go about building this structure but started with minor ideas, and the rack came to be. 

Once this rack was full, I needed another, so I built one around the side. There were some problems with this one, but I kept at it until it was the excellence that I desire. You see, I aim for excellence in all that I do, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

This aim has become a habit that I use in an unthinking way. And, this is a habit that you can and should aim for, too. We always have a choice, to aim for mediocrity or aim for excellence, the choice is always up to you – choose right.

3/30—Today we planted our small tomato and pepper plants. As they reach a bigger stage, they will be planted in the garden. As I wrote before, I am building 4 large above-ground gardens, which should be nice later – you will see. Is your garden started yet?

I built this above-ground garden with free pallets. 
The plants will be put into the garden later.
Jemma, our dog, helped as I built. 

3/31—Rain most of the day. Good for the plants, not good for projects.


As I am typing this, I am looking out the window and seeing trees, big ones.
When is the last time you made the time to safely climb a tree?
Remember when you were a youth and loved the climb?

This week, find a tree to climb and do, is a safe way, of course.
I know I will be doing just that.
Let me know how high you got on the tree.
Tomorrow I will be going to >>
I will let you know how it went.


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  1. Lee Haskins April 7, 2022 Reply

    Nice job on the wood holders. Bamboo can take over, so plant with care. Very hard to stop it’s spread.

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