Do you wander or just wonder?
With my words, I hope to throw some oblique light upon your life.
I want to inspire you to see life in a different and/or better way.

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As the world is currently ever-changing, I am glad I am with Beth now living in her house, which is in the wilderness away from others. I am hearing more and more there will be wars and changes coming; here I feel safe here and can stay happy.

Our life and love are strong. I did not expect I would meet and be with anyone while I was living and traveling in my van for five years. So, a great thing for both of us.

Being happy in life is a daily choice.
I’ve been up, I’ve been down.
I’m sure you have, too.
Hopefully the “ups” out-way the downs.

When you find happiness in life the days seem to fly by; then you are anxious for the next day when you can continue to find the happiness you are after.

I’ve found that when I am down and feeling like giving up, I remember that things will be good again in not too long of a time. When I am up and happy and on top of the world, I remember that I will be back down again. Balance is the key. If you can live in this mentality you will never be depressed again.

There are three main objectives to find happiness in life >>

  1. Find something to do.
    (I found juggling, writing, making salsa)

  2. Discover love.
    (I’ve connected with special people, brought smiles to others, Beth)

  3. Something to hope for, it can be something simple and small.
    (I’ve found a home where I can make improvements daily.)

If you can enjoy the simple things that adds up to tremendous happiness overall. Make all the little things of your life joyful and life will be happy.

Slowing down and being happy with simple pleasures of life can help reduce stress and increase your happiness. Incorporating simple pleasures can include things like singing, juggling, dancing, listening to music, reading, taking a walk, or doing something artsy.

Participating in these types of activities causes the release of endorphins, the feel-good chemicals your own body produces, and provides positive psychological effects, which can be calming yet energizing and bring you joy.

Charles Dickens once wrote:
“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it for others.”
I hope my words do that for you.


Inspirational quotes and motivational sayings have an amazing ability to change the way we feel about life and can change our thinking.

This is why I find them so interesting, challenging, and important on our path to joy and happiness and finding ways to inspire ourselves as well as others.

Inspirational quotes and ideas provide us with a quick and timely burst of wisdom to get our focus back, offering the inspiration needed for the day or occasion.

I hope to inspire you with my words.
Words have power.
At any age, you ca
n (and should)
make changes to make your life better.

You see, the way you think and feel about yourself, including your beliefs and expectations about what is possible for you, determines everything that happens in your life. It all derives from your quality of thinking.

When you improve the quality of your thinking,
you change the quality of your life—
sometimes instantly!

Just as positive words can make someone smile, and/or, a well-timed amusing quote can make someone laugh, your own thoughts react to the world in real-time. You have this control!

In fact, you have complete control over only one thing in the universe — your thinking — and that’s where motivational quotes come in!

To keep your motivation, you have to use each day as an opportunity for improvement, to be better, to get a little bit closer to your goals. It might sound like a lot of work—and with your busy schedule—next to impossible. But you can do it!

Self-talk is so important—THINK RIGHT!
Motivational words, yes, they’re just words.
But they’re positive words; they will keep you on track.

I hope these words I pick do help you.

rom my book series, “Beyond Your Potential”

What do success and happiness mean to you?
Success means different things to different people. For many people, success can mean mansions, private jets, limos, and trips to exotic islands any time they want. To others, success is having a healthy baby. To some it might mean being able to juggle five balls. Still, to others, success is a good job. It is not what you get that makes you successful. It is what you are continuing to do with what you’ve got. Real success is working toward a worthy ideal, for your benefit and also for the benefit of others – rather than at their expense.

You WILL be triumphant if you:

Keep things natural.

Challenge yourself.

Take the time to juggle.

Make rational, educated choices.

Continue to make small perfections toward everything.

Make decisions quickly and then keep following through.

Measure and record your progress.

Stop now and then to enjoy nature and the outdoors.

Drink more water, eat more salads.

Juggle some more.

Get outside to walk or exercise on a daily basis.

Do something nice for your friend.

Spend your time around like-minded people.

Stay positive and learn from mistakes.

Keep juggling.

Praise others for their success.

Don’t have concerns about making everything picture perfect.

Decide and take action—NOW!

Be busy toward advancement, not wasting time.

SMILE!—you’re making it.

Be that success!
What would you do if you knew you could not fail at something? This is a question that you have to ask yourself when you are hesitant about doing something that you know you can and should do. Asking yourself this question will trigger positive energy within you to accomplish your desire. I believe you would not be this far along reading this book if you were not a person that wanted to succeed in life. Success comes to those who are conscious of success. The only thing you have to give up to get what you want is the idea that you cannot have it. Now, become that success that you know you are and report back to me with progress. Please, let me know how things are turning out, my friend.

At any age, you can make the change and aim your life anew.
Now, it’s time to get out there and do
something incredible that you can rejoice in!


10/22—Every once in a while I have to make a run down to Augusta, GA to go to Costco and a few other places. Today I sent Beth a note around 11am while down there. Then I did not contact Beth again until I returned at about 4pm.

When I returned she was waiting on the front porch for me. She was quite worried that I did not answer her calls; she thought something bad might have happened to me, an accident, perhaps. I do not keep my cell phone with me. She had called Costco, she got a hold of Home Depot, she could not find me.

As I calmed her down I let her know that when I was out I could connect with her more often.

10/23—Found out today that yesterday my friend, Peter Scolari, died from cancer.
You might know him from when he was a star on “Bosom Buddies.”
You might know him from when he was featured on “The Newhart Show”.

He will be missed by all of his fans and family.

Peter, being a juggler, was my friend. We first met in the 80s when I came up to see a taping of Bosom Buddies.

He was working toward getting a TV movie produced in the 1980s about my first accident and recovery. It ended up that networks were not buying scripts like that at that time.

At one point he was co-hosting the national talk show up in Los Angeles (I was living in San Diego.) This show was called Hour Magazine, with host Gary Collins. I appeared on the show as Peter and I juggled.

Here is Peter and his son juggling–enjoy >>

Peter will be missed by many. His death reminded me that the same is coming to me—AND YOU TOO. Are you accomplishing all you want to, or need to, before the end?

10/24—This evening Beth and I went to Abbeville to attend their annual Ghost Tour. A guide took about 20 of us on a historical tour of the area. We saw houses and churches in which people say they have seen ghosts.

I asked this person who took us around if she ever saw a ghost, she told me she does not believe in ghosts. Strange for someone who talks so much about them.

What got me was she said she attends church weekly at one of the churches we saw. How can she not believe in ghosts, yet she believes in a god. To me, it is the same thing. I still have trouble seeing how people believe in a god.

Here is a video of one of the churches we witnessed >>

Here is another video of the ghost walk >>

One unenviable thing occurred today.
It came on suddenly.
I had no control.
A fart was produced from me all of a sudden.
Beth, being embarrassed, quickly walked away.
She later told me that she thought she was going to burst out laughing.
Some people giggled near me.
Myself, I did not care.
It is a natural human emotion that I had to release.

10/26—We watched the movie, The Upside, today. This film is based on a true story about a paraplegic man. An interesting film. That was the major thing that occurred today.

Enjoy >>

10-27—I feel like I need to make something happen daily to write about. Of course, that can’t occur every day. So, I am writing you events that might be of interest? I almost feel like I am cheating you by not being out in the wilderness or at the beach to write—but that is life.

Right now I am sitting on our front porch typing in 66 degrees and a bright sunny day. We are remaining home most of the day. I try to always live my life as an adventure, not knowing what is around the next bend.

Many people like the structured life—knowing what, exactly is coming next. I have never liked or been able to life that way. How about you, do you make your life your own wild adventure?

10/28—The rains came and were here most of the day.

10/29—Slept in this morning, awakening about 4am. I do not sleep much, when I get more sleep I am tired during that day. 

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As winter is setting in, start now to change your life how you need to for the colder weather.





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