​​​Blog 47—On the Road Again!

My apologies for the delay in getting this next post to you. We have not been traveling, so not much to write about. So, b

Back to writing, I know it has been awhile, sorry for the delay in keeping you up. Tina and I have been parked at her mother’s house. Tina had some doctor appointments in the area, and Tina’s mom is currently in the hospital. At 94 years old, she is getting up there. And, she still lives alone with only Tina’s sister to help.

Actually, Tina’s mom was born in this house 94 years ago and never lived at any other locations. I have never heard of anyone living in one  place so long. Also, she has a cat, as you might know, I am allergic to cats, so it is hard for me to be in her home. Not hearing well and not seeing much, I am surprised she has been able to live in her home so very long all by herself.

Also, my computer had to be sent back to Lenovo to get repairs, so we have to stay in the area until I pick that up. Hoping it will be back in a week or two. And, Tina has had her car parked at her mother’s house for some time (while we were traveling) and squirrels ate electrical wires in the engine, so, we have to wait until that is finished, too.

We haven’t been traveling, so not much to write about. Already getting tired of city noises and city life, we need to return to the wilderness as soon as possible.

First, I have to say, I had many words written for this next blog. I was working offline in a fabulous wilderness area and somehow I highlighted much text, the next time I typed it erased all that was highlighted. So then, I thought if I clicked on “Discard” it would get rid of the recent changes, but it deleted the whole blog, could not find it in the trash or anywhere. So, I am starting anew, going from memory. I did have some good words for you, hoping I can meet the level with this set of words. Yes, I learned something.

Using memory can be difficult for me, a challenge?

Through talking with some other travelers (other people who travel and live in their vehicle I will call “travelers”) we learned of welcomehome.org. Seems like a hippy type gathering, many people there, why not. I will write of that below.

June 10-14–Back to Delaware State Forest in northeast Pennsylvania. What a beautiful area, glad we returned. We went from one campsite to another, each as was lovely as the next. These are free campsites and quite all are quite secluded.

Then, we stayed in the Quakertown, Pennsylvania area for a time for doctors’ appointments and preparing for our long adventure in the world.

June 23-26–Off to Campground in NY State, Balsam State Park. A nice free campsite on a lake, yet, we were here for the weekend, so, many showed up. Some loud generators to make power were running (seemed like constantly) and someone was blasting music, I went and asked him to turn it down, which he did (a little.) So, a nice campground, yet, I did not like the people here. Cigarette butts and trash all around, this is the worst campground we have been to.

The people, too, seem to not be all with-it. Much drinking, smoking and loudness we did witness. So many mindless minds abounded? I even heard from someone who saw someone with a chainsaw cutting down young trees for fuel for their fire—disgusting.

In the afternoon on the 25th a forest ranger showed up and went down by the water where people were fishing. I went up and talked with him, asking exactly what he does, he said he just checks to make sure everyone is alright and checks for fishing licenses and if the fish are too small to keep.

I complained about not liking the control that people are under in this country, he made some excuses. Then, I ask him why he carries a gun and if he has ever used it, he said no and that it is, “just in case”. I let him know I thought it was ridiculous (glad he didn’t use it on me.)

June 27-28–Off to the Adirondacks! And back to Hapgood Pond Campground.  Looking toward the north on the map, we saw some beautiful places to visit. We stayed at this campground once before, and liked it, so, here we are.

After that terrible time at that last campsite with all the people, we discovered one of the best places we have been at through freecampsites.org.

June 28–Earlier I wrote about the Rainbow Gathering (welcomehome.org) We decided to stop by a few days before, knowing that the event occurs from June 1-7, with July 4 being the biggest day. With only one road going in and out, hard to imagine how the expected 10,000 people could enjoy the event.

This was days before the start, there were already many cars parked on this road; people had to walk quite a ways into the goings on. In fact, because of the line of cars parked on one side of the road, cars could not pass each other and one would have to back up to a place that’s safe to pass. Remember, this is a National Park and wilderness and trees lined both sides.


Tina and I agreed that this was not planned very well.

We decided not to return when things started. We saw things were not really too organized, and, once the thousands of people showed up, there would be no where to park to sleep in the van. I could see if you brought your own tent and living stuff you could just park your car, hike in, and not return or drive your car for a week.

We heard that you could park some ways away and that there were shuttles to drive people in, but I cannot imagine a bus/shuttle trying to pass another vehicle on this small road, and, there really is no place to turn around once they are in.

So, off we went on our way. 

June 29-July 2–We drove some kilometers in on a dirt road, five or so. The road ended at a lake, after driving down a long steep part of the road. We could tell that not many people come to this area, it was wonderful. At first the van had trouble climbing back up this step incline; the tires spun on the gravel and rocks. I backed up to the level earth, made a run for it, and we succeeded in ascending back onto level ground.

On our way out we saw some road/paths that lead to the side. We took one of these and found they were to campsites, excellent. The best we found had a fire ring, one meter high level stumps for tables, and someone even put a toilet with a seat a ways away. In fact, being so remote, this was one of the best campsites we have stayed in. (and, compared to the last, this was heaven.)

July 2-3—We actually paid for a campground, North Bay Campground, a whole $18, expensive for us. They have showers and wifi, so we were pleased. So easy go get here, it attracts many. But, we like real “remote” camping, like the last place we were at.

July 4-5—Off to Sugar Hill State Forest in the state of NY and Sugar Hill Campground. There are many big motor homes and they have stables here (for some reason.) There are a number of horses and, I am told, one guy has been staying here for three weeks and goes riding with his wife daily.

July 18–Still waiting for my computer to return from being repaired, then we will be on our way west. Once again, sorry for the delay in getting this most recent post out to you. We will be back on the road soon again and more words will fly your way soon.

Also, I would love to hear from you, but, please don’t delay like I did. 




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