A short posting this time. I must apologize to you, I’ve not been keeping up with this. I will do better in the future. I just want to get this off to you today, so bigger postings later.
FRIDAY–On awaking this morning I had this bitter anger toward Mary Ellen, my ex(?) wife.  Not sure where it came from, perhaps I was dreaming previously. I’m not used to having anger, this morning I had much–why, why?  I still don’t know why she left me and then divorced me. Around that time I was hit by a second truck, put in jail for a month and my family broke up. Since then I have pondered which affected me the most and the worst.  The breakng up of my family wins.
A clear and nice day out, to the beach I go!  Jumped on a bus down to the docks.  Took a ferry ride for 40 minutes and then walked for a bit to get to the real beach. Manly Beach is a big beach. I tried to play the part, being manly that is, I think it worked, but who am I to know. Many people in the area, and, as usual, everything is very clean and nice.  Springtime is quickly approaching, so the water is still a bit cold, yet I actually wore my swimming trunks and went in the water to over my head. The waves were quite small, but a good time was had. I guess you know of my balance issues, walking near the shore with the water waist high and with waves it posed some problems, fell a couple times because I could not stay upright, laughed as I went down.  Also, I looked at my body, I am one of those out-of-shape old men that I remember seeing in my youth–yikes!  I do need to get in a better shape–work-out time.  I’ve not because of my knee problems and other problems, yet, I think I use that just as an excuse, so excuse me.  How about you, what’s your excuse, have you worked out today?  For me, a pleasent day at the beach, juggling, reading and writing to you.
The afternoon was spent making salsa at the hostel.  We made a big batch. They did not have a food processor,  so we had to hand-chop, first time I’ve had to hand chop the entire thing. But, I had help. Three guys chopped through the tomatoes in no time.
That evening there was a barbeque party up on the roof. The salsa was a hit and consumed and gone quickly.  There were at least 35 people there, a good time was had by all. Food was flying, beer was flowing, talk was loud. The party did need music, but other then that it was fantastic.
SATURDAY–Back to the beach, Bondi beach this time.  A bus ride brings me in. Many more tourists here.  Didn’t feel like going for a swim today. I did look out to the water and there must have been 35 surfers out there, in wet suits and everything. Trouble is, it was like they were on a bay. The waves, when they came were, maybe, a few centimeters (remember, they use metric here, so I can’t use inches and feet.) It was mostly like they were just sitting in a bay on their boards; kind of a funny site.
OK, I must do some statistics:
Obese people in America: about 6 in every 10
Obese people in Australia: about 1 in every 15
America: about even, pretty girls to guys in the population
Australia: about 5 pretty girls to every guy in the population (not that I’m noticing.)
SUNDAY–Didn’t do much today, enjoyed my day, though. I will make sure my next post is more substantial for you.
Woke with a very sore shoulder, I can barely move my right arm without tremendous pain. I did nothing to bring this on. It is the shoulder that was broken when that truck hit me. Hope is not reoccurring on and on.
Write you again soon.


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