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SUNDAY–In my last words to you I forgot to write about my time with Chris and Bevan helping with their act. These two jugglers took my workshop when it was in Melbourne. They are both quite good. I spent five hours coaching and helping. As we went along I was surprised at the ideas and help I was able to present, some good suggestions. I gave them the idea of doing street shows, in fact, I asked if there was a mall near by with people who could be an audience. We were there about 20 minutes and they got a good feeling of a street show before the mall security told us we had to leave. They are planning to get a street license today and then start doing street shows this weekend. I believe they will do well.

MONDAY–Took a bus today from Sydney to Katoomba,
Staying in a hostel tonight, return to Sydney tomorrow. This hostel is nice, very clean. Interesting at the hostel, many different people, many different languages. Things are setting up for places to stay in New Zealand, but I don’t like to pre-write you, I will have words later about other experiences.

One of the first things I saw when I got into Katoomba was a store that sold juggling equipment and unicycles, I was surprised. Here they are:

After arriving and securing my sleeping location, I took a bus to see It ended up that there was this very large brush fire near the three sisters, which consumed some houses, and the bus could not get close. It was interesting to see and breathe all the smoke, see all the fireman and helicopters, and see people evacuating. When I heard that the fire was under control I departed. I was surprised you didn’t show up, Tom.
THE PAIN–I told you of the pain I was experiencing, still there. This morning I could not hardly even move my right arm. Then the pain came into my mid section and eventually down to my legs, mainly my knees. This happened once before while I was driving across the US. That time it was my right ear and jaw area–terrible pain. I even went into a hospital to have it checked out, they could not find anything. That time the pain started in my ear-jaw area, then spread down to my arms and mid-section and finally to my legs. Excruciating pain, of course, I was greatly concerned. Then as quickly as it came, it went away, nothing left over. This second pain like before is doing the same, down to my knee now. It feels like chemicals are going through my system and finding my joints.  I do know that pain is mostly in the brain when you feel something. And boy, in my brain messed up. Any thoughts or ideas about this pain that comes on me?
Went out this evening for a walk, nice evening. I heard some African drums, very loud, and got curious, time to investigate. I went through a church yard following the sound. I found it in a church hall. The African looking guys bongoing, two white guys playing also, and about 35 dancers all doing the same moves. Kind of interesting. I just knew that I could not even begin to dance as they were, feeling that my body has let me down.

It’s so strange how sometimes my fingers just go and go with words for you. Then there are other times, like now, where it really takes effort to write.  When I am out I keep paper and pen with me to take notes. Today I didn’t have, and I know there were some things that occurring that I had wanted to write you about. Now I will have to make new things happen..

TUESDAY–When I awoke this morning I was scared to move.  I didn’t know which part of me would be hurting. The pain is now down to my knees, with some remaining in the right shoulder. I do wish I knew why this pain comes on me, moves through me, and then exits. Any ideas?

Returned to where fire was yesterday to see the three sisters by bus. Looks better in photos. But doing a tourist thing.


Then I took the train back to Sydney and went to stay in the hostel I was at before. I really like it here. The one I was at last night was just a bed for the night. When I returned here it was like I was coming home, like a family.
Seeeeeeeeee      ya>>>>Kt


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