From Brisbane to Sydney

Up above Brisbane

Summer time here in Australia, that is.  Memories of cold and windy back home, this is nice and getting nicer.  Spring is here with summer on the way.

Before I left Brisbane Davy and Renee brought me here:
for a birthday party.  Davy has performed here in the past.  I was sad to depart from Brisbane, but here I go.


Could you imagine this sign in America?

SUNDAY, October 16,2011–I’m enjoying writing to you.  Throughout the day I take notes to be used later in scripting this, can’t rely on memory.  On the bus right now heading to Casino and then from there down to Sydney on the train.  Leaving Brisbane now, I feel like my trip is over now–yet, just that portion, many new experiences coming.  Last night I took an over-night train to Sydney.  Flying would be twice the price, and with the train I could see some of the country.  When I was with John Fox in Europe years ago we would be able to get a whole sitting room for our self over-night, then stretch out and sleep well.  I was hoping that this train might provide the same, but it was packed with people.  Not being very comfortable, I slept as I could.    If I flew down I would not have many memories from it, but this train, I will hold memories, not all of them so good.  Actually, I very much enjoyed, first, my four hour bus ride down to where to catch the train, then my 16 hour train ride down. The most interesting thing to see are the different people, some unique on this train. Everyone is so different, yet we mix together well.

During the bus ride down

At a hostel now to stay a few days, arrived about 8am.  I had contacted them before I came and let them know that I could entertain and teach juggling and wondered if I could get the room for $10 a night, they agreed, so here I am living low-cost.  Arriving on the train, I asked where the hostel was and walked here.  Sydney is much bigger then Brisbane, and older, and not as clean.  I must say, Brisbane is the nicest city I remember ever seeing.  In both cities all the roads and parks are maintained at such a high level, yet, I have not seen one gardening person or cleaner.  No trash, no graffiti, private yards and public parks are kept so nice.  I think it is the mentality of the people to keep it clean and nice.

Decided to be a tourist today and go see toursty things.  The Opera House was calling, so I listened.  While walking I saw a walking street, took that route, and so glad I did.  First I saw and heard street musicians–they were quite good–gave them money.  On I walked on this street with no cars.  A clear sky overhead, a crowd around me, spring in the air.  On I walked and what did I come upon–a juggler–Christobal Solto, from Chili, spoke no English.  His control over one football was amazing (America stole the name “football”from Europe and had to call the game “soccer” there.)  He also juggled 3 big balls.  I showed him my book and he seemed impressed.  Then I told him about Rudy Cardenas, who used to keep 2 footballs going in the air using only his shoulders, he seemed happy to hear that.  As I wrote, he speaks no English, so I had to pantomime the moves.  Next I came upon a musician who uses an assortment of instruments including a digery doo.  The music he made was a feast for the ears.  I never before heard a digery doo played so that it sounded good as an instrument.  It is good for street performers here because they have $1 and $2 coins, so the “spare change” adds up.
The Opera House, but I did no singing

Finally arrive at the Opera House.  People here often call it the “Oprah House” because the lady made an appearance there and they made a big deal out of it.  It’s just like in pictures (I took a few), so no big deal.  Many tourists walking around, me included.  In Australia they know about beauty and using it in designing their cities.  Such wonderful parks, great fountains, lovely lay-out of cities.  Found a big beautiful park where I am writing you from while sitting on a bench.  The white and pink blossoms are just now coming to life, a nice setting.  Various bird sounds filling the air, as well as my tinnitus filling my ears, as well.  The fresh smell of flowers and trees, comfortable.

In the hostel and on the streets I am hearing languages from around the world–French here, German there, Korean and Danish in the room I am staying in.  Also, often they have a dual sex bathroom.  As you know, with stalls you never “see” anyone, so it is fine to share this room.  I saw them in Europe as well.  Americans would be too strange to allow this.
Found a big beautiful park where I am writing to you while sitting on a bench.  The white and pink flowers are blossoming.  The smell of spring is in the air.  Various bird-sounds filling the air (that constant sound from my tinnitus filling my mind, as well.)  The sun is bright and cheerful overhead.  People sitting or milling around–a splendid scene.  What’s that I hear?  A man’s cell phone is going off, the most unique “ring” I’ve heard, it said, “Answer the phone, answer the phone, come on, answer the phone” with a powerful OZ accent.
For dinner I ate with three young guys who I taught to juggle.  One could do balls, I taught him clubs, he loved it.  One I taught with scarves, he moved on to balls quickly and was surprised at his skill.  They fed me well.  I’ve taught about 10 people to juggle so far, and am trying to inspire as I go.  Trying to change people’s lives for the better.  Slept well, usually wake before the sun shows his yellow face, this day I slept until after the sun had risen.

MONDAY–Walked many kilometers today.  Saw on a map there is a china town, time for a visit.  On the walk over there many more beautiful parks and big fountains.  Before today I did not see that many oriental people, except for Japanese tourists.  Upon entering the china town area, about all I saw was Chinese.  Lunch was a chicken chow mein with crispy noodles, delicious it was.  Seeing sites today and exploring Sydney.  As you see, I have pictures.


Write you soon again>>>>Kit


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      I’ve never bread (or breaded or breeded) with any dragons in my entire life. Wondering how you would go about such a thing.

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      Thanks for your words. I haven’t been on here for some time, sorry for the delay. Please send me an email and I will reply and attach the first book in the series that I am writing.

      Bye for now>>>>>>>>Kit

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