Leaving San Diego for Australia

In the airport now, about the only one in here.  It’s so strange that they have me flying out of Palomar airport to LA.  This is such a tiny airport, but they have free wi-fi.  Thanks so much for the ride, Larry.

My suitcase is stuffed full of books to sell.   Very heavy, with effort I lifted it onto the scale, worried.  And, of course, he came at me saying it was too heavy, it would cost me an additional $200–what was I going to do!   But, get this, we took “one” book  out and it passed, what a joy.
Found out the flight from LA to Melbourne will be 18 hours, oh boy.  I brought many things to read (no, besides all the juggling books I brought.)  I have trouble sleeping on flights, last time I flew to Japan I was up all night.  Hopefully I will get some shuteye.
Here I am>>>>>>Kit


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