On the road again

Blog six-On the road again.

In reading over what I last posted to you, I see that the words are somewhat negative. My outlook for myself, Tina, the world and you is in a good light. For future posts I will attempt to always be on more of an optimistic note.

Experiences vs. Things—When you are living in this van and holding a minimalist lifestyle, it can help you prioritize what is truly important in life, and let go of what is not. It can help you choose experiences instead of things, so that you can do more of what you love, and less of what you don’t. You see, experiences are what life is all about.

With less in life, you can focus on making all the things that you have and do aimed toward excellent. I have seen so many people who have too much, and/or do too much, and they are constantly stressed and often aggravated.

When you are minimalist, you can make sure that every detail is something that you want.

Life is better.

Living in this way is very inexpensive, so you have more to give away, and/or, not have to worry so much about expenses. Life gets easier and grander. Being rich, to me, is having enough money to live the lifestyle that you want. So, in aiming toward the minimalist life, if that’s what you want, you are rich.

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”– Paulo Coelho

In my life I have discovered that is not what you have or do that makes a good life, it is the experiences you go through and the love you generate that makes a good life. As you might know, I have traveled much and been through some life-changing accidents, yet I continue to pursue the good and help as many people as I can to live a better life.

The smaller you get the easier life is.

Joy and meaning—Every day you have “moments.” You must cherish these moments. When you have and deal with less you can often perceive these moments more clearly. All these “moments” added up can live you with a spectacular life in the long run.

Appreciate that this is all you have.

I have a challenge for you. Make a list of your things you have; one list are the things you need, another list are things you “may” not need. You will see that you have many things that aren’t necessarily necessary that you own.
It’s a trade off; I believe minimalism will always win.

Right now Tina and I are sitting on the grass in yet a different park. We just put together a delicious salad and I am practicing my juggling while Tina is taking a nap (ok, you caught me, I can’t practice my juggling while I type these words—or do I have a special skill?)

I have been juggling daily and the juggling is coming back, makes me feel good.

5:36am on June 23, 2015, awake early again. Last night we slept on the lawn at the house where Tina grew up. Her mom has a cat and with my allergies I would not have slept. So, instead of sleeping in the van, we choose something different.

Two days ago we decided to take a jaunt in the van, this time to Atlantic City. Half way there we stopped at a very large park area. We were to only ones there and resolved to spend the night in this beautiful place. Very quiet, very dark, perfect for sleeping, so, off to slumber we went in our comfort.

At 1:30am we were awoken by a state police officer who basically told us we had to leave the park. I guess they comb the park every night, and to me, what a waste of time and money for them, and this money is from us, the tax payers.

I said to him, “What harm are we causing in our being here?” He basically said, “It’s a regulation.” I knew he was simply “doing his job”, but I hate it when people do not think and just “do their job”. Knowing it was the middle of the night and that we would not cause any harm, he could have simply said, “Well, stay the rest of the night and please don’t repeat this.

I was about to ask him to state the exact regulation that we were doing against, trying to make him think, but with Tina there I just packed up with her and we moved on. I hate it when people don’t think and just “follow the rules.”

June 24, 2015, Last night we met up with Jai, who Tina discovered though a search for computer help some time ago. Just about to turn twenty years old, this young man will go far. He has intelligence, skills and wants to help people. Tina thought she had deleted all her photos, but right away Jai found where they were and organized them better.

Yes, Jai can work remotely. If you are in need of any computer help, he can assist. Write to Jai at — jai95smith@gmail.com.

June 26, last night we had a splendid evening with some of Tina’s friends, and her daughter, at an Italian restaurant. What a great time everyone had, yet, I believe, that group of people will never be together again as it was. Only the memory will live on. That occurs so often as we go through life, instances that will never come again. We are the memories we make and we must remember all the good.

We have not left yet because Tina has a few more things to clear up, appointments and such. Sunday looks to be the day; I will let you know, of course.

Have you seen? Here is Tina – tinamiller.com

June 28—We got together with 4 or Tina’s 6 kids, kind of a going away party. I am excited to say that departure time will be tomorrow.

You may know, I have driven round trip across the country 19 times, usually by myself. I am happy it is not a solo trip this time;
Tina and I will have fun.

Wanting to get these words to you, I will be posting now, another will come soon.

Miss you>>>>>>>>>>>Kit

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  1. Sharon fodrovics June 28, 2015 Reply

    Have a safe trip!
    Enjoy it!

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