• Spending time in Melbourne, Australia

    Sorry I haven’t written you, I’ve been busy at the juggling convention.,
    Before the convention I spent a day here, helping and coaching:
    They have built an excellent school for circus and have many students.

    Someone who works there, Earl Shatford, has told me repeatedly that my book, Juggling with Finesse, inspired and taught him much, and continues to (very nice to hear, of course.)  Earl is an excellent juggler, he is here:
    I am at the Melbourne Juggling Convention. http://mjc.juggling.net.au.  I’ve been doing some workshops and went around helping various people with juggling. The convention runs until Monday and then my workshop takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’m glad I brought books to sell, already sold 8. Because I have a limited number with me I raised the price from $19.95 to $30, people are still saying that’s a great price.  I’ve attached a photo of a ball bouncer juggler who is one of the best I have seen. Also you will see a shot of the gym..
    The people I am staying with are all jugglers.  They keep two chickens on back, fresh eggs from the chickens daily.  The chickens do not make noise, we should be able to have where I live, but cannot legally, that’s not good.
    One strange thing is people drive on the left side of the road here.  I have done my research and what was written was that the English are on the left side of the road because of the old days when people were jousting and fighting.  They wanted to use there good hand, the right hand, for sword fighting.  Then, when the Americans broke away from the English they wanted nothing to do with England so they started driving on the right side, bad reasoning I think.
    Right you again soon.
    You know who>>>>>>Kit

  • Leaving San Diego for Australia

    In the airport now, about the only one in here.  It’s so strange that they have me flying out of Palomar airport to LA.  This is such a tiny airport, but they have free wi-fi.  Thanks so much for the ride, Larry.

    My suitcase is stuffed full of books to sell.   Very heavy, with effort I lifted it onto the scale, worried.  And, of course, he came at me saying it was too heavy, it would cost me an additional $200–what was I going to do!   But, get this, we took “one” book  out and it passed, what a joy.
    Found out the flight from LA to Melbourne will be 18 hours, oh boy.  I brought many things to read (no, besides all the juggling books I brought.)  I have trouble sleeping on flights, last time I flew to Japan I was up all night.  Hopefully I will get some shuteye.
    Here I am>>>>>>Kit

  • Time in San Diego

    Loving my journey around the world. Memories of driving through Colorado and Arizona still are at the tip of my thoughts.  Sleeping in my van out in the forests, how pleasant.  Clear and bright, you could see for many miles.  Out there all alone on a road in the mountains, out of any views of any civilization, evoking a sense of mystery and wonder as I imagined myself as the only human within miles of the area, a nice feeling. In fact, while on this trip I am keeping my eyes open for a new area to live.  Tired of where I am living now near Philadelphia, and, I’ve done San Diego, so not here. I’ve heard good things about living in New Zealand, could I end up there?  Right now what appeals to me are in the mountains or woods somewhere, away from people.  Not that I don’t like to be with you, my mind just likes the away-ness that the mountains provide.  I plan on living off the grid, with solar and a water collection system, totally self-contained.
    Yesterday was Mary Ellen’s birthday.  I called to wish her a good birthday, we actually had a nice conversation.  It was like the old days when we were good together.  I must say, I was quite full of anger after she broke up the family.  In fact, I said right to her face, “You’re evil.”  In the last couple of years she did do and say some very mean things.  It was just hard to believe that we broke up after 23 years of marriage, yet, I see how that can be.  Most friends I have contacted and/or met with here have been married two or more times.  Yet, the couple who lives two houses down from me where I grew up and I went to visit, has been married at least 50 years? so I know it can work.  Yet, their two kids have been married two and three times.
    The other day, with my friend, Chris, we made salsa.  I made enough to give out to friends of mine, I recieved rave reviews (now, someone tell me, what is a “rave”)  Planning to make more tonight, should be fun. Seems that I developed a good thing with the salsa.

    Enjoying having meals out with friends.  The other night I was out with two lovely ladies for Mexican food.  We had a nice talk as we talked about old times. The last time I was living in San Diego they were my neighbors.  Now one is living away from SD, just came down to see me, the other lives in the same place.  I was surprised at myself, I was attracted to the blonde and was stroking her leg under the table.  She took my hand and we held hands for a time.  And, I have been feeling like I could not attract any women these days, I guess that’s not true, was a nice feeling to hold hands.  Yes, there is hope for future romance.
    Yesterday for lunch my friend Tom invited me to ride bikes over to Ocean Beach to have a meal and talk.  So, waiting out front with my bike, Tom shows up driving a tandem.  I quickly put my bike away and jumped on the back seat and away we pedaled.  The restaurant was over-looking the beach and we had a good view, how superb. The shrimp taco was the best I have ever had.  Tom is a fireman in Coronado, he rides his bike 20 miles each way to get there, impressive.  Tom thanked me for getting him into biking back when we were in high school.  I used to race and I kept my bike in top shape by constantly cleaning it and working on it.  Tom and I rode with another friend up to Pine Valley, quite a ride back then.
    As far as eating my delicious shrimp taco, we all do it, usually we just scarf down food and don’t really enjoy it.  With the taco I ate slowly and enjoyed every bite, much.  If you take the time to really enjoy your meal it will add to your life.  Rather then just eat to eat, make it an enjoyable time, you must retrain your brain to think differently about food.  In fact, I just finished my daily salad, savoring every bite.  Some years back I started eating a salad daily at 4m, a good habit to get into (now, do they have salad in Australia–come on now, just kitting around)  I started this habit about the time I gave up drinking any and all soda.  My eating habits are changing more lately, getting away from meat, dairy and prepared foods.  Kind of fun to live a new life with new eating.
    In the last few days I went to the elementary, Jr. High and High School that I attended.  I promoted my school assembly program.  That is something I would very much like to get back to, speaking and motivating people.  I am trying to set up to go to those schools the first week after I return, I’ll let you know..
    I just read what I wrote, seems kind of rambling.  I will write soon, perhaps from the plane while flying over the Pacific.  Next time the words will be more precise and descriptive.
    I care about you>>>>Kit

  • Where I grew up, OB

    Today I rode a bike to the place of my childhood, the place where I grew up, OB (Ocean Beach, San Diego, California.) Everything is different, everything has changed, as I have.  Talk about change, I feel that on this trip I have been changing.  I am seeing and feeling what is important to me.  The freedom I have been experiencing is a good thing.  I like being with other people, but even with other people we are often alone.  We must be comfortable with that.  I’ve wanted to keep people I have known over time in my life still, but am seeing that people move in and out of your life, more will come, more will go.  Fear of the unknown, I have none.  Fear of death, this fear is not a part of me.  I’ve lived my life and have tried add to people’s lives, which I think I have, satisfied with that.  When death comes, I am comfortable. Nice to live life without any fears.
    Getting back to my ride. I cruised down streets where I used to play, passing a recreation center where I used to practice juggling.  Then I got to Newport Street, the main street where I grew up (I actually grew up at 4522 Newport Street, up in the residential section.)  You will find Newport Street here:
    I remember riding my 7 foot unicycle up and down Newport Street, hard to imagine.  In high school metal shop class I had built a 14 foot unicycle, if you can believe it, I even rode that down Newport Street, ducking under power lines. (hard for me to even imagine that.)  I talked with some shop owners who remembered me and my unicycles.
    Although this is where I grew up, I am beyond OB now.  Not sure where I will end up spending the next segment of my life.  It’s certainly fun to explore where I might want to end up.  A tiny home on wheels is going to be my next place to live, I just don’t know where I will place it.  I plan to build it myself when I return from down-under (does that mean we are up-over?)  Here is the tiny home, hope you are as intrigued as I am:
    Write you again soon>>>>>>>Kit

  • In wonderful San Diego

    At Ocean Beach, where I spent my childhood

    Should have stayed in the mountains of Colorado and Arizona longer, not sure what my rush was to get to San Diego.  So, bored today, yet seeing friends.  Had a lunch of Mexican food in my van today at the beach, quite nice.

    My mom finally got a computer to use. I set her up on it, but she still spends time playing solitaire (by herself).  While I am here I hope to get her using the computer much more, to advance her mind and such.

    Anna and I in Balboa Park, San Diego

    I will write you soon again with changes and advancements?

    The Best To You>>>>>>>>Kit