Blog 8 – Staying South for the Warmth

By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–

YES > >

==You can change your life at any time to make it more magnificent.

==You can live with little money and still have an excellent life.

==You will still be able to live life getting very little sleep.

==You can live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event. 

== I want to share with you experiences that, I hope, will add to and make your life better.

==Perhaps this is my new “gig” and I will be traveling the world doing the same?


Each Saturday I look at empty pages and wonder how I will fill them to post my blog the following Friday which will inspire you. As you know, I find the words. Are you enjoying my writings?

So, recently I have stayed in the cities for the internet. Right now I am away from any wifi and telephone signal, I like it that way. Back in Ocala National Forest, so nice here. Spending three days working on van improvements and other efforts.

I am including photos of the van with this post, you will have to let me know what you think of my home.

Good thing for me gas prices for me continue to remain at around a low two dollar price.


As far as the weather, where I was living for over 25 years it is below freezing and snow on the ground. Here today I should be in the 80’sf (25c) and clear (I like this much better down here.)

Something strange I was thinking about, the van is really all I have. If it were to break down or if someone crashed into me, I would have no transportation and no home. I work toward keeping the van in top shape, so I do not have many worries. I know I will always find a way, anyway.


My friends, Barry and Sue Bakalor lost everything as their multi-million dollar home went up in flames during the big fires in California. Yet, they are finding a way back, as we all do.

A few have written to me letting me know they have been inspired by my writings, so great to hear! And one person in Europe let me know I have motivated them to do the same as I am doing in Europe, makes me happy when I am able to change someone’s life to better.

2/17—Last night I spent at Big Scrub Campground, I was curious on this campground in Ocala. It ended up being a campsite with no trees and nothing to see, so simply a place to sleep for the night.

Looked like this was more for ATV’s and motorcycles, there were trails going off.

But, they did have hot water. I was going to let my hair grow back, but, I took a blade to my head once again. This time it went smoother and no cuts. Not sure how long I will keep the bald head, but I will.

2/18—Today I went to somewhere I know and love – Alexander Springs Campground. So nice, but at times you hear cars out on the highway, After getting more done on the van, I will sleep well tonight.

Then, the next day, I went back into the springs, what a joy. This natural spring is so clean and warm, all year around. After I jumped into the shower, I am quite clean now.


While at the Springs I met Jerry and Kathy Powers, a wonderful couple. They were there in a very big motor home. They still have a physical home, I encouraged them to sell the home and take to the road—which they want to do—great to hear. They loved learning their new skill of juggling.

I heard them say they were going to a laundromat to wash some clothes. I had some and they did them for me, no charge. What wonderful new friends Kathy and Jerry are.

All day today I mistakenly wore my shirt inside out—as you know—I don’t care how I look.

At this point, I have done all my scheduled things. Now I have no schedule or direction; an interesting dilemma. This life I am living is making me so very happy, so interesting not knowing where you will be sleeping or where you are going.

What a fabulous day this has been.

Then, I moved on to Rainbow Springs State Park. Not much to say about the place, a nice park to sleep in, though.

2/19—A strange day, once again. I decided to stop by to see the Tallahassee Juggling Club, who meet at FSU in a pedestrian park area from 11:45 to 4pm.There were Hare Chrisna people giving out food, so I did. Who would pass up a free lunch.

But, it was soooo difficult to see all the beautiful college people. I remember my younger days when college students looked so old, now the opposite. Pretty girls who were in great physical shape wondered by by the droves.

I can hear you now saying, “Kit, you dirty old man!” Well—you are wrong! I took a shower that morning, so I was quite clean. And, age does not mean a thing, I still have the mindset of a 23-year-old.




At the college, along with Hare Krishna, there was a bible thump-er, too.

For me, religion never made any sense. I attended churches of various religions hundreds of times, always listening for words that would show me a way to believe—never could. This God I hear of knows me well, I would think and knows what it would take to make me believe—never has happened.

Right now I am typing these words from the tabletop in my van and looking out over a fantastic forest, couldn’t ask for better. Did God make this? NO.

At the college there was a preacher guy yelling out to the students about the bible, seemed as though none were listening, and some were cracking up. It bugs me that people like that can just spew words and expects everyone to listen, a sad thing.

When attending church services, the pastor or preacher or ? just says words out to the people and they “have” to just sit there and take it in. So often I have wanted to argue with whoever was up there, but didn’t.

This time I did! I walked right up to the guy yelling bible words at the crowd and just stood in front of him. I told him of my non-belief in any God and he started telling me why I SHOULD believe. He said,

“You must believe so you have a chance to be saved.”

I asked, “Saved from what?”

He said, saved from the evil of this earth. I said, to be able to go to Heaven to be with God after you die. “What it really is is you get saved from this evil god who will send you to suffer in torment in hell for eternity if don’t believe in him. (something I can’t do.)

From what I know, this is the only thing you have to do to make it to heaven.

Can you say this word with me – “ridiculous”.

Then I went on to say, “Yes, saved from this hell that God developed where he will send me if I do not believe in him.” I did some other arguing with him, too. These guys should not have the right to just preach to the masses.

I said to him, “Say there is a guy who rapes and then kills an innocent little 12-year-old girl. While behind bars this guy “finds God”. So, now, on his deathhe goes to heaven. While the little innocent girl, whom he raped and who never believed in any God, she is sent to hell for eternity.”

I said to the guy, “Is this fair?” He hemmed and hawed some words and basically said that his god said so, then it is right.

I told him he was an immoral and evil person, just like his god is, if he agrees with this.

His yelling at the crowd subsided shortly after I talked with him.

An interesting sparring match (I won.)

What I ask “believers” who want to debate is >>

1) Please list “five” evidential proofs for your God with no reference to the bible.
2) Please give “five” reasons I should believe in your God. Once again, with no reference to the bible book.
Usually, they cannot complete this task.
How about you, are you a believer?
Can you answer these two questions in a clear way?


For tonight I parked in a sparse residential area within the trees, very nice for the night.

It’s a hassle to keep shaving the scalp, so I am just going to let it grow. Down to my ankles? You tell me.

I must say, such a comfortable lifestyle I am leading. I simply find a place where is safe and quiet and dark and I am good for the night.

2/21—Went to visit my friend from my old juggling days, Greg Cohen in Tallahassee, Florida. He started his company more than 25 years ago and things continue to grow. A variety of breakfast in the morning, to homemade ice cream, to unique candy developed by Greg, to juggling items—a unique combination for a shop—and it works—quite well. Take a look >>>

Greg is taking his daughter out to a science convention which is out of town for the weekend, said we could meet up again on Monday (it was Thursday at the time.) What was I to do for three days?

I saw that Apalachicola National park was near—so off I went.

Not knowing of where National Park Campgrounds (I have a card to stay at the sites for half-price), I decided to stop by a library to ask (and also to sell books to, as I have done in the past.) She took my information about my books, said she could not directly purchase. She helped to find National ParkCampsites, but came up with nothing.

As I was exiting in my van I saw another van which looked like it was set up to travel like I do. I stopped and went to talk with the two who were in the van. A young couple, I learned that, like me, they also live in their vehicles. Later I discovered Bethany has her own vehicle which was back at the camp.

Bethany and Cole were at the library at check out some books for reading, but learned that it cost ten dollars just for a library card, so they decided no. Cole was so happy that I gave him one of the books that I wrote.

In our talk, I learned that they found a campsite through, and I asked if I might stay there. They said, “Sure, follow us. A campground I would have never found, happy I hooked up with them.

Wood Lake Campground offered much, I was surprised at what this free campground had. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire-ring, there is a bathroom and it is next to a lake – fabulous! And, as I am discovering right now, there are free mosquitoes, as one is buzzing around my ear.

As you know, I do not sleep much, but slept until about 3:30 this morning, that’s late for me. About 7:15 I had a visit by Bethany’s dog. My van doors were open, so he hopped right in and sniffed around and wanted pets. And, Cole has two large dogs, too. The three dogs together play the whole time, great to see.

As I discovered, Cole and Bethany do not travel together, they each have a travel van and meet up various places. Yes, their dogs are great friends with each other, I am sure they love to hook up again.

Cole does artwork, with cans of spray paint. Bethany also works while traveling to pay her way.

There are other people living at the free campground, too. There is supposed to be a 14-day limit, but some look at though they are permanent. With their old travel trailer, they are settled in well.

A very drippy day today, not really raining, it is like the clouds are gently leaking. I was hoping to get some painting and work done to the van today, it will have to wait.

2/22—As I was heading off toward, I saw a small sign saying, “Leon Sinks Geological

Area”, I decided to check it out. This is still in Apalachicola National Park, which is as big as Rhode Island.

There is a two and a half mile walk that takes you to the “sinks.” I did the walk, very pleasant. Really not much to see, but a nice walk.


So, another Friday, have to get this blog to you. Quite lonely I am out here, I’d love to hear from you. Have no schedule or time, just heading somewhere. You will find out where (and I will, too) by next Fridays blog.  


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