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The Wanderings of Kit (Do you wander or just wonder?)
By writing this blog I want to inspire you and show you that–

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  • Live with little money and still have an excellent life.
  • Be able to live life getting very little sleep.
  • Live ANYWHERE in the world and still make your life a fantastic event!
  • See experiences that will add to and make your life better.
  • I want to inspire you as to the wonders of the earth.
  • Perhaps this is my new “gig”, traveling the world doing the same?
  • And, I’m not just, “Kitting Around”.

Design the life YOU want to live, NOW, then live that life.

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Words to inspire you >> Take Control of your own life, you have that power!

My daily jottings >>

8/23/19—Drove up the coast to Fort Brag, although, I don’t know what the are bragging about, it is not much of a town. I must say, the drive up along the coast was spectacular, maybe that is what they are bragging about?

As I was getting closer to Lassen Volcanic National Park, the landscape is changing. I started seeing more and more rocks and boulders that were volcanic in origin. Strewn all over fields, like they were randomly thrown there.

I pulled off of route 36, the main road to the park. This is a road, hard to see, that parallels 36, but far enough where I don’t hear any traffic from 36. Should have a good and quiet sleep tonight.

Around here, like most of California, all the grasses are brown or tan. I’m sure they were green at one time, but only the trees are green now.

I like that I have all I need within the van, that brings me comfort. Right now I am writing to you offline on battery power, I like that, much (hope you do, too.) Had a salad with chicken for dinner, along with a Corona, smiling and typing.

I sit where I sleep and type on the table I built that lifts on hinges to arm level. As I look forward, I see photos of my daughters, Jasmine and April, when they were young. I keep meaning to get a printed copy of them older, yet . . .

Do I already have one page typed?

I have no idea what you think of my words, in that I NEVER hear from you (please do.)

Let me know at

Because no one is coming by—shower time it is! It has been a few days, and, as you know, I do not care what others see in me or smell in me (I don’t think I do), but, when I get too itchy, it is time. Scratch scratch, itch itch, oh what a relief it is.

So, on this side road, with no one coming by, it was naked Kit outside the van getting clean under the shower. And, I am so glad I did, feel much better now. Like I’ve written before, I can get as clean under this shower as any shower on earthusing only one gallon of water. You should try it sometime.

Because it is so hot out, don’t tell anyone, I sit here in my underwear at 7:21pm. I usually get to sleep about ten, so, some time to drink wine and read, do computer, or play. Now, what’s a boy to do??

8/24—No cars came by last night to wake me, a good thing. Usually, as you might know, I am go go go. There is no rush in life, I need to spend more time enjoying life. So today, I am taking it more easy.

This morning I went through Lassen Volcanic National Park. The entire area is just lovely. Also, there are many hiking areas all over the park, even to the top of Lassen Peak, over 11,000 feet up (boy, that’s a lot of foots!) Also, at about 6:30am a deer crossed the road in front of me – I love that.

There are lava fields, many large lakes, very tall trees, and wilderness everywhere. Watch is video, you will tell you much more >>

Another National Park which bought me surprises, I like that, including snow on the peaks. Yet, even below this snow, fire still burns in the earth, coming to the surface in parts of the Lassen.

This morning I took a campsite, I will find things to do throughout the day, like write these words to you. Usually, I am go go go and will not take the time to relax and do other things. I am making myself do such today and tonight.

I’ve already gathered much firewood for tonight and tomorrow morning. Also, my next door neighbor, Steve, gave me some wood to use on my fire. I took the unicycle off of the back of the van and even went for a ride. And, juggling balls were thrown around.

Steve is from the nearby town or Redding. There is also a town called, Reading, near where I used to live in Pennsylvania. But they pronounce Reading the same as Redding. It really should be pronounced “Read” ing. That has always bugged me. My Facebook friend, Dorothy Reilly lives in Reading, PA.

I was just over at the stream watching Steve “fool fish” (in other words, he was fishing.) Two seconds of the bait in the water and one hooked one, caught he was. Yet, Steve was doing catch and release. Did not seem to harm the fish much – but then again? A hook in my mouth would harm me, I believe.

The battery on my computer was way down, so I just plugged in my Stanley Power 1200 to charge it. I am so glad I have this so I can keep writing to you. By the way, you have not told me what you think of my writing yet.

(Cho Cho, as you reading my blog posts is it helping you with your learning of the English language?)

As I wrote, a stream with much water flowing through it, not 40 feet from the van, trees overhead, all the food I need or want, I could stay here forever (or, at least until tomorrow.) About 1pm now, interesting staying in one place for the whole day.

But, this campsite is next to the road, so I do hear some traffic noise, but not much. Then for sleep later, the traffic will calm to nothing. I like a more remote place to sleep than this, but, it will have to do.

Already on page three, I am surprised.

Went out and gathered much firewood, enough for me and the whole campground (right now I am the only one here.) The guy next door, Steve, went out to get more bait for his, “fishing.”

People call it fishing, I call it fooling fish. When you go hunting, say, for deer, you don’t say, “I’m going deering”. How did “fishing” turn into a word?

Steve had some salmon eggs earlier and he caught a fish in like two seconds. They get fooled so easily. He did catch and release, though. So, he harmed a fish by putting a hook through it’s mouth, then let it go, injured, later. Talk about a good time.

Had another neighbor, too. A nice family, mom, dad and a young son and younger daughter. It was great these family full of love and functioning so well. I complimented the mom and dad on their wonderful family. I feel bad, I forget your names.

8/25—As I thought, there was no traffic last night to hear or to wake me, slept well. I did awake about 3am, but made myself lay there until about 5am, as the sun was just making an appearance.

8/26—Found there is no Klamath Falls in this city. The city is named for the falls, but the water has been diverted and there is/are no more falls. I was looking forward to seeing them. But, just few hundred miles away Crater Lake was awaiting.

What a spectacular area this truly is. Driving through a massive forest, just how I like it. Actually did not go to the lake yet, I want to devote a full day to it, tomorrow it is the day.

They have wifi at the lodge, so I did. Yes, staying at the campsite here. There are a few hundred sites, oh boy, just what I like, hundreds of people. It was a Monday, so could have been more, I guess.

Cleaned up the van, which was a little dirty after the off road camping I did recently. It is only 4:44pm, but I have already started a fire. Steve, at the last campsite, had much left over wood, I had packed up it to bring with me. Coming in handy now, thanks, Steve.

YIKES—I was just having my spaghetti in front of the fire. The fire cracked and send up an ember. This hot piece of wood landed right in my short pants, between the pant and my leg. I jumped, and, of course, all my spaghetti went flying. Yet, as you know, I never get hungry, I had eaten enough to satisfy me, so I am done.

That reminds me, I want to stop eating for some days (weeks?) Looks like it is time to start, I will let you know. Care to join me in this endeavor?

Paid seventeen bucks for this campsite, more than usual. But, I did get my fire (which bit me, you know.) Today I just stayed at the campground, and also the lodge (which has free wifi). Tomorrow I will explore the essence of Crater Lake, you will find out what I discover then (bet you can’t wait.)

With room prices starting at $197 a night at Crater Lake Lodge, my van makes a great place to sleep.

And then, earlier, I stubbed my big toe right into a rock. Bleeding it was, felt like it was broken. But, that is life.

A lady just came over to see if I had a can opener, of course, I did. As usual, I fell in love, “again”, a pretty German lady she is.

Very strange, the smoke from my fire attracted a bunch of little bugs, gnats (why is there a “g” in that word?), you might say. Usually, bugs are repelled by fire and smoke, so I am quite surprised. Hmm, I have not had dessert yet, how might gnats taste? (I’m sure you know.)

I’m really looking forward to exploring Crater Lake, and, I bet you can’t wait to hear.

When I have a campsite I walk the area and get rid of rocks on the ground. You see, I like to be barefoot as much as I can, a rock hurts. I’ve read that, for humans, going barefoot is best for your feet. So, take your shoes off, relax . . .

A solo like for me, a solo life for me . . .”

Not that I want such, it is turning out that way, though.

Shhhhh, right now there are two chipmunks in my camp looking for food. I am afraid, if I were to get up to get something for them, it would scare them away (or scare me away.)

So, I will just watch them scurry for food that I dropped. So cute, there is one right in front of me of me standing on his two legs (no, not doing a handstand) and eating something.

I had thrown the spaghetti noddles in the trash, I fetched them out and put there on a piece of cardboard for the little monks. I will see by the morning if they has a taste for them.

Then the blue jays discovered the noodles and they devoured them. Noodles and not much nutrition, but it was fun to watch the chipmunks and then the blue jays eat them.

8/27—As usual, up before the sun. I clear blue sky, a wonderful day, perfect to explore Crater Lake. I will let you know more later.

Big fire last night and this morning, as usual, very nice.

I cannot believe the magnificence of Crater Lake NP. If you have not been here, it should be at the top of your bucket list. I’ve been to so many NP’s, this one ranks right up there near the top. There are even a couple places where snow still resides.

I drove the Rim Drive around the lake. Around every turn, a new and delightful view of the lake. Seems that it kept getting better and better. So many turnoffs to see different views of the lake, I love it. I went around the whole lake, with the lake off to my right.

The first person to discover this must have been overwhelmed. This first European would be John Hillman in 1853. This prospector who viewed the lake called it, “Deep Blue Lake.”

Native Americans used this place for many years before the European found the crater. They used this place for special rituals, it being such a special place.

Why look, there is Wizard Island. This is a small cinder cone that came up about 7,300 years ago. I would love to live on this small island, but there wouldn’t be much to eat.

There are steep cliffs all around the lake, but on I went. Someone told me about Cleetwood Cove Trail, the only way to get down to the lake. After you park in the lot, you have to hike about one mile down to the lake itself.

What surprised me was as you get ever closer to the lake it gets more and more blue.

I did the hike in about 25 to 45 minutes, didn’t keep track. A very steep path, winding back and forth. Down I went, passing people along the way. I tried to make jokes, like, “You’re almost there.” I like to make people laugh.

Finally got the bottom, quite a hike.

Often people are so seriness, I like to break that.

They have rides you can take on boats. My whole walk out I knew this and wondered how they could have brought the boats all the way down here. So, the first thing I did was ask the boat guy. He told me they used helicopters! Of course, I didn’t even think of that.

Also, I asked this same guy, how does he get to work. He said, of course, he has to take that long walk down and then back up at the end of the day. Talk about being in great shape. I thought they might have a hidden elevator somewhere.

I knew that was a place where people went in the water, that was the next place for me. The path all along with a smooth dirt path, easy to hike. Down here, near the water, there were boulders to circumvent.

You know my balance issues (I walk like a drunken Kit sometimes.) There I was, hesitating, before concurring the rocks. I kind of walked on all fours, like some animal (which I am.) I was so delighted once I reached the place where you go into the water.

The easiest way to get in was to jump off a boulder, about five feet to the water. Of course, there is a place where you can climb up the rocks and out of the water.

There I went!

There are some cliffs, too, that you jump from ten or even twenty feet into the water. I was not ready for this. Chicken, why yes, I is.

Because I did not expect the coldness, I lost my breath and could not breath upon entering the water and then came up. I swam in and stood on a rock with my head out of the water until I could get my breath again. I got out for a bit, then had to get in to do what I was planning to do.

In Lake Tahoe, some years ago, I was in the water and then swam down about seven feet and drank a couple swallows of water (tried this in the ocean, too, didn’t work so well.) Seemed strange to me to be under water and take a drink of water at the same time. So, I did the same in Crater Lake.

If a lake is clean and safe this is something I have to do. So, I’ve accomplished at Lake Tahoe and now Crater Lake, where next? How ‘bout you, gonna try it?

Back on the road to continue my loop around the lake. I took the turnoff to Cloudcap Overlook. As I wrote before, every view of the lake is different and fantastic. Another turnoff I took was for Phantom Ship Overlook. This is another cinder cone for years ago. The shape is like a ship on the water, of course.

Last night I stayed at Mazama Campground (Mazama is the name of this mountain, by the way.) Over 200 campsites there. Tonight I am at Lost Creek Campground, only 15 sites at just five bucks each. I looked all over for the creek, could not find it anywhere.

So strange, right now it is 41 celsius, tonight it should get very cold again. Up down, up down.

I’ve eaten all my salads and things that need to be kept cold in the cooler. Perhaps it is time for my no eating period for some days. Care to join me?

I arrived in the afternoon at the campground, remember, only 15 sites here. I saw a guy who drove around a couple times on his motorcycle and I was thinking there were no other sites open. I invited him to set up his tent here, since I will be in the van sleeping.

So, it worked out well and I taught Zen Hunter to juggle, too! He will be practicing and improving his new skill. He studies acting and, perhaps, one day can include his new skill in his performance.

Originally from Australia and he works as an actor. Funny, he is on his way up to Canada to go to a wedding—a woman he used to be with. From the sounds of it, things will be comfortable, though.

8/28—Two things happened last night you much know of. I had some bottles to eventually get to recycling. A bottle broke and I did not know it. I started seeing blood on the floor. Because of my brain injury, I do not have much feeling in my right foot. As I stepped on the glass, not feeling it, I sliced it good. And, there is an animal in my van.

As I was sleeping, I heard something chewing or a bag, I discovered a varmint was trying to get my chips. And, I had a peach up front, I saw where the critter was chewing. I left the v an open more of the day and he seems to have skedaddled.

Took a while but eventually, the blood stopped oozing out. I was able to sleep, but when I awoke at 4am, then I could feel it. Later, when he awakened, Zen used his first aid me (Kit) and I had one too. Between the two he got it bandaged up good. Hurts to walk, but here I go . . .

Heading toward Eugene (no, not walking) but taking it slow. Just a ways beyond Crater Lake I found Odell Lake Campground. Parked with the water ten feet away from the van, I love it. Still in a national forest, Deschutes it is. Many lakes and forest areas in this part of Oregon, quite a good deal. Odell Lake is quite large.

In the afternoon, Nicole was walking her dog (or he was walking her?) She seemed intrigued about my van, so I gave her a tour. Her dog was sniffing around like there was a critter in here. Remember, I said I heard one and saw evidence this morning. At times during the day I left the van doors completely open, so, hopefully, this critter did skedaddle, or, you might say, turn tail and leave.

At about 3:30 in the afternoon I was going to have a little parade, just for myself. But then the rains started, so, yes, it did rain on my parade. The rains were brief, but, I didn’t have my parade, you weren’t here to see it.

The rains were kind of off and on, makes for a miserable day, but not when you are in an impressive forest next to a beauteous lake. I have to admit, I am lonely, and have been, these views of the magnificence of earth are keeping me together and going.

8/29—Good morning. Such trouble sleeping, up most of the night just thinking. Hard to turn off my mind sometimes. Awoke to a cloudy sky, but no wind. Yesterday there were little waves coming in from the lake, today the lake is calm as can be.

Yesterday I made sure I got enough firewood for last night, and also this morning, so, yes, it is flame on this morn. It is 6:47 now and I will be getting on the road soon – destination – Eugene.

8/30—Headed toward the west, will go north along the Oregon coast. Current detestation, Portland. Today I got my bike repaired and can start riding again – YEA!

Traffic in Eugene, like so many cities, was terrible, so glad to get out.

By the way, this is my second day of not eating any food. Not hungry, at all.

My challenge for you this coming week >> Hope you are making your life a great adventure!

Next Blog >> You will hear about Portland the fun I have there.


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