BLOG 2-This is Where I Belog

Hoping to publish my blog each Friday about the past weeks exploring. As you know, I will be living in my van and traveling throughout the country going to national parks and wilderness areas. 
Currently near Allentown, PA, I will be traveling along the coast to Florida. If you are within 100 miles of the coast, I would love to see you. Please, message me or let me know on here so we can set things up. 
On the road again–here I go.!
It is so cold here, below freezing–YIKES. Great to be heading south–toward Florida–toward warmth. 


As you might know, I have driven, round trip, across the US 25 times. Usually, I just pick a destination and aim for that each day, sometimes doing over 600 miles. This time I will not have endpoints, leaving open to explore more and meeting new people (like you!)

Having no schedule or direction, I will be wondering through the US, mainly aiming toward National Parks and wilderness areas. You see, I like “real” life–human uninhabited regions. 
Also, I stop for various Walmarts and McDonalds over the US to write these words to you using their free wifi. These two places are everywhere in the US, easy to jump on my computer there. 
Currently, I have no debt (by the way, why is there a “b” in that word?) The way I am able to do this is–because of my accidents and injuries–I was able to qualify for Social Security Disability Income, so, I get about $900 a month to live (that includes health insurance), which is enough to pay for the cost of fuel and the food I consume. I am even able to save some for emergencies. 
Actually, I just looked it up >>>>


GPS is an amazing invention. Hard to remember the old days when we had to carry numerous maps on how to get there. Then, having to stop now and then to ask directions. Or, using a payphone to call our destination to get more accurate directions. 
Have a Mr. Buddy Propane Heater, which heats the inside of the van up, much and quickly. 
As you see, I’ve included some more photos from past tours, hope you enjoy them. Soon I will start taking current photos of places I will be currently at–soon. 
So, until next Friday, make your life FANTASTIC. You do know it is up to each of us to choose joy or misery. Choose right–always. 


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