• Laughter

    From my book series, Beyond Your Potential:  I found that if I laughed and put my facial expressions into a smile, then I would feel happy. It’s not so much that we only laugh when we are in good spirits or smile when we feel good, but really when we manage to muster a smile, positive emotions and high spirits are evoked within the core of our beings.

  • Failure?

    Yes, you will have failures, you will make mistakes, and things will not go right. Yet, this is no reason to bring stress into your life. You cannot learn without some failures. Everyone who has ever achieved anything has experienced a great deal of failure. You are in control of your life and how you think about your life and yourself. You have the power to be a significant influence on the course of your life. You can’t get down on yourself for making an error or not doing something right. Beating yourself into the ground for making errors won’t result in change, being positive will. Stay positive as you move forward through any stress that is apparent.

  • Juggling back?

  • The Latest

    Yes, it has been some time since I wrote. Want to work toward making it a daily habit, though.

    Happy to say that my new website is coming together well, kitsummers.com. Gianna is putting the site together for me and she does phenomenal work. Here she is if you need: Winter Bird Studio.  If you have any ideas to make the website even better please let me know.

    My books are slow to take off. I am trying various ways and one of the ways has to work sometime. You may have seen my books? These books were written to help you live a better life.

  • You are amazing, Gianna

    Here is my first post, what do you think?

    The website is turning out better then I could imagine.

    I’m so glad you are helping>>>>>>>>>>>Kit